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So, I've decided that since I'm getting all into this whole Jpop night thing with new clothes, I should also fix/update my favourite cyber fall. I got some convoluted plastic tubing to mix in with the crin, so it will hopefully look good once I'm done.
the crin colours are (Color Chart provided by I Kick Shins):

and I'm adding red and black 1/4" tubing to it and securing it with a cable tie or two to make sure none of it is going anywhere. Those are on their way now.

Also, I got my bottle of Torture King and it is utter love. It's...oh, man, just soo good!I think I'm gonna need another bottle. (Yeah, I know, good luck on that, right?) Still waiting for the other two bottles of BPAL, which shipped today. Yayz!

Got my Bodyline order today, too. I'm very happy that everything fits and actually looks good. Whoa is the one skirt short, though. >.< I think I have more of an ass than the model does.

Oh,and I now own all but volume 8 of PSoH, woot! I just can't find that one for under $25. The one site I found that actually had it wouldn't accept my card (or the other THREE I tried. >:() andthe paypal thing wouldn't work either, so I'm SOL until I can find a cheap copy. Thank Someone for scanlations! I don't feel bad about reading/dling the volumes, since I've already bought all but one of them, I just don't have them yet and I'm way too impatient to wait until they get here to read them. I also bought vol 10 of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. I have no money now, but I do have stuff to read, so yayz for that, too.

Also, I think I'll be working on my fallen angel in the next couple of weeks. I've got a rough estimate of how much it'll cost me, and I think I can do it.
So far I've got:
Doll:$215+p&p from Junkyspot
Apoxie Sculpt for claws and tail:$8.50+p&P
gotta price the dye still. I think I'm going to use liquid RIT again.
I also need to either buy or borrow a dremel since I do NOT trust myself with an actual drill and a dremel will work better anyway. The final plan is to drill out holes for wing and tail magnets, sculpt claws, dremel off the boy bits, make a second set of eye holes, fix the undoubtedly wonky eye beveling it will have, smooth out part of the horns and dye the body red and the horns, hooves, tail and wings black. Oh and faceup/painting the claws and glossing the hooves and horns. I'm kind of terrified of this project.
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Since Orpheus is doing Jpop night next wek, I have decided that I am going to get into it this time and actually get some appropriate clothes. Having browsed bodyline, I have discovered some ZOMG AWESOME stuff that i must have. Not going to be able to get it all this time, but I'm getting at least a skirt and shirt from there. I also found a drool worthy EGL set on ebay that I'm going to grab next time I have enough moniez. (which will be in a couple weeks, I think.)
Also, I discovered a couple of gorgeous, actual Victorian-looking dresses at fanplusfriend which are amazing but whose prices make me weep. I'm trying to convince myself I don't need one. T_T
This way to the goodies! )


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