Feb. 16th, 2011

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...Pyjama party, that is. XD The annual Arundel Mills Mall pyjama party meetup is on the 20th. Since not a single one of my boys (excepting maybe Luke and possibly Seiji) is willing to attend such a thing without having copious amounts of adult beverages on hand, I have gathered together all of the doll-sized alcohol in my house. Somehow, this includes two entire doll-sized kegs of Heineken. XD

The cans you see here were scrounged from rubbish bins, since about the only beer I'm willing to touch is Guinness. The things on top are taps I sculpted, since there is a dearth of doll-sized keg taps on sale (go figure). They're made of Sculpey with various bits of stuff added for structure and shape, and I thik they turned out pretty well. Also in the picture are a six pack of Budweiser (yes, really. XD They're bottle openers), a bottle of Corona, a flask of real, actual, honest-to-Someone Glenlivet scotch, three Barbie glasses that work for doll-sized shot glasses, nine beer mugs and two glass bottles that serve as liquor bottles for the boys. ...Yeah, they're going to be completely snockered halfway through the meet, as will half the other resin attendees, probably. I'm half-tempted to try a dollie keg-stand at some point. >.< (Note to self:Do not let the tinies at the booze. Unless Sid is there. Nothing can keep him from his whiskey.)

Speaking of the boys, Sean and Seamus have had slight additions made-they ow have actual physical fangs. I figured that since their mouths are open, experimenting with giving them visible fangs would work. What d'you think? They look better than a lot of sculpted fangs, at least.




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