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For reasons unknown even to me, I have spent the last couple of day attempting to create a Yo-sized kilt out of pleather. Somehow, Declan is becoming my wee Celtic warrior demon child. ...Yeah, I've got nothing. It's just happening, so I'm going with it. Making anything out of pleather is not a fun prospect. Making something out of pleather that needs to be pleated and ironed is all kinds of not fun. I first tried to be lazy and glue it, which didn't work, so I ended up having to sew it. There was a second attempt at making a kilt with a different piece of fabric, which I ruined by accidentally melting the pleather while ironing the pleats. I did manage to salvage my first attempt, though, with some time taken to scrape off glue and sew on a waistband. It doesn't look too bad, though there's a scraped spot I need to figure out how to touch up, and the pleats are a little too big.

He's wearing his coat and kilt now, as well as a spare pair of action figure boots I split up the back (which of course I only put on after I took these photos, for some reason). What better to wear with a black leather kilt than combat boots, right? The boy looks a bit like an escapee from either a goth club or a ren faire, but I think he looks pretty good. I may end up putting some studs or something on the kilt for decoration, but for now I'm leaving it alone. There is no way in any of the hells I am making another kilt out of pleather any time soon. x.x

The Kilt:

Wee warrior boy, now with hair! :D (and, uh, yet another sharp object.)

Because I didn't take a picture of it before, lookit that leetle tail! <3

"Are we done yet?" >:/

By the way, Danielle, I have to thank you again for that kilt pin. It did not occur to me until I had almost finished sewing on the waistband and was wondering how to fasten the kilt (since the only snaps I have are flimsy plastic) that I had a kilt pin waiting in a bag to be used for something. I am just a little dense sometimes. XD It's working perfectly (being a pin specifically for, well, pinning kilts, and all) and it really makes the crappy little kilt I made look better. <3


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