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I needed something decent to carry the dolls around in for this weekend's Sakura Matsuri meet and the coffin case was sorely in need of repainting and refitting, so I took out some time this week to work on it. Originally, I painted it solid black with no adornments (except for an attempt at putting RIP on the front, which didn't look good and quickly got painted over, but was still visible beneath the paint), which was functional but boring. After giving the whole thing a fresh base coat of gloss black because it was scraped up all over, I went a little crazy with the copper paint. The decoration is meant to look something like actual Victorian coffin decoration/trim, with the winged skull on the front being a really common motif from earlier Victorian headstones. It serves not just to look pretty, but also to cover up the place where the lettering was still visible on the lid.

I also refitted it with latches and added hinges. No more having to lift the lid off and stick it aside at meets-I can just open it and close it back up with no worries! :D It was about time I was smart enough to put hinges somewhere on the bloody thing. They're working out really well, too; I took it for test run and it was great. The newly-fixed latches seem to be holding well, though one of them likes to occasionally pop open, but it's not too big an issue and I'll be fixing it in the next couple days. I really want to get some handles to put on the sides because they'd complete the look, but I'm not sure if I can get them cheaply.

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