Feb. 3rd, 2011

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So, I pretty much spent this entire afternoon making doll kandi and I am now kinda regretting it. My already sore wrist was not made any better by several hours of beading many, many, many doll-sized bracelets. T.T
I went to the craft store this morning and got, oh...about twenty-five dollars' worth of beads. (Hey, they were on sale. I got eight tubes and two bags of Czech glass e-beads for that price.) I also picked up some brushes and a pack of sculpey for making a neck extender for Seiji if I end up needing one. (Domuya necks are really short. XP) The brushes and clay, however, are not the point of this entry. The doll kandi is.
(Apologies for the awful photo, by the way. It was either this or a really washed out one. My house is a dark little hole. >.< )

This is what I made. All the pieces on the left are bracelets, the tiny thing in the middle-ish is a ring, and the pieces on the right are necklaces. I'm not even sure how many bracelets I've made, I didn't stop to count them. I'm guessing maybe...four dozen or so? O.o Yeah, I kinda just started making them and kept going until I couldn't take it anymore. I'm kind of tired now, actually. x.x I am not even *close* to out of beads, by the way. I could make an armload for each of my crew and not be out of them, I think. I have no idea *why* I wasted an entire day making doll kandi, but I did, and now I have a huge pile of dollie bracelets (or rings for me) to play with. All I can say is that Seiji is going to be *very* colourful.

His body arrived a couple of days ago, by the way, and I got his tattoos done. I'll get a photo of those once he's all together, which will probably be about tuesday or wednesday.


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