Jan. 25th, 2011

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I'm working on ideas for Seiji at the moment, since I can't check on whether the doll that will be him is still available or if I'll have to piece him together until saturday/sunday at least. *sadface* I promise, what he is will be revealed after I find out one way or another, so the mystery will be revealed soon. :D

Anyway, as for the plans, I'm going with a Visual Kei inspired look for him, just because. Instead of the usual red/black/purple/grey look I go for, he's going to have a brighter faceup. I'm thinking a really bright neon green and black or dark grey for his eyeshadow and green/black on the lips. I haven't decided on eyebrows, I do have two pages of eyebrow templates from DoA, but I'm also considering doing something I've experimented with before, which is doing graduated dots for eyebrows. I'm going to be printing out or drawing templates so I can do some practicing/experimenting. I also have to get some good pastels in bright green and maybe a slightly darker or lighter shade of green as well as some watercolour pencils or possibly pastel pencils.

I'm considering making him some kind of jrock styled outfit with a trouser/skirt combo and straps and buckles and things, but I may just end up buying him something for now or hauling out the box-o-stuff and sticking him in some of the pile of clothes I already have. I *think* I know what I want to put him in at least temporarily; I have a one-off outfit that's not seen much use because it's too big for my crew's scrawny arses, but it might fit Seiji. We'll see once he arrives, though. (That's going to be a week and a half, minimum, which is driving me absolutely insane. I am *not* a patient person. T.T)

He's very likely getting a nice bright neon green wig to go with his makeup, so I'll probably order that around tuesday, when I go get the pastels and pencils I need for his faceup and order some Zoukeimura spray to seal him.

I'm getting an idea for a photoshoot involving him and some of the other boys once he's here and finished, something like a band promo shoot with him, Ian, Luke and Syn, maybe Finn as well. The lot of them have a serious gothy bordering on vis kei look going on, so they should fit together well.


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