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Have you ever had one of those days where you wanted to beat the everliving hell out of someone in hopes that a clue-by-four to the head will make them understand something, just a tiny, tiny bit? I'm having one of those days. There's this thread on DoA, posted by a guy who's either the most obtuse person on the planet or is just trolling for the lulz. Either way, he's fucking annoying and I want to tell him to piss off, or go fuck himself, or something equally not sunshine-and-puppies. HE's got this notion about BJDs-that they'r a really really good investment becasue the industry is *totally going to tank in a couple years and his three (yes, folks, count 'em, three) dolls are somehow going to be worth a mint because they have factory faceups and are in mint condition. ....I'll let you get your laughter under control before I continue, shall I?

...Right, now we've all got hold of ourselves, here's the thread:

It seems, more or less, that he's mainly whinging because Iplehouse had the nerve to shut down for a couple months when Americans (and we must all bow to TEH MIGHT OF THE 'MURICAN NATION, don'tchaknow) have money to spend, and also because he got a pair of option feet from Elfdoll that weren't the exact same shade as his doll's body. My opinion? He's either a troll or a fukking moron. He's also arrogant in the extreme, completely unable to grok a single thing we're saying, and an admitted opportunist who's into these dolls because he thinks he'll make ton of money off them, as they're "contemporary Asian art". LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL He comes in knowing bugger-all about the hobby, the people buying these dolls, why we buy them, the properties of resin and everything else, and then essentially declares himself an expert on art and investments and whatever other bollox he's spouting. Uhm. What.

I've been trying to keep my mouth shut and just bask in the glory of the fuckery that is that thread, because he's got even the brilliant and usually silver-tongued JennyNemesis, among others, utterly gobsmacked. It's absolutely fantastic, really, the level of stupidity this dude is showing. He just does. not. understand. The hobby, the people in it, or how it/they work/think. I'm still waiting for Godwin's Law to be invoked-it isn't truly epic fuckery until someone mentions Nazis! XD

For your convenience, I present a few choice posts by him:
In which the wank begins and he starts on his way to missing the point
The OP )

In which the point of the hobby and the replies being given is passed by on his way to wherever *his* point is going.
First response to replies )

Response to a couple of other posts )
Awesome, so now some of us are too young and stupid to demand our 'rights', I guess?

Yet more point missing and misunderstanding/ignorance )

And his most recent post, wherein he's STILL not getting it )

The level on which he fails/is missing the point/is displaying colossal stupidity is mind-boggling.

And my response to his latest post, because I couldn't help myself any longer:
MY post, which is as polite and coherent as I could manage )

So, what do you good folks think?
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So, yeah, not too happy at the moment. There are pretty much two main things annying me right now. One of them is a much bigger issue than the other. First, Thinkgeek oversold Cthulu in Love,so I and a bunch of other people are not getting the bottles we ordered. Sucks, but not that uge a deal. I can get it elsewhere (yay secondhand bottles!) and at least they gave refunds. The other is a slightly bigger deal-I STILL don't have my popodoll body. The seller said she was shipping on the 13th, but I have not heard a single bloody word from her since the 10th or so.
ETA: She got in contact. Doll will be shipped soon.

In non-bitching news, I think I may be making a couple more hoodies for Sakai (or whoever, maybe the twins). I need to go looking for some suitable material and zippers, though.

ETA OMG Plz stop me I now know how to thread/use my sewing machine and volksusa has separating zippers! Also I found a place with a metric fuckton of fabrics including animal prints and doll-sized check and OMG YOU GAIZ PLZ STOP MEEEE! I have the feeling I may end up making a stack of, like, zebra print hoodies and shit.
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Welp, my Otakon kinda sucked. Ended up working almost the entire time to make up for being understaffed and having some staffers who decided that they only had to work when they weren't busy disappearing to do what they wanted. >:( My feet are rubbed completely raw at the back (kinda my fault for the shoes I wore, though, stupid me >.<) and my legs still ache from walking so much. There was either more concentrated stupid than I've ever seen before this year OR the level of concentrated stupid was just more visible to us down in art show this time. We had pissy, bitchy primadonna artists, stupid, obnoxious bidders screwing up bid cards for fun, idiots taking photos in a no photography zone (as usual) and just general brainlessness. Also; I got about 5-7 hours sleep this weekend. T_T Didn't really get to shop the dealers' room, however I did get to look around and do a resin match for mister floaty head. Impldoll isn't too horrible a match to the DZ resin, nor is Volks. I'm actually kind of wanting one of their bodies for him. ...Yeah, I know, me wanting a volks body after proclaiming my dislike. Go fig. e_e They're growing on me, much like fungus. (Please note, I do not actually have fungus. Also, that I am still a little loopy from needing to catch up on a little more sleep. XD)
Oh! Alsoalso; I got some awesomely cute/creepy plushies from this guy called Gus Fink. It is so sad, we've run into each other so often at cons that he recignises me now. I'm just a little bit of a fangirl. XD I also got a really great shirt from amubleu. It's black, long-sleeved and has a moth printed on it, and I've decided Luke is going to get it, mostly becasue he's the only onw of my guys who wouldn't kill me for putting them in it and also because it's simply perfect for him. He has a moth on his cheek, too, so it really works for him.
Oh, and for the record, if they ever find out who pulled the damn fire alarm and had the ENTIRE FUCKING CONVENTION CENTER evacuated for an hour, I will personally rip out their spine and beat them with it. Bloody b-tard assholes. (I hate 4-chan. :/)
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I am tired. :| I am tired of being laid off, which will hopefully change soon or I will likely go mad.
I am also tired of stupid bullshit and annoying people like some of the ones at the club I go to. Some days it is entirely too much like a room full of idiots and five year olds. The idiots annoy me and the creepy bastards make me want to kick them in the balls. The stupid cattiness from certain other people annoys the living hell out of me, too. Sometimes I hate being female because of the stupid bloody behaviour which is apparently necessary when someone is feeling fucking insecure. Someone at the club seems to feel that because our mutual friend talks to her, he is not under any circumstances to talk to or otherwise pay attention to any other female and him doing that is cause for said bitchiness. Can I just make something perfectly clear? Get a bloody clue, will you?-he's not your boyfriend and he's not interested. And for the record, I'm not interested in fucking him, either. Actually, lemme put this out there: I'm a virgin, 'k? I'm not planning on doing anyone right now, so stop trying to get me pissed off at him because you're jealous or wotever and think driving me off will give you a chance. The only person I'm going to be angry with is you because you're acting like an idiot and I was under the (apparently) mistaken impression that you were actually my friend.

Also, to certain male people at the club: you are not sexy. You are all balding and unnatractive, so for the love of god stop carrying around the whips and shit and lurking in corners creeping people the fuck out. There have been complaints and we are all tired of you, so GTFO, plz or fer chrissakes, stop being so fucking annoying. And seriously? If any of you ever touch me, I'm breaking your fucking arm.

It's things like this that sometimes make me want to tell them all to go fuck themselves and never go to the damn place again.

*sigh* So...BPAL. I got outbid on al ot I really wanted and I can't afford to bid more, so I'm SOL there. Just going to have to keep an eye out for another lot with De Sade in it, I guess. I'm currently bidding on one containing Whip, Vice, Twenty One and Penny Dreadful, among others. I highly doubt I'll get it, but it's worth a try. I suppose.

I am so effing tired and annoyed and blah at the moment. I think I'm going to go to sleep now and see if I wake up feeling any less homicidal.


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