Jan. 29th, 2011

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I've finally been able to contact the people who have the parts I want to buy, as the money I'm borrowing for a week or two has just come in. I've contacted the sellers of both the head and the body, and now all I need to do is wait and hear back from them. So, I think it's about time I revealed what Seiji is going to be.

He's a Volks School A! Well, technically, at the moment he's going to be a Volks/Domuya hybrid, which may or may not be temporary. I honestly really can't afford the more expensive Volks body right now, but I DO hope to actually get him one eventually. For now though, it's probably going to be the ridiculously low-priced Domuya body I found on the MP.

He's already got a temporary outfit (or four) waiting, and a wig I can use for now. Eventually, he'll get his proper stuff, but that can wait a week or two until I actually have my tax refund an can spend a little more. Ed. to add: I just ordered his proper wig, a lime green furwig. It will hopefully work well with the green/black theme he's going to have going on. I also forgot to say that I got bored and made him a rainbow bracelet (need to get some more tiny rainbow beads so I can make him more kandi) and a beaded slave bracelet. (1mm seed beads + Hom's eyes + fumbly fingers=tears and annoyance before finally succeeding)


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