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So, since I haven't bought a significant amount of BPAL for a while, I decided to be bad today and loot a few bottles from the Lab/Trading Post. from the Lab I got:
Robotic Scarab
Embalming Fluid
and from the TP I got a bottle of Spanked:Res :D
Yeah, I know...like I *really* need moar smellies. XD

In non-perfume stuff, I had a really fantastic time at Mythic Faire. The steampunk Ghostbuster costume was a hit, even though by the end of Saturday bits were falling off, and I even won Best Steampunk Female in the costume contest! :D I got to meet Abney Park and get my picture taken with Captain Robert and with Nathaniel (who said he loved the colours of my dreads! *dies of squee*) and got the entire band's autograph. They played at the masquerade friday night and were suitably awesome. (and pretty much had to be chased off the stage due to going over their set time by about an hour. XD) Opening for them was SJ Tucker, who is lovely and incredibly talented and utterly hilarious. (Psst...check her out, you will NOT be disappointed! http://www.skinnywhitechick.com/) I treated myself to a nice pair of goggles while I was there, which I will have to get a photo of soon. They're solid metal and leather with just slits in the lenses to see out of. I'm tired and sore but it is so worth it for the time I had. :D :D

also in the "Wow my weekend was great" department, I sent a message about the DVD set of Sherlock which I STILL have not received (I ordered it in February D:) and got back a very nice and apologetic message saying that they will be sending me out a new set by next day air. Also, I should soon be getting this shirt: http://www.teefury.com/archive/1106/Gargle_Blaster/, which I ordered on the 4th. (Yes, I've been horrendously self-indulgent this last week or two. XP But it's a HHGTTG shirt, I couldn't resist!) It combines sci-fi geekery with alcohol, what more can you ask for? Oh, and in case you haven't read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (or any of the other five books of the trilogy), the shirt is a reference to the effect that drinking a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster has on the victim drinker("like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped 'round a large gold brick").
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*coughs* Uh...yeah. I have suddely found myself on a doll-clothes-and-bpal shopping spree. :D Snagged a bottle of Enkespalos (pretty sure I just misspelled that XP), and I'm bidding on a 2006 bottle of Smut and a bottle of Loviatar (which I *know* I'm not going to win, but hey, a girl's gotta try, y/y?). OH! Also, I got a bottle of Cthulu In Love because Thinkgeek are selling it for five bucks a bottle. I also snagged some Pocky while I was ordering because I din't want the bottle to be lonely in shipping (and also, I am a horrible, horrible Almond Crush Pocky addict. Omnomnomnom)

There has been more buying on the dollstuff front, too, as I said. I just got a skein of dready-looking Collinette yarn in an awesome purple/pink colourway, which is going to become Sakai's next wig. To that end, I've also got a couple of wig caps coming from a doll supply place so that I actually have something to stitch the yarn onto. Also, Dollmore is evil and has taken a chunk of my money. XP I just bought some shirts and jeans and stuff for the crew because they are in need of at least a couple of things that aren't made of leather or fishnet. I finally had to concede that yes, they do need a couple of things that don't leave them constantly look like they're either headed to a club or rentboys.XD
What I got:
-slip on skull sneakers (black)
-a sleeveless shirt for Sakai (also black)
-converse style sneakers (black)
-two pairs of jeans for the twins (black, of course)
-boxer-briefs for Finn and some socks for whoever I decide needs them (guess what colour? XD)
-jeans for Sakai (shockingly, not black-they're white!)
-zipper-covered trousers for Ian
-glasses for Sakai (because I want to see how he looks in them. I have this [really kind of funny] image of him in my head all covered in tattoos with these black rimmed glasses perched on his nose, sneering at everyone. He's already got major bitchface going on, especially with those yellow eyes. Something about them is giving him a terrible "better-than-you" attitude. XD)

Also, OMG yay three dollmeets in three weeks! There was one on sunday, anothr this weekend, and a third next weekend in Washington DC! ...Is it sad that one of the biggest reasons I am looking forward to that meet is the opportunity to get a bento box from Teaism and some unagi don at union station?

ETA: YAY SMUT! I got that bottle, so it'll be interesting to see if/what the difference in the older and newer bottles is. Of course, now I have to figure out where I'm going to put all my imps because now I need to make room in my bpal box for three more bottles. >.


May. 7th, 2010 03:51 pm
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Got my bottle today, and I can say that I now have a new favourite scent. :) This one definitely goes in my top five leather scents, and possibly my top five of all time. It's just amazing, and I think I might need to hoard it. I get leather most of all, but in the bottle, there's a little of all the notes. It smells a lot like an old, well-loved leather jacket, actually, one where the tobacco smoke and the wearer's skin scent have soaked into the leather along with the oil from a shiny black motorcycle or vintage car. Wet, I get leather and musk with a swirl of smoke. Dry, it's LEATHER! with the musk and oil still there, but taking a back seat to the sheer gorgeous leatheryness of the blend. I can't stop huffing my wrists right now. >.< I am so, so, so glad I got my hands on a bottle of this. I think it equals, if not surpases Crowley as my absolute favourite sexy leather scent.

Also, the label art is freaking ADORABLE. :D Actually, the label art on all of the Bat's Day bottles is.

I've also got a bottle of Mme. Moriarty incoming, which I'm also eagerly awaiting.
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And by "Soon" I mean "June 13th 2010". This is why:
-I am going to Philadelphia Comic Con. Awesome! :)
-I am going to get to meet the guy that played Winston in Ghostbusters. Even more awesome! :)
-I am going to the con dressed as a steampunk Ghostbuster with a pack I'll be building myelf. Awesome times three. :)
Oh, and it just so happens that
-I WILL BE GETTING A PHOTO-OP WITH James Marsters! ZOMGYAYZ!!! *fangirl squee of eardrum-burrsting* I think I will be able to die happy now. I've see Billy Idol in concert and gotten his autograph (and he liked my nose rings XD), and now I get to meet James Marsters! :) That's both of my biggest fangirl dreams soon to be accomplished.

ALSO: I kind of want to give JM a gift. I'm thiking BPAL, evil enabler that I am. Would that be weird/creepy? I think not, but I dunno. I'm trying to decide on a scent, too. I was thinking Vicomte de Valmont, but now I'm not sure. Crowley seems like a good option to me, or something else sort of masculine and maybe leathery. Just...nothing with a really weird name. I don't care how good it is, I am NOT giving my favourite actor anything whose name involves sex toys or genitalia. XP I don't wanna be That One Fan (you know, the kind who thinks that it's a good idea to send people se toys and shit) that you always hear about.
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Got my bottle of Mutant Hot-Rodders today. I'm not entirely sure I'm *completely* in love with it the way I am with Crowley, Smut or Whip (betches, I *will* cut you for bottles of those), but the overall verdict for Mutant Hot-Rodders is: LEATHER YAY! I like this one. :D In the bottle, it's kind of 'Y HALO THAR LEATHER AND METAL AND VETIVER! Oh, is that you, lime?' XP Wet, everything's a litle fainter, but the leather and vetiver are still the most obvious notes. Dry, I get the leather most, then the metal and smoke and just a hint of the sharpness of the lime. It ends up just leather and a bit of smoke after an hour or two, to my nose, at least. Overall, this reminds me of another scent, but I'm not sure what, exactly. I get the mental image of old leather jackets and burnt rubber, somehow. <3

also, I has the Movies In 15 Minutes book and I am thoroughly enjoying it. :D
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damn it. Damn it damn it damn it! Why can I not live in California? >:(
I just got the Bats Day info email with the list of exclusive sccents and Oh, Sweet Someone, I want them. ALL OF THEM. I love the theme this year and there are a couple of them that are just full of my favourite notes.
The Bats Day 2010 exclusives affectionately portray a handful of goth subculture tropes! Voila -

Highly caffeinated, profoundly sugared lemon-lime soda.

Black vanilla, Egyptian musk, Rozolj liqueur, and black cherries.

An effervescent combination of pink musk, white peach, wild strawberry, pale woods, iris, and raspberry leaf.

Black leather, tobacco absolute, rust, gritty musk, and machine oil.

Dark vintage musk enrobed in a velvet black swirl of plum, precious resins, opium tar, sweet incense, and Nepalese amber.

English rose, lilac, frankincense, violet leaf, French lavender, and wisteria encased in amber and splashed lightly with a ghastly garden herb tincture.

And the Black Phoenix Trading Post Bats Day 2010 Atmospheric Spray is a scent that embodies the essence of dark club life --

A tribute to club life, a modern day hymn to Dionysus: shiraz, clove cigarettes, tobacco, spilled absinthe, latex, vinyl, and artificial fog.

I need these, espcilly the lst three. Hell, I'll settle for just Rivet.Goth. Leather, tobacco and oil. SQUEE! and the atmosphere spray sounds like the way a goth club should smell in the best possible way. ...Okay, I'm a freak, I know, but it sounds amazing to me.

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Just got a bottle of Mutant Hot-Rodders From Hell High. :) I'm really hoping it turns out to work for me. Also, I've just realised that I really need a bottle of Hellfire.
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Went to the meet and sniff saturday and actually had some fun. It was interesting and I got to smell some intersting things. (And apparently I am not the only one who can't stand the smell of Gluttony.) Much fun was had by all, though it didn't last as long as I'd have liked, since several people were missing. I enabled someone into a bottle of Juke Joint (yay!) and got enabled into one or two other, myself, I think. I got gifted half a bottle of Smut, too. (thanks Dark Alice! <3) That is seriously going into my top five or ten scents. Love. It. It's definitnely right up there with Crowley and Torture King.

My doll is on his way. I've ended up with a WS Mu, as I got sick of waiting for a response and those ears have grown on me a bit. I was considering cutting them down, but I don't think I'd be able to get them even. Oh, well. We'll see how they end up looking when the doll is done. I have all my other stuff, including some tamiya epoxy putty and a can of Zoukeimura spray so that I don't screw up the dye job with cheap sealant when I go to do the blushing and faceup, so now all I need is for the doll to arrive. ...And the tail magnets, which I had to replace since the ones I ordered the first time were too small and wouldn't hold the tails up.

I think I've found what I want to do with some of my dolls for Otakon in terms of cosplay for them. The twins are going to be Conner and Murphy McManus. How much more perfect a cosplay is there for those two than the Saints, really? The most difficult thing is going to be the rosaries, which I'll ahve to A) commission or B) make myself. If I absolutely have to, I'll exclude them. I just have to get together the pea coats, jeans, shirts and a couple of handguns. (Junkyspot has Glocks I'll be getting for teh boys.) And of course I need to find rope. >.< I thik I may need some Dikadoll hands so that they can actually hold the guns, though.
Ian might be doing the Crow, since he's already pretty much got the makeup going.I'm pondering cosplays for a couple of other members. We shall see what I end up with, I suppose.

I had a pretty good Saint Patrick's day with some friends (yay pizza and beer!), thought there were some irritating people about. Got to watch some dude who was completely, falling-down pissed get arrested, which was hilarious, and saw some slightly-less drunk people wandering around as well. Some half-tanked guy came up and got his picture taken with me and a friend, which was kind of weird. also, I have gotten maybe 20 hours' sleep in the last four or five days. wayyy too much time spent up and watching movies. T_T Also, now I want some airsoft guns, for they are much fun. Thanks loads for interesting me in more dangerous toys. :D
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Soyeah. My fallen angel doll is actually coming together! I've ordered the magnets, wings, armature for the tails and clay for the claws and tail tips and picked up a decently-priced rotary tool for all modifications to the resin, black and red dye and some blck spray paint for the tail. Now all I need is for Emory to get back to me so I can order the doll. :)
The final list of mods/things to be done is as follows (to be updated in later posts as I make progress):
-carve out second set of eyes
-remove genitals and nipples to make body androgyous
-glue or epoxy the inner part of the headcap (part that holds the magnets in) to make it more secure
-dye wings
-add magnets in back and hips and to the wings and the base of the tails
-add tips to the base of the tails and spray them black
-dye horns and hooves
-sculpt claws on the hands
-dye doll

I'm planning on doing something basic for the faceup with black/grey. It wil be pretty much just eyeliner, a tiny bit of shadow, some grey/black on the lips and black on the tips of the ears. I also plan on a bit of black blushing on the leg fur.


And I got a bottle of Hastur for $15.50. My day is even more made. :D Going to have to keep him and Crowley at opposite ends of the BPAL box, though. XD
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So, I've decided that since I'm getting all into this whole Jpop night thing with new clothes, I should also fix/update my favourite cyber fall. I got some convoluted plastic tubing to mix in with the crin, so it will hopefully look good once I'm done.
the crin colours are (Color Chart provided by I Kick Shins):

and I'm adding red and black 1/4" tubing to it and securing it with a cable tie or two to make sure none of it is going anywhere. Those are on their way now.

Also, I got my bottle of Torture King and it is utter love. It's...oh, man, just soo good!I think I'm gonna need another bottle. (Yeah, I know, good luck on that, right?) Still waiting for the other two bottles of BPAL, which shipped today. Yayz!

Got my Bodyline order today, too. I'm very happy that everything fits and actually looks good. Whoa is the one skirt short, though. >.< I think I have more of an ass than the model does.

Oh,and I now own all but volume 8 of PSoH, woot! I just can't find that one for under $25. The one site I found that actually had it wouldn't accept my card (or the other THREE I tried. >:() andthe paypal thing wouldn't work either, so I'm SOL until I can find a cheap copy. Thank Someone for scanlations! I don't feel bad about reading/dling the volumes, since I've already bought all but one of them, I just don't have them yet and I'm way too impatient to wait until they get here to read them. I also bought vol 10 of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. I have no money now, but I do have stuff to read, so yayz for that, too.

Also, I think I'll be working on my fallen angel in the next couple of weeks. I've got a rough estimate of how much it'll cost me, and I think I can do it.
So far I've got:
Doll:$215+p&p from Junkyspot
Apoxie Sculpt for claws and tail:$8.50+p&P
gotta price the dye still. I think I'm going to use liquid RIT again.
I also need to either buy or borrow a dremel since I do NOT trust myself with an actual drill and a dremel will work better anyway. The final plan is to drill out holes for wing and tail magnets, sculpt claws, dremel off the boy bits, make a second set of eye holes, fix the undoubtedly wonky eye beveling it will have, smooth out part of the horns and dye the body red and the horns, hooves, tail and wings black. Oh and faceup/painting the claws and glossing the hooves and horns. I'm kind of terrified of this project.
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Got my U and Dorian today. The bottle of U is straight up old book smell and I am in love. Dorian is also utterly wonderful. There is something to be said for aging certain scents for as long as this one has been. I haven't smelled fresh Dorian, but this bottle is godly. <3

Also got the fist volume of PsoH, so I am pretty much happy all round.

I also wound up spending $128 on makeup. o.o I have never spent that much on makeup before in my LIFE. Buy one get one sales and "free gift with purchase of X amount" are equally evil. I now own foundation primer, eyeshadow primer and topcoat for lipstick along with gloss, powder foundation and a number of eyeshadows, eye/lip liners and lipsticks.
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*sigh* I think I am finally going to have to concede the fact that I need new makeup. I have realised that I still have, long forgotten in the bottom of a rarely-used makeup bag, lip glosses from my freshman year of high school. Euw. Pretty much all the other stuff i have left is old, cheap crap as well, so I'm fairly sure that I should probably buy myself new stuff before i get an eye infection or something. >.< I think a trip to a real, honest-to-Go-Sa-Someone, actual makeup shop (or whatever they're usually called, don't look at me, I mostly fail at being girly) for some actual quality makeup. My only problem is: WTF is with most of these brands? even Urban Decay does not have a white base powder. Pale, yes, white, no. I do not enjoy having to buy the six dollar Bloody Mary white base powder from Hot Topic that never seems to go on evenly no matter how I try. Might just have to get a really pale powder instead. And I neeeed some really bright, BRIGHT and dark, dark, eyeshadows. (Gotta love the really obnoxious shades! :3)

Also, I want some crab rangoon. I need to go grocery shopping this week, since I think the aftermath of Snowmageddon has been cleared enough for public transportation to be more or less working properly (hahaha) again. I for some reason really want to put some pickled ginger in it along with the cream cheese, crab and scallions. Mmm, scallions. and even more mmm to pickled ginger. ...Fuck, now I want some unagi don.

Definitenely going to have to go to Hunt Valley and hit up the Wegmans and wtf ever the makeup place is called. (Dressed as outrageously as possible to counteract the near physical discomfort that entering such painfully "trendy" places always
cause me. (Hunt Valley Town Centre, you are not that cool, kthx. Glorified strip malls are not impressive.))

On the bpal front, I'm waiting for a six year old bottle of Dorian and a bottle of Lick It One More Time! ...And my last bpal order. *prods lab* Waaaant my Crowleyyyy. I'm going to run out of my imp before I get my bottle. And will possibly give in and buy a couple of other bottles I want. (Whip, oh how I love you!)
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Two. Feet. Of. Snow. That is the conservative estimate of what we are digging out of. Baltimore freaking Maryland is not the kind of place that normally gets this kind of snow. My street is covered up to my knees in that annoying white stuff, as is every bloody horizontal surface in sight. Some places got about three feet if not more. And, deep joy, we're getting at least a foot more between tuesday night and wednesday night. Yaaaaay. ...When is winter over, again?

Waiting for a few packages at the moment. (Shoes and gloves for new guy, hands for Finn, manga for me and some half dram glass vials for decanting. I only really needed one of those, but one never knows when that sort of thing might come in handy, so I got a lot of five.) At least two of them should arrive tomorrow, but I dunno about the others. My doll is currently at JFK and should hopefully be here by friday if there's mail delivery in this weather.(There wasn't Saturday.) Oh well. *sigh* I'm still not sure what to call new guy. I know that he's going to be a ghost, but other than that, I've got nothing. The name Anthony keeps cropping up in my brain for some strange, unknown reason. *sniffs wrist slathered with Crowley* (...that did not sound right. XP) He might just be getting called that (Anthony) now. It's odd; I had a name and everything picked out months ago, but then I gave up hope of getting a FN Lawrence, so I just forgot my plans and now whatever name I had for him is completely gone. I've been checcking out some baby name sites in a search for inspiration and I'm coming up empty. I have come across some damned ridiculous excuses for names and pray to whatever might be listening (o Great Cthulu)that no-one has actually called their child things like:
Baldrick ( I like Blackadder, too, but srsly gaiz? NO.)
Rebop (not. a. word.)
Zoltan (Seriously? Suddenly Pilot Inspektor Lee's name is sounding a little less stupid.)
Saviour (guess who's gonna land himself in prison by the time he's an adult?)
Heinz (They said condom, not condiment, kthx.)
Hades (Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way's kid, maybe?)

I almost has more bpal! :) I think I've got the four auctions I'm bidding on on ebay won. I'll know for certain tomorrow. *crosses fingers for Dead Man's Hand and Lick It One More Time* I'm still waiting for a shipping notice for my bottle of U. I'm presuming that it was either in stock or soon will be, so I'm not too horribly worried right now. I'm giving them another week before I start to get annoyed at lack of notice. I am also dying for my CnS for my Crowley, Juke Joint and Phoenix Steamworks. (Plz to be giving me a notice soon, guys? *puppy dog eyes*)
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Needed a place to keep track of everything I have, so here goes:
Le Mat: Coxcomb
Le Mat: Marotte
Lycaon Lunacy 2006
Philosopher in Meditation
Sugar Skull 2008
To Helen
Black Lily
Blood Countess
Drink Me (gross gross gross :()
Embalming Fluid
Grog (RUM)
Love In Idleness
Penny Dreadful (Very interesting scent. Definitely fits the name.)
Queen Alice
Serpent’s Kiss
Sudha Segara
Tavern of Hell
The Antikythera Mechanism (I get a lot of the teak and tobacco out of this one. I like it.)
The Coiled Serpent
Twenty One
Viacomte de Valmont (smells like one of the best men's colognes you've ever smelt. Mm.)
Wulric (Chocolatey!)
Crowley (Neeeeed more more more!)
Gluttony (nasty. I was hoping I'd like it but definitely not. :/)
Cthulu (more plz. :D)
Arcana (Kind of lemony. I think I like it.)
Strangler Fig
Gacela of the Dark Death
Pontarlier (This is actually a nice one)
Centzen Totochtin (Odd scent. I'm on the fence about it.)
Krampus 2007 (another good one. :))
Juke Joint (mm, minty! XD.gif)
Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo
Baba Yaga
The Mock Turtle's Lessons

Bottles (at home or incoming):
Juke Joint
Phoenix Steamworks
Alone (This one is very interesting. I get spices and bit of citrus and...dust. Very fitting. I think this will be one of those scents that gets paired with my Romantigothy outfits.)
The Grand Inquisitor's Heretic's Fork (mmmm.)
The Antikythera Mechanism
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So, I am slightly less miffed about PSoH. I found the first volume on ebay for three bucks. Then I found 2-6 for about six dollars each on a different site. So, I now have six of ten books soon to be on their way to me! :D My day is looking up.
I got my bottle of Heretic's Fork today and it is goood.:) I like it. blood and metal, yay! I kind of want to layer this with Whip or Crowley for Aurelius.) I also got my empty vials for decanting.
Also, I am weeeeeak. I ordered a bottle of U from the Mutter Museum because I am exactly the kind of geek who would love to smell like old books and the oil sounds fantastic. Of course, if I turn out to dislike it, there's also the bonus of being able to trade it away for something good. :)

*siiigh* So, at the moment, I am awaiting:
The Antikythera Mechanism
Phoenix Steamworks
Juke Joint

I am also bidding on Dead Man's Hand, an aged bottle of Dorian and a lot made up of a bottle of aged Snake Oil + a partial of Smut.
The final thing I am waiting for (in addition to new wigs for the twins) is a pair of hands for Luke, whose horrible Abio Angel sausage fingers I can no longer stand to look at. >.< They have a purple manicure, which might change once they arrive. (Knowing him, though, he might love the purple and demand that it stay.)
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Seriously. I go looking for Petshop of Horrors because I want to pick up couple of volumes and what do I find? Etailers trying to sell single books for $35+. What. The. Good. Holy. FUCK? These are not bloody rare volumes, people. And to you out there at Valore Books? No-one is paying seventy-five dollars for a volume of manga. And why the bleeding hell are volumes of PSoH:Tokyo so much cheaper in general than the original? I am not effing paying more than ten bucks for a single volume, ta very much. *sigh* It's goddamned Tokyopop, people! Agh.

In lessfrustrating news, I have my package of imps and Oh. My. God. I am going to be completely broke. I must haz a bottle of Whip. Now. Yesterday, if possible. Roses and leather and I want to bathe in this scent it is so good. I am also considering a bottle of Vicomte de Valmont, which my resident Romantigoth has claimed for his own. It is such a manly cologne scent that I do not know why I want to slather it on but ohh lord I do. A couple of others are very very nice as well. Ether was...interesting. It smells great in the imp, but slightly less so on me. Not bad precisely, just different to in the imp. Drink Me is a lot like Gluttony and my immediate dislike of the sickening sweetness proves that I am probably not a foody person. :/ Cthulu is good, though, and the Antikythera Mechanism is interesting in a good way. I ahven't tried the rest of them yet (had I done so, my nose would have gone into overload. Let us remember that there were 45 different scents to try.)

So, I have begun (infuenced by a certain someone) to scent the various members of the Menagerie's wigs. It seems that the twins and I will be sharing/fighting over Whip and Crowley, and Juke Joint may be Luke's scent, while Vicomte de Valmont was great for Finn. Haven't figured out anyone else's yet, but I'm sure I have enough here to pick *something* for the remaining members.

Also, I want my doll now. Nownownow plz. This is going to be the longest month ever. (Or the longest month since the last month I had to wait for a doll, I guess. >.<) I am shopping for clothes for him even though I know he's coming fully clothed. Why I am doing this I do not know, but I am. I think I may see about getting him something custom, since most stuff's either not appealing or won't fit the lanky Model dollness of him. (Psst, Kuroiaisu, can you fit a bondage skirt and cyberpunk sweater for a Model? :D)
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Soyeah. I now have three pending orders at BPAL. One is the bottle of Heretic's Fork I already ordered. The second is the bottle of Alone I won in one of the Lab's ebay auctions And I just placed an order for a bottle each of Juke Joint, Phoenix Steamworks and Crowley. (Oh. My. God. Must haz MOAR Crowley. More more more. I am at least as much in love with Crowley as I am with Juke Joint.) I am also still awaiting the lot of imps I won. I am also possibly getting a bottle of the Antikythera Machine.

Got a few new imps from the forum (Krampus '07, Crowley, Hellfire, Cthulu and Gluttony). I tried three of them, and the results are:

Crowley: LOVE. Love love love this one. Absolutely, gorgeously leathery and sexy. (Much like the ma-er, demon himself, I guess.) Had to immediately go buy a bottle. <3

Hellfire: Very nice. It has pretty much all the notes I like best. I like it a little less than Crowley, but only a little. May need to invest in a bottle.

Gluttony: DO. NOT. WANT. Sickeningly sweet; the entire household disliked this one. Smelled kind of nice and buttered caramel popcorn-y in the imp, but on me went horribly, sickeningly overpowering. I scrubbed it off with a scouring pad and I can still smell syrupy sweetness on my skin. Ick. Going to hold onto this one for possible swappage.

Oh, well. Good news is, I finally managed to check the status of my first order and my bottle of Heretic's Fork is awaiting shipment (meaning that I didn't fuck up the ordering process (yay!)) and my vials for decanting are on their way to me.

In other news, I was inspired by the thread about people making/decorating their own perfume boxes and decided that, since it is snowing and I couldn't go out tonight, I would work on one for myself. I started with a fairly nice cigar box given to me by my mum which had, until now, been used as a sort of junk-holder. I added some black paint and a traced, coloured and cut out heart plus some red coloured pencil curlicues on the lid, then I wrote out "Alone" on the inside in white pencil. I sealed the whole thing and lined it with purple velvet, then made a divider with plastic canvas and more purple velvet to separate my imps from my bottles.

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Got that lot I was bidding on! I ended up paying more for it than I really wanted to, but I was damned if I'd stayed up since about 1PM yesterday waiting for the bloody auction to end just to be outbid in the last couple minutes. Take that, bid-sniping bitches! :D

Sooo, what am I getting, exactly? Full list:
Limited Edition and Un-impables:
Black Phoenix Trading Post Atmospheric Linen & Room Spray Warrior Queens Templum Victoriae, Le Mat: Coxcomb, Le Mat: Marotte, Lycaon Lunacy 2006, Philosophers in Meditation, Sugar Skull 2008, SNAKE CHARMER original, Tupapau, To Helen Lupercalia 2008
Regular Imps:
Bengal, Black Lily, Blood Countess, Bloodlust, Cockaigne, Czernobog, Drink Me, Embalming Fluid, Eris X 2, Ether, Fallen, Grog, Haunted, Havana, Imp, Juliet, Ladon, Lightning, Love In Idleness, Nero, Olokun, Penny Dreadful X 2, Phantom, Port-Au-Prince, Queen Alice, Serpent’s Kiss, Sudha Segara, Tavern of Hell, The Antikythera Mechanism, The Coiled Serpent, Titania, Twenty One, Viacomte de Valmont, Vice, Whip, Zephyr

This is, of course, excluding any goodies that get thrown in. :D I am off to the bank to put my moniez in so I can pay for all the yummy smelly things. XD I may also grab some sort of celebratory foodstuff. I haven't eaten for pretty much the last twelve or so hours,and staying up all night was kind of tiring, having Hellsing and Sherlock Holmes to help me or not.

I also got the package with the imps from the BPAL forum member and hoshit, JUKE JOINT! I definitely like this one. Spicy-sweet and more bourbon than mint in the imp, reversed (more mint than bourbon and a tiny bit of sugar) wet and dries to a lovely light powdery mint with just a little sweetness and sharpness of booze. <3
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Still watching that auction of BPAL imps. I'm currently the high bidder and bidding is only at 26 bucks for 47 imps+bonuses, I really, really hope I get this one. Made a bit of cash last night which means I miiight be able to go a bit higher in this one. It ends tuesday, so I'm sincerely hoping that there are no more bids on it before then. I've currently got a max bid of 35 dollars in and I will be making a joyful noise if I get it even at that price. (47 imps at 35 will be about $0.74 per, which, since the lot includes some LEs, is pretty damn good). I've already mentioned it having Whip, Vice, Twenty One and Penny Dreadful, I know. I have to add that it also contains Grog (omg RUM! :D), Sudha Segara (milk, ginger and honey, mmm), Tavern of Hell (hopefully the high number of notes in this one wouldn't come out effed up on my skin), The Antikythera Mechanism (teakwood, oak, black vanilla and tobacco <3) and To Helen, along with all the other various imps.

Also, some kind soul over at BPAL Madness is sending me some imps out of the goodness of her heart! <3<3<3 (I think I've thanked her about a dozen times. lol)I'm getting Juke Joint (yay!), a couple of CD scents, and some other ones which are a mystery to me at the moment. I can't wait to see what I get!
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I am tired. :| I am tired of being laid off, which will hopefully change soon or I will likely go mad.
I am also tired of stupid bullshit and annoying people like some of the ones at the club I go to. Some days it is entirely too much like a room full of idiots and five year olds. The idiots annoy me and the creepy bastards make me want to kick them in the balls. The stupid cattiness from certain other people annoys the living hell out of me, too. Sometimes I hate being female because of the stupid bloody behaviour which is apparently necessary when someone is feeling fucking insecure. Someone at the club seems to feel that because our mutual friend talks to her, he is not under any circumstances to talk to or otherwise pay attention to any other female and him doing that is cause for said bitchiness. Can I just make something perfectly clear? Get a bloody clue, will you?-he's not your boyfriend and he's not interested. And for the record, I'm not interested in fucking him, either. Actually, lemme put this out there: I'm a virgin, 'k? I'm not planning on doing anyone right now, so stop trying to get me pissed off at him because you're jealous or wotever and think driving me off will give you a chance. The only person I'm going to be angry with is you because you're acting like an idiot and I was under the (apparently) mistaken impression that you were actually my friend.

Also, to certain male people at the club: you are not sexy. You are all balding and unnatractive, so for the love of god stop carrying around the whips and shit and lurking in corners creeping people the fuck out. There have been complaints and we are all tired of you, so GTFO, plz or fer chrissakes, stop being so fucking annoying. And seriously? If any of you ever touch me, I'm breaking your fucking arm.

It's things like this that sometimes make me want to tell them all to go fuck themselves and never go to the damn place again.

*sigh* So...BPAL. I got outbid on al ot I really wanted and I can't afford to bid more, so I'm SOL there. Just going to have to keep an eye out for another lot with De Sade in it, I guess. I'm currently bidding on one containing Whip, Vice, Twenty One and Penny Dreadful, among others. I highly doubt I'll get it, but it's worth a try. I suppose.

I am so effing tired and annoyed and blah at the moment. I think I'm going to go to sleep now and see if I wake up feeling any less homicidal.


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