Mar. 11th, 2013

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I've decided to join my first ever swap on Den of Angels. I saw that someone was trying to start up/ gauge interest in a raver swap, so I jumped on it. I had a lot of fun making all of Seiji's stuff, so I'd love a chance to make more for someone else. I'm really hoping I get assigned a female doll, as I don't have as much chance to sew for girls as I'd like. (The only SD girl I have is Sheenagh.)

This is kind of exciting for me, because I have a bunch of ideas rattling around in my head and would like to see how they work out. I've been scouring my favourite kandi pattern site for ones that I like which I think will also appeal to whomever I get partnered with. Some of those include different kandi bikini patterns, which is actually part of why I'm hoping to be assigned a girl doll: I really want to make some. XD

I've also got a number of cuff patterns, some of which match the kandikinis. If I wanted to, I could make a whole set of Pac-man, Hello Kitty, biohazard, or radiation themed kandi pieces. (I'm leaning towards the biohazard or radiation ones, myself.) A few of the designs could also be made into tank tops in the same way I made Seiji's. Turns out that a lot of people who make full-size kandi tops use exactly that method, so at least it wasn't a completely off-the-wall idea. XD The tank top would probably come in if I get assigned a male doll; I doubt many owners want their boys in bikinis!

Hopefully, the swap will fill up quickly and we'll be assigned partners in a week or so. I'm somewhat anxious to get started because I have a good sized list of things to do, some of which will take longer than others.

So far, my list of things to make for the swap are:
-kandi bikini(s) or tank top(s)
-UFO style pants or shorts (I do NOT do well at making skirts, really. I can make them, but they don't always come out so well, and I absolutely cannot make them without elastic waistbands.)
-kandi cuffs, at least two, and some singles, a flower cuff or two, and maybe an X cuff. I haven't really decided yet
-fluffy legwarmers (I have pretty much all of that half meter piece of neon rainbow insanity fur I bought left, so my partner is definitely getting a pair)
-shirt(s), at least one black or white one, possibly one of each, with some kind of design on them (rainbow heart, maybe? Not sure yet)
-kandi necklaces
-a kandi tie or bow, maybe both (Though bows are a, at least the way I was shown to make them.)
-kandi purse/bag with strap
-a respirator

I could make a kandi mask, and still might, but I have some casts of my 1/3 respirator already made and only in need of some sanding and patching up to be relatively decent pieces. I've chosen what I think is the best of the three, and will do the touch ups and painting, and attach straps. My plan is to paint it black and stencil either biohazard symbols or radiation symbols on the filters. (Sure, I could cast a new piece-I do have plenty of resin left-but why waste a perfectly good piece because it's imperfect?)

This should be the final list, but things could change according to the likes/dislikes of the person I'm partnered with.


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