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So yesterday, by sheer accident I discovered that there's this general medieval/fantasy/faerie/steampunk/etc. con going on this weekend at the Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Inn. It's called Mythic Faire, and it seems like the perfect place to wander around for the day all steampunked out with my Steam-y proton pack, yes? Well, in addition to the vendors and panels and such, there will be a masquerade tomorrow (Friday). And playing at this masquerade? ABNEY PARK. :D :D :D I HAD to get tickets when I saw that. Actually...the masquerade is most of the reason we're going. (Captain Robert!:D:D It's that *voice*. :D) The rest of the con is just something to do until the masquerade starts. XD I will definitely try to take some photos,since there is sure to be interesting things to see.
I've been working on fixing up my pack for part of the day, re-staining some bits, reglueing things that needed glueing, repainting repairs with the *very last bit* of my copper paint, and making an upgrade or two to the pack's gun. I'm now slightly stained/painted my self, but definitely ready. The "Oh god oh god I'm gonna look like a moron" butterflies are starting up, though. FFFFF.
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...Pyjama party, that is. XD The annual Arundel Mills Mall pyjama party meetup is on the 20th. Since not a single one of my boys (excepting maybe Luke and possibly Seiji) is willing to attend such a thing without having copious amounts of adult beverages on hand, I have gathered together all of the doll-sized alcohol in my house. Somehow, this includes two entire doll-sized kegs of Heineken. XD

The cans you see here were scrounged from rubbish bins, since about the only beer I'm willing to touch is Guinness. The things on top are taps I sculpted, since there is a dearth of doll-sized keg taps on sale (go figure). They're made of Sculpey with various bits of stuff added for structure and shape, and I thik they turned out pretty well. Also in the picture are a six pack of Budweiser (yes, really. XD They're bottle openers), a bottle of Corona, a flask of real, actual, honest-to-Someone Glenlivet scotch, three Barbie glasses that work for doll-sized shot glasses, nine beer mugs and two glass bottles that serve as liquor bottles for the boys. ...Yeah, they're going to be completely snockered halfway through the meet, as will half the other resin attendees, probably. I'm half-tempted to try a dollie keg-stand at some point. >.< (Note to self:Do not let the tinies at the booze. Unless Sid is there. Nothing can keep him from his whiskey.)

Speaking of the boys, Sean and Seamus have had slight additions made-they ow have actual physical fangs. I figured that since their mouths are open, experimenting with giving them visible fangs would work. What d'you think? They look better than a lot of sculpted fangs, at least.


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Seiji is officially here and complete! :D His head arrived today, and I got him faceupped right away and put magnets in his headcap. (He is so prettyyyy! :D :D I can't stop staring at him.) His head turns out to be a two or three shades paler than his body, but between the tiny bit of colour I added to his head and the faceup I gave him, it's not too terribly bad. I can live with it, at least. It just gives him an 'I'm wearing foundation' look, honestly, which is not a problem.
(This is such an awful picture. T.T His lips look really strange from that angle.)
(This faceup brought to you by Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Mindless Self Indulgence. XD)

His wig is, for some very odd reason, photographing much darker than it actually is. I may have to look at my camera's settings. It's showing up in photos as a dark green, when in reality it's closer to neon green. The photos are coming out oddly coloured anyway. :/

Anyway, now that he's done, I also got some photos of his tattoos and *slightly* better pictures of all his many, many bracelet and necklaces, and now, rings. (Yes, I sat and beaded doll sized rings. Yes, I am indeed slightly insane.)

More ramblings and photos here )
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Having gotten good(ish) news from DLLR, I have decided to go on a bit of a shopping spree for the resin brats. I got what is, for me, a pretty sizeable order from Dollmore, which contains a pile of clothes for various members of the menagerie and a few accessories.
The list:
SD Rockstar Pants (No idea who they'll go to. Maybe Luke or Ian, possibly Seiji)
SD Zipper Pants (For Seiji. I have been dying to buy these things for one of my guys, you have *no idea* XP)
SD Rockstar Sleeveless T (Goes to whoever gets the matching pants)
SD Cauline Skeleton T Violet (Possibly for Luke.)
SD Joe Skeleton Earcuff (Meant for Seiji, but I might end up wearing it myself.)
SD Kalena Pants (No idea. Ppretty much all of them wear leather, so *someone* will get them.)
SD Easy Slash Leggings (These go to whoever gets the violet skull shirt.)
Vans Sneakers Black (For Seiji)
SD Watch Black (no idea. possibly Finn.)
MSD Chess Board Stockings (I'm turning these into armwarmers for Seiji.)
Cameo Antique Brooch (For Finn, the little dandy. XD)
Lacy Cameo Brooch White (Again, for Finn.)
Pippi Knee Socks Stria&Black (For Seiji.)
Colourful Belt (Sky) (For Sakai, because it's as close as I can get to rainbow right now.)

...Yeah, there's a lot there, but I needed a few new things for teh boyz.
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So, I pretty much spent this entire afternoon making doll kandi and I am now kinda regretting it. My already sore wrist was not made any better by several hours of beading many, many, many doll-sized bracelets. T.T
I went to the craft store this morning and got, oh...about twenty-five dollars' worth of beads. (Hey, they were on sale. I got eight tubes and two bags of Czech glass e-beads for that price.) I also picked up some brushes and a pack of sculpey for making a neck extender for Seiji if I end up needing one. (Domuya necks are really short. XP) The brushes and clay, however, are not the point of this entry. The doll kandi is.
(Apologies for the awful photo, by the way. It was either this or a really washed out one. My house is a dark little hole. >.< )

This is what I made. All the pieces on the left are bracelets, the tiny thing in the middle-ish is a ring, and the pieces on the right are necklaces. I'm not even sure how many bracelets I've made, I didn't stop to count them. I'm guessing maybe...four dozen or so? O.o Yeah, I kinda just started making them and kept going until I couldn't take it anymore. I'm kind of tired now, actually. x.x I am not even *close* to out of beads, by the way. I could make an armload for each of my crew and not be out of them, I think. I have no idea *why* I wasted an entire day making doll kandi, but I did, and now I have a huge pile of dollie bracelets (or rings for me) to play with. All I can say is that Seiji is going to be *very* colourful.

His body arrived a couple of days ago, by the way, and I got his tattoos done. I'll get a photo of those once he's all together, which will probably be about tuesday or wednesday.
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I've finally been able to contact the people who have the parts I want to buy, as the money I'm borrowing for a week or two has just come in. I've contacted the sellers of both the head and the body, and now all I need to do is wait and hear back from them. So, I think it's about time I revealed what Seiji is going to be.

He's a Volks School A! Well, technically, at the moment he's going to be a Volks/Domuya hybrid, which may or may not be temporary. I honestly really can't afford the more expensive Volks body right now, but I DO hope to actually get him one eventually. For now though, it's probably going to be the ridiculously low-priced Domuya body I found on the MP.

He's already got a temporary outfit (or four) waiting, and a wig I can use for now. Eventually, he'll get his proper stuff, but that can wait a week or two until I actually have my tax refund an can spend a little more. Ed. to add: I just ordered his proper wig, a lime green furwig. It will hopefully work well with the green/black theme he's going to have going on. I also forgot to say that I got bored and made him a rainbow bracelet (need to get some more tiny rainbow beads so I can make him more kandi) and a beaded slave bracelet. (1mm seed beads + Hom's eyes + fumbly fingers=tears and annoyance before finally succeeding)
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There has been a slight negative development in my plans for Seiji. I may have to get him a less expensive body for the moment, at least; I'm looking at a Domuya one on the MP right now. I've just found out that my unemployment benefit year ended this week and I may not be able to renew it, so I'll have to save more money than I thought I would, hence the cheaper body for him. Nothing else has changed, though.

This whole jobless situation is really frustrating for me right now. I really have been looking, but I just don't have the experience or college education I would need for most of the jobs available right now, and I don't have a car to get to some of the others. :/ It looks like Seiji is going to be the last addition to the Menagerie for a good while.
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I'm working on ideas for Seiji at the moment, since I can't check on whether the doll that will be him is still available or if I'll have to piece him together until saturday/sunday at least. *sadface* I promise, what he is will be revealed after I find out one way or another, so the mystery will be revealed soon. :D

Anyway, as for the plans, I'm going with a Visual Kei inspired look for him, just because. Instead of the usual red/black/purple/grey look I go for, he's going to have a brighter faceup. I'm thinking a really bright neon green and black or dark grey for his eyeshadow and green/black on the lips. I haven't decided on eyebrows, I do have two pages of eyebrow templates from DoA, but I'm also considering doing something I've experimented with before, which is doing graduated dots for eyebrows. I'm going to be printing out or drawing templates so I can do some practicing/experimenting. I also have to get some good pastels in bright green and maybe a slightly darker or lighter shade of green as well as some watercolour pencils or possibly pastel pencils.

I'm considering making him some kind of jrock styled outfit with a trouser/skirt combo and straps and buckles and things, but I may just end up buying him something for now or hauling out the box-o-stuff and sticking him in some of the pile of clothes I already have. I *think* I know what I want to put him in at least temporarily; I have a one-off outfit that's not seen much use because it's too big for my crew's scrawny arses, but it might fit Seiji. We'll see once he arrives, though. (That's going to be a week and a half, minimum, which is driving me absolutely insane. I am *not* a patient person. T.T)

He's very likely getting a nice bright neon green wig to go with his makeup, so I'll probably order that around tuesday, when I go get the pastels and pencils I need for his faceup and order some Zoukeimura spray to seal him.

I'm getting an idea for a photoshoot involving him and some of the other boys once he's here and finished, something like a band promo shoot with him, Ian, Luke and Syn, maybe Finn as well. The lot of them have a serious gothy bordering on vis kei look going on, so they should fit together well.
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I am so damned sick of all the doll-related bullshit, from the stuff like the "Cheap doll after cheap doll" thread to the open bashing of Volks in a thread that's meant to be about what people like about them. Why can't we all just get along, or, barring that, just shut the bloody fuck up and enjoy playing with our dollies? Do we really have to bash other companies and be nasty or act like idiotic elitists to enjoy ourselves? Does telling someone who buys cheaper dolls that they're just too lazy/stupid to save up and buy the more expensive dolls which are clearly so much better and more awesome really make you feel good? Does telling people who like Volks that they're just stupid and ignorant and being tricked into buying into the hivemind/hype and you are SO KEWL AND SPESHUL AND OMG DARING 1337 TRUTHTELLERS who are educating the poor sods who were dumb REALLY make you happy? If so, WHY? Why do you give one iota of a damn what other people do with their money that they earned? What makes you feel like you have the right to dictate what people can and should buy, or whether you can determine that someone's mental status by whether they like gore mods or not? How is John X in California affecting you in Queensland in buying fifteen Bobobies if he wants to? So what if someone wants to make an army of cheap dolls beacuse they don't want to save up for more expensive ones? WHO. CARES. It boggles my mind that people are so very obsessed with what people do with their money, and that people can be so moronic about companies on *both* ends of the spectrum.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I have dollie news! :D I may, no, scratch that, *will* be getting a new boy with part of my tax return. He's sort of a secret at the moment because I'm not sure if I'm going to get the one I'm eyeing or if I'll have to piece him together from different sellers on the MP. Trust me, though, he will be awesome. He's not one you'd probably expect me to go for, but someone around here *glares at Amubleu* has such a gorgeous one that I've decided I need one, too. (and no, he's not a drayton. XD) I was torn between a couple of different dolls, but I'm about 99% sure of which one I'm getting now. He's already told me his name, by the way, which is Seiji Tanaka. I have no idea why my guys are suddenly demanding Japanese names, but they are and I'm just going with it.
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Hey there, folks. This is not one of my usual posts, but it is something that's kinda important to me. There's a charity auction comm here called [livejournal.com profile] foresthouseeyes, which is being used to raise money for an LJ user called [livejournal.com profile] foresthouse. Foresthouse is the brilliant mind behind (or inside, or ...whatever) the lj [livejournal.com profile] ask_deadpool, the place where we the poor feebs of the world can ask questions of everyone's favourite Merc with a Mouth. You may or may not know this, but she is also a great friend of both the awesome [livejournal.com profile] cleolinda of Movies In 15 Minutes and Twilight recap internet fame, and of the amazing and highly nerdy/wonderful folks at [livejournal.com profile] made_of_fail_pc, the Made of Fail podcast. Foresthouse has recently undergone a second surgery to treat keratoconus in both eyes, which her horrible insurance of suck won't cover.
That's where I, and possibly some of you guys come in. At the moment, I have an auction for a book and autographed print up at the comm, and there are some other people with really awesome stuff, both handmade and not also for auction. We are in need of more bidders and donors of things to be auctioned at the moment because we still need to raise $4000 to help the lovely Foresthouse pay for her second surgery and thereby keep the evil organ repo men from her doorstep. (Because really, who wants to see either Tony Head or Jude Law at their doorstep armed with a scalpel and a cooler? I know I don't. XD) I am not a personal friend of foresthouse, but as I enjoy Cleo's writing as well as the awesome MOF folks's hard work and dedication, in addition to thinking it would be awesome if foresthouse could continue being able to see, I couldn't not help out by donating and spreading the word. If any of you guys are fans of either Cleo, MoF or both, I would really, really appreciate it if any of you guys could maybe either take a look at what's up for bid, check out the comm and maybe donate something yourself, or even just spread the word about the comm.
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Saw Harry Potter on Saturday! I squeed pretty hard over it, TBH. I did have a couple problems with things they cut, but overall it was a pretty good adaptation. I honestly did like it, and some of the scenes were really very good (like the seven Harrys and that whole "racing through a city on a flying motorbike/epic airbourne magic battle in full view of a few hundred muggles" bit). I'm having just a little bit of NERD RAEG over some of the changes (WHERE IS KREACHER'S TALE?! WTF NO POTTER WATCH?! WHY WAS WORMTAIL NOT STRANGLED BY HIS OWN HAND?! I WANTE D TO SEE THE HORRIBLE GIT STRANGLED BY HIS OWN HAND!), but there are parts that are getting just as much nerdly squee from me as the aforementione parts are getting the raeg. Parts such as Lucius Malfoy's pimp wand of awesome, for example. I mean, yes, it kinda looks like a five year old girl had at it with rhinestones and glue, but still...and I loved that Voldy snapped the ridiculous/awesome handle off the thing-The Dark Lord does not stand for your sparkly bullshit, Lucius. Also, the animation for The Tale Of The Three Brothers was really great! It was very Coraline-ish. There were some great moments of humour, too. ("Moooooorning" *smirk*)? and the ACTING! *insert keysmash* THE ACTING OH GOD. That scene where Snape walks in and Professor Burbage is just hanging there in midair-the look in his eyes *right* before he sort of clamps down on his emotions and goes on playing at being a good little death Eater was fantastic. Also, Emma Watson's screaming. blooy HELL. You'd have though someone actually was torturing her. (Maybe they threatened her with Twilight? XP) The acting in general was SO much better than in some of the other movies. So. Much. Better.

In other nerdy news, I finished my mini-proton pack! Yeah...I am evidently enough of a nerd that I did not make a regular pack, I made the pack from the valentine's day comic book. >.< Anyway, it did turn out fairly well in the end and even has working lights in the cyclotron.
Pics behind the cut )
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So, my new doll arrived today and he is absolutely adorable! :D No sooner had I got him out of the box than I gave him a couple of piercings. He now has a labret stud, an eyebrow piercing and a chain from his nose to his ear. He still does not have a name as yet, but I am trying to come up with something.

I am also currently working on V.2.0 of my Ghostbusters Tainted Love comic proton pack, and 't coming along well. It already looks several times better than my first try and it is only about half-done. So far the gun is at about 80% and the body of the pack is maybe 50% finished, with more to be done over the next few days.

On less positive notes, I am annoyed right now. The cap guns I ordered a month ago still haven't arrived, so I've finally contacted the seller. I want either what I ordered or a refund, and at this point, I prefer te refund over the product.

I am also still laid off and trying to figure out what I am going to do. I'd been checking every couple of months, but haven't been back around since oh,...July, I think, or August. I was told September was when work would start coming in again, but it is now November and I have heard nothing. I've been trying to decide whether I should check again, but I am honestly torn: I like the place and the people, but I don't know if I *want* to go back at this point. I have been laid off since last December due to lack of jobs coming in to the company, so who's to say that even if I do go back right now, that it won't happen again in a month or two? I don't want to deal with that. Also, and I may be wrong, but I feel like it is not entirely my responsibility to keep checking back with them. I live round the corner from the building and they have my phone number; surely if they wanted me to come back they would give me a call, yes? I did ask to be called if work came in and I was needed. I was also told the last time I was there that I might want to start looking for work because of the lack of work coming in there. The problem there is that there *is* no other work, really. Every place seems to either not be hiring or hiring only people more qualified than me or are much too far away for me to be able to get to.
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I'm getting a new doll, but, surprisingly, it is NOT aresin BJD. I know, I was shocked too. XP Mostly due to the influence of a couple of fellow collectors' absolutely beautiful Pullips, I am now getting a Taeyang. Yeah...I dunno either, I just like him.
By the way, one of said Pullips is, apparently, Finn's new...uh...lady friend, I guess? He would be much more demure and terribly Victorian in how he put it, but yeah...*childish sing-song* Finn's got a giiiiiirfriend! ...sort of. XP :D It's a little...er...awkward(?), what with him being about three times her height and all, but it's kinda cute.

Aaaaanyway, the point of this was not that. It is that I am getting this guy:

He's a Taeyang Horizon, and that outfit is genuine h. Naoto. :D :D :D
I've actually been wanting him for a long time, and originally was going to get him just for that outfit. Now, though? I don't think I can do that to him. XD I like him too much just the way he is. I mayyy end up changing out his eyechips and maybe re-wigging him, though. I like his wig and eyechips, but I'm thinking I might try red eyes for him and a different fur wig, like red or a solid grey. I've also seen a Horizon with a blue fur wig that looked very good with the way the face is painted. I'll figure out whether I want to change him or not once he arrives (which should be...tomorrow, it seems).
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Went to the Fells Point Festivalyesterday. Had fun, even though I had my usual reaction to large crowds of stupid, slow-moving people. (That is, wanting to bludgeon every sodding Jersey Shore-wannabe d-bag and all the other assorted idiots who crossed my path moving at about .01 miles per hour, or stopped in front of us for no good goddamn reason, or gathered in a group of a dozen or so in the middle of the road or sidewalk so that people could not bloody get by.)

I found some cool stuff, like an OTF knife/lighter for $2. It doesn't do either thing particularly well, but is shiny silver and was cheap and I have to admit I am a bit of a magpie, so it's going into my collection. ("Collection", of course being a euphemism for "Coleman toolbox full of assorted kinds of knives and a handfull of railroad spikes".) ...What? I like knives. (I apologise for possibly sounding more like a moron than usual. I'm kinda tired. I also found this awesome little doll-sized flintolck pistol capgun that's meant to be a keychain. That's going to Finn. It cost me $3, but I liked it so I got it. The guy I got if rom had three other cap gun keychains that I wanted, but wanted to charge me twenty bucks for them, the one I got and the knife/lighter. I said, in a polite manner Hell. Fucking. No. I got home and found the same things online for a dollar eight, so I looted the last eleven the site had. Win. :D The boys are going to be happy to ahve new dangerous toys to play with, as am I, despite the distinct possibility of someone suffering a potnentially fatal, or at least inconvenient wound. (How they will injure each otehr with cap guns I do not really know, though pistol-whipping of one or more of them by one or more of the others seems likely.) Note to self: Do NOT let Sean and Seamus try to duel. I do not need a couple of vampires whining about bullet wounds.
The site ifound them on, by the way, is here:
No idea if/when they might restock, but these things are v.v. cool. :3

Oh, I also found something else awesome: Cherry Red Doc Martens, made in England (meaning a slightly older pair-judging from the box, they're at least eight or nine years old), brand new for $45. :D:D:D They're a little tight unfortunately (because I am a bleeding moron sometimes and didn't think to try them on before I bought them, I just saw them, saw that they were more or less my size and went *grabby hands* at them), but they're sitting in my freezer right now with bags full of water in them in an attempt to stretch them a little. (Evidently, it's fairly good way of stretching out slightly too small shoes-the water freezes into ice, the ice of course expands, the expanding of said ice stretches out the shoes. Thanks, internet! <3 :D)
EDIT: NOThing's gonna make these things fit right. *sadness* Anyone know someone who'd be interested in Size 3 cherry red Docs?

Alsoalso; I got the new volume of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, which was as awesome as it always is.

Had some lunch while at the festival. Wood-fired brick oven pizza is quite possibly one of the best foods on the planet, epecially when it involves barbecue chicken and shrimp as toppings. Omnomnomnom Oh, and can I just say that whoever invented MozzArepas is a bloody genius? Mozzarella cheese+corn cakes=tasty, tasty win! :D

Oh, and I went to a baby shower today with my mum (it was for someone who works at the hotel she works at). I had about as much fun as you'd expect me to have at something like that. I swear sometimes I think my girl genes are screwed up or something. >< I kind of spent the whole time lurking in a corner away from everyone, reading my new volume of Kurosagi.
Argh, tired. Off to read MarkReadsHArryPotter and then to bed.
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argh, so I'm finally updating. I've just been kind of lazy lately.
(And can I just say that for some reason my computer's z key has stopped working. It's so sad, any z I need to type has to be copied and pasted. Like the three in the previous sentencs, for example.x.x)

Firstup, I redid Sakai's tattoos, and he now has entirely different ones. i went with something that would sort-of match the ones on his face. As a side effect of this fit of insanity, I spent three hours doing and partially redoing all of these swirly branchy patterns all over his chest and arms and neck and a bit down onto his hips. I also redid the kanji on his wrists. (Those do not look as good as they did before, sadly.) He has "death" on one wrist and "bad guy" on the other. and yes, I'm sure that's actually what they say. XD Kanji dictionaries plus three different online translators FTW. OH! I did his corset piercing, too, though it looks better laced than it does unlaced. Oh well.
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Yeah...it's been kind of a WTF day and however many hours:

Early yesterday morning some kid got shot on the corner of my street over, of all things, a dirt bike. o.o Luckily it was down at the far end, but still, WTF? also, someone randomly broke into the house of someone my mother and grandmother know and beat the crap out of them. Even more WTF there.

Then I saw Cleolinda's LJ post about the sexifiying of what have got to be some of the most random characters ever. How do Sexy Elmo (yes, really D:), sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, sexy V (as in V for Vendetta e.e), and...sexy serial killers sound to you? Yes, *really*. :/ Jason Vorhees, Freddy Kreuger, Chucky and Leatherface as "sexy" adult costumess. Yeah, cos those guys are just so hawt that a tiny character themed minidress is exactly what I wanna go out in. Also, where are the "sexy" guy costumes? ...Shit, now I've got a mental image of Man-Faye.D:

Then there was this, an announcement from notdoll for a rerelease of Bleu Citron plus a new edition. It's called "Hot Citron", but overall, the vibe I get is not so much "hot" as "recently lobotomised". Just...what? It's like...a really creepy "sexy" porcelain doll kind of look. Eugh.
...Is it bad that I kind of want the head to turn into a vampire? The open mouth would be perfect for a wicked set of fangs and some dripping blood.

The final bit of WTFery is ZIPPERS! *insert keyboard smash here* Why is it so
bloody difficult to find a few separating zippers in the size and colour I want? I've checked virtually everywhere I can think of including etsy and I'm still pretty much coming up empty. YKK make a metric fuckton of colours, so why the hell doesn't anyone actually sell the sodding things? There's like six colours availabble from most places, and not the shades I need. Even more frustratingly, the one or two places that *do* have zippers in the size and colour I want *only* have them in non-separating. Gah, screw this crap, I've decided that all of the hoodies are getting black zippers. At least I can actually find those.
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Sakai's body arrived on tuesday, and I have to say: I like it. :D It's nicely solid in terms of resin thicknessand is indeed a little thicker/broader than some of the other members of the crew. His build actually reminds me of Syn's flexi-body, which is a good thing. The only problem with his thickness is that those skinny jeans I bought him just *barely* fit over his thighs. They sit really low on his hips, and he can only just sit down,-kind of like real ones, I guess. XD
The colour match is a little off, but close enough for me. I had to do a bit of modding to get his head to fit, but he looks fine now. The length and shape of the neck required a tiny bit of sanding down (maybe a mm or two, so really, not much), and I had to sand out the inside of his neck hole a bit, too. The shape of his neck is different to the shape of his neck hole, so it didn't fit quite right (and is still a touch off), but works well enough for me. I did some of his tribal tattoos yesterday, and I think I might have to redo them because they came out looking quite messy for some reason. I may need to use a different pencil or maybe some paint, but I'm leaving it for now. I did a couple of body piercings as well, so he's not wearing his skin tight sleeveless shirt at the moment. He is instead wearing the VAMPS shirt he took from Luke (who, thankfully, was NOT wearing it at the time).
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I got some sewing done yesterday, partly out of lack of anything else to do.
My current project is still hoodies, which I have evidently taken a liking to making for some odd reason. >.< So far I've got five of at least seven mostly done. The lavender(ish) one is actually complete and the others just need the zippers sewn in. (The lavender one has a zipper, but it doesn't actually zip, because my stupid self made the body too small across the chest for the doll it's intended for. >.<) I'm planning on making at least two more, one a pale blue in the same sort of fabric as the lavender and the other a dark purplish-brownish striped fabric. I kind of want to make a bunch more just because I'm having fun making them. (And having a much easier time of it since actually getting my sewing machine to work.) I might actually get some fabric for making a few shirts, too. I think that of the hoodies I've made so far, the rainbow one and the lavender one are my favourites.
What I've got done so far:

The rainbow is actually even *more* obnoxiously bright IRL than in photos, and I think Sakai may end up having to fight Luke for it. XD
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So, my doll's body is now on the way, or will be tomorrow. All should be well. Should. Now, however, my laptop has decided it doesn't want to work properly...again, and I discovered this morning that sometime between late last night and early this morning some moron nicked my bike off our back porch. :/ All I have to say is that 1) I hope they enjoy having to pump up the tires every five minutes or so and 2) that they crash headlong into a truck or something while riding it! =D

In non-whingeing news, I'm now actually planning on making a bunch of hoodies. The sewing machine is being temperamental, so I'm still going to hand sew until I figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm actually sewing up a rainbow striped hoodie as I type, and I've got several more planned and some separating zippers on the way. I also have some puki-sized leather jackets coming to me. :D:D:D Granted, they're on Kelly dolls and I had to buy two of those Kelly/Tommy Grease sets, but hey, I get four outfits out of it for fifteen bucks, and I'd never have found someone to make even ONE puki-sized jacket for that price. I can always give a way the two spare outfits and the dolls. ALSO! I found some of those Bratz Babyz (and sweet Someone, it still hurts to type with the xtreme kool letterz) outfits that Johnni wears. I didn't buy any, but now I know where to get them if I do want some.
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So, yeah, not too happy at the moment. There are pretty much two main things annying me right now. One of them is a much bigger issue than the other. First, Thinkgeek oversold Cthulu in Love,so I and a bunch of other people are not getting the bottles we ordered. Sucks, but not that uge a deal. I can get it elsewhere (yay secondhand bottles!) and at least they gave refunds. The other is a slightly bigger deal-I STILL don't have my popodoll body. The seller said she was shipping on the 13th, but I have not heard a single bloody word from her since the 10th or so.
ETA: She got in contact. Doll will be shipped soon.

In non-bitching news, I think I may be making a couple more hoodies for Sakai (or whoever, maybe the twins). I need to go looking for some suitable material and zippers, though.

ETA OMG Plz stop me I now know how to thread/use my sewing machine and volksusa has separating zippers! Also I found a place with a metric fuckton of fabrics including animal prints and doll-sized check and OMG YOU GAIZ PLZ STOP MEEEE! I have the feeling I may end up making a stack of, like, zebra print hoodies and shit.


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