Nov. 27th, 2011

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So, I met up with a doll friend yesterday at Eastpoint mall because she said she had something for me (an early holiday/Christmas present) which she couldn't mail, and also just to visit for a while because I haven't seen her in months. I was wondering what it was that she couldn't post and didn't want me taking home on the bus and had a slight suspicion of what it might be, but wasn't certain. So...

Off I went. I gave her a tin of cookies I made (yes, I am still on that BAKE ALL THE THINGS! kick), and she first sat this square gift box down in front of me. I opened it and it was full of doll stuff. While I'm sitting there happy enough with the pile o' doll things, she goes, "And this is what goes with it." and hands over a. sodding. doll. box.
Me: *o* OMG you're kidding. *insert various iterations of gaping fishface here*
Her: ^_^

Yeah...she gave me her Angell-Studio Yan Di. :DDDD She'd been thinking of selling him, but decided she didn't want to/couldn't, and, knowing how much I adore the boy, decided she wanted me to have him. <3 <3 <3 I promised he'd be very well taken care of, and he really, really will. He's already got a new faceup, since she wiped everything but his mani/pedicure. :) (FFF-seriously, what do you say when someone is all, LOL HERE U GO, U CAN HAZ DOLL NAO! besides T.Ting and a lot of flaily OMGILU/OMGTHANKYOU?)

I think I may get over the OMGDOLL! reaction by the end of the day today. I'm not sure yet. XD

Also, here's a picture of the lovely new boy with his new faceup.

(Shockingly, just this once, one of my boys ended up looking less feminine than he began. I think this about the most 'manly' faceup I've ever managed, other than Aurelius's. His original was a really gorgeous, dramatic black and maroon look. I'm not sure how well I did at natural-ish, but it's not completely awful. I pretty much got the look I was going for (not wearing anything but eyeliner, and non-plucked looking eyebrows), so I'm happy. I even blushed his face (and very nearly properly!), and I hardly ever bother to do that. He may look very slightly overblushed (I can't tell, since he looks fine to me), but the extra layer or two is supposed to be there-I wanted just the slightest hint of possibly being unwell to show. He's also got a couple of beauty marks/spots that I added to cover mistakes, but which work perfectly well on this faceup. (This thing took so long. T.T I had to redo it three or four times and ended up wasting nearly half a can of Testors because his face plate kept getting smeared/covered in dirt.)

and for the lulz, how I kept my pastel-covered hands off his face plate for part of the time I was working on him:

(And I swear, I am perfectly capable of expressing myself without the use of emoticons and assorted bits of lolspeak, even if it doesn't appear so right now. Evidently, awesome surprises result in me sounding more daft than usual.)


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