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Had a pretty fun day yesterday, despite walking for most of the day. (I am so not used to the exercise anymore-really need to fix that. XP) Me & Will went to a bunch of places to get various supplies for making Steam-y weapons-got clued about a sale at Ollies where they were selling four different kinds of "pirate pistol" model kits-plastic models of antique guns. we got two each of the blunderbuss and miquelet to be modified as we see fit (read: when we figure out what exactly we want to do to them). They're really thin plastic, but I think they can be filled with...something pretty easily and with judicious application of faux wood and metal painting and adding bits on, we could get some respectable weapons out of them.
The blunderbus: http://www.hobbysetcohio.com/lnd78009.html
The miquelet: http://www.hobbysetcohio.com/lnd78006.html

There wasn't much on the clothing front-very little in the way of what I was looking for in trousers or shirts and not a waistcoat to be had in the place. I DID, however, finally replace my much-beloved and much mourned red tartan trousers. The ones I've got now aren't quite my size but a bit of taking in will make them more or less suitable. I am so, so happy to have found these, you don't have any idea. I also found some vaguely breech-like capris with buttons up the leg that I will also be modifying to suit my needs, so hopefully that will work out. IN non-clothing, I found a quite nice brass candle holder meant to be mounted to a wall, which I will be taking apart and using as the basis for a scratch built Steam-y raygun. Why? Cos all the cool kids are doing it, of course! XD actually, I couldn't help it-I saw the thing and it just screamed raygun at me. ...Not literally though, that would have been weird. I *think* I still havea wooden stock around here somewhere, which may become the base of the gun, and I'll be trying to figure out what other bits of the thing will be made from. I'm pretty much starting from the business end and working back.

Shockingly I've just got shipping notices for TWO of my three perfume orders! O.O Holy shit Labbies you guys are really on your game ATM! I have never had an order ship that fast, I don't think. I just ordered on the 14th and then the 18th. O.o The only thing I'm waiting for now is my bottle of Spanked:Res from the TP. I reaaally need to make more room in my perfume box for the new bottles-going to have to find a box to stick my imp collection in temporarily.

Also, and completely unrelated to the above, I have now found a really convenient place to get my taiyaki fix-the nearest LA mart!:D I love taiyaki, but usually can't get it anywhere but at the Sakura Matsuri. I discovered Tuesday that the LA mart has them, so I grabbed a couple of bags. They're right by the pork gyoza, which I have looted the last couple times I was there (along with shrimp gyoza, chicken gyoza, shrimp shumai and crab shumai), so I've no idea whatsoever how I missed them before. At any rate, they're pretty good, and satisfy my craving for the yummy toasty waffly-and-beany goodness without me having to buy a special iron for making them myself. Speaking of which, LA mart is my new favourite place, mostly for the Asian food section. I love gyoza and shumai and mochi and all that stuff, because c'mon, it really is delicious. XD I usually like making my gyoza myself, but decided to try some frozen ones just because I am occasionally lazy and don't feel like spending a couple hours making them myself, and now I'm completely hooked on the pork ones. The shumai are pretty good, too, though I'm trying a different brand of shrimp ones this time than the last time. Dunno how different the taste will be.
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