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For reasons unknown even to me, I have spent the last couple of day attempting to create a Yo-sized kilt out of pleather. Somehow, Declan is becoming my wee Celtic warrior demon child. ...Yeah, I've got nothing. It's just happening, so I'm going with it. Making anything out of pleather is not a fun prospect. Making something out of pleather that needs to be pleated and ironed is all kinds of not fun. I first tried to be lazy and glue it, which didn't work, so I ended up having to sew it. There was a second attempt at making a kilt with a different piece of fabric, which I ruined by accidentally melting the pleather while ironing the pleats. I did manage to salvage my first attempt, though, with some time taken to scrape off glue and sew on a waistband. It doesn't look too bad, though there's a scraped spot I need to figure out how to touch up, and the pleats are a little too big.

He's wearing his coat and kilt now, as well as a spare pair of action figure boots I split up the back (which of course I only put on after I took these photos, for some reason). What better to wear with a black leather kilt than combat boots, right? The boy looks a bit like an escapee from either a goth club or a ren faire, but I think he looks pretty good. I may end up putting some studs or something on the kilt for decoration, but for now I'm leaving it alone. There is no way in any of the hells I am making another kilt out of pleather any time soon. x.x

The Kilt:

Wee warrior boy, now with hair! :D (and, uh, yet another sharp object.)

Because I didn't take a picture of it before, lookit that leetle tail! <3

"Are we done yet?" >:/

By the way, Danielle, I have to thank you again for that kilt pin. It did not occur to me until I had almost finished sewing on the waistband and was wondering how to fasten the kilt (since the only snaps I have are flimsy plastic) that I had a kilt pin waiting in a bag to be used for something. I am just a little dense sometimes. XD It's working perfectly (being a pin specifically for, well, pinning kilts, and all) and it really makes the crappy little kilt I made look better. <3
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Sakai's body arrived on tuesday, and I have to say: I like it. :D It's nicely solid in terms of resin thicknessand is indeed a little thicker/broader than some of the other members of the crew. His build actually reminds me of Syn's flexi-body, which is a good thing. The only problem with his thickness is that those skinny jeans I bought him just *barely* fit over his thighs. They sit really low on his hips, and he can only just sit down,-kind of like real ones, I guess. XD
The colour match is a little off, but close enough for me. I had to do a bit of modding to get his head to fit, but he looks fine now. The length and shape of the neck required a tiny bit of sanding down (maybe a mm or two, so really, not much), and I had to sand out the inside of his neck hole a bit, too. The shape of his neck is different to the shape of his neck hole, so it didn't fit quite right (and is still a touch off), but works well enough for me. I did some of his tribal tattoos yesterday, and I think I might have to redo them because they came out looking quite messy for some reason. I may need to use a different pencil or maybe some paint, but I'm leaving it for now. I did a couple of body piercings as well, so he's not wearing his skin tight sleeveless shirt at the moment. He is instead wearing the VAMPS shirt he took from Luke (who, thankfully, was NOT wearing it at the time).
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I got some sewing done yesterday, partly out of lack of anything else to do.
My current project is still hoodies, which I have evidently taken a liking to making for some odd reason. >.< So far I've got five of at least seven mostly done. The lavender(ish) one is actually complete and the others just need the zippers sewn in. (The lavender one has a zipper, but it doesn't actually zip, because my stupid self made the body too small across the chest for the doll it's intended for. >.<) I'm planning on making at least two more, one a pale blue in the same sort of fabric as the lavender and the other a dark purplish-brownish striped fabric. I kind of want to make a bunch more just because I'm having fun making them. (And having a much easier time of it since actually getting my sewing machine to work.) I might actually get some fabric for making a few shirts, too. I think that of the hoodies I've made so far, the rainbow one and the lavender one are my favourites.
What I've got done so far:

The rainbow is actually even *more* obnoxiously bright IRL than in photos, and I think Sakai may end up having to fight Luke for it. XD
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So, my doll's body is now on the way, or will be tomorrow. All should be well. Should. Now, however, my laptop has decided it doesn't want to work properly...again, and I discovered this morning that sometime between late last night and early this morning some moron nicked my bike off our back porch. :/ All I have to say is that 1) I hope they enjoy having to pump up the tires every five minutes or so and 2) that they crash headlong into a truck or something while riding it! =D

In non-whingeing news, I'm now actually planning on making a bunch of hoodies. The sewing machine is being temperamental, so I'm still going to hand sew until I figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm actually sewing up a rainbow striped hoodie as I type, and I've got several more planned and some separating zippers on the way. I also have some puki-sized leather jackets coming to me. :D:D:D Granted, they're on Kelly dolls and I had to buy two of those Kelly/Tommy Grease sets, but hey, I get four outfits out of it for fifteen bucks, and I'd never have found someone to make even ONE puki-sized jacket for that price. I can always give a way the two spare outfits and the dolls. ALSO! I found some of those Bratz Babyz (and sweet Someone, it still hurts to type with the xtreme kool letterz) outfits that Johnni wears. I didn't buy any, but now I know where to get them if I do want some.
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*coughs* Uh...yeah. I have suddely found myself on a doll-clothes-and-bpal shopping spree. :D Snagged a bottle of Enkespalos (pretty sure I just misspelled that XP), and I'm bidding on a 2006 bottle of Smut and a bottle of Loviatar (which I *know* I'm not going to win, but hey, a girl's gotta try, y/y?). OH! Also, I got a bottle of Cthulu In Love because Thinkgeek are selling it for five bucks a bottle. I also snagged some Pocky while I was ordering because I din't want the bottle to be lonely in shipping (and also, I am a horrible, horrible Almond Crush Pocky addict. Omnomnomnom)

There has been more buying on the dollstuff front, too, as I said. I just got a skein of dready-looking Collinette yarn in an awesome purple/pink colourway, which is going to become Sakai's next wig. To that end, I've also got a couple of wig caps coming from a doll supply place so that I actually have something to stitch the yarn onto. Also, Dollmore is evil and has taken a chunk of my money. XP I just bought some shirts and jeans and stuff for the crew because they are in need of at least a couple of things that aren't made of leather or fishnet. I finally had to concede that yes, they do need a couple of things that don't leave them constantly look like they're either headed to a club or rentboys.XD
What I got:
-slip on skull sneakers (black)
-a sleeveless shirt for Sakai (also black)
-converse style sneakers (black)
-two pairs of jeans for the twins (black, of course)
-boxer-briefs for Finn and some socks for whoever I decide needs them (guess what colour? XD)
-jeans for Sakai (shockingly, not black-they're white!)
-zipper-covered trousers for Ian
-glasses for Sakai (because I want to see how he looks in them. I have this [really kind of funny] image of him in my head all covered in tattoos with these black rimmed glasses perched on his nose, sneering at everyone. He's already got major bitchface going on, especially with those yellow eyes. Something about them is giving him a terrible "better-than-you" attitude. XD)

Also, OMG yay three dollmeets in three weeks! There was one on sunday, anothr this weekend, and a third next weekend in Washington DC! ...Is it sad that one of the biggest reasons I am looking forward to that meet is the opportunity to get a bento box from Teaism and some unagi don at union station?

ETA: YAY SMUT! I got that bottle, so it'll be interesting to see if/what the difference in the older and newer bottles is. Of course, now I have to figure out where I'm going to put all my imps because now I need to make room in my bpal box for three more bottles. >.
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It is pretty bleedin' hard, let me tell you. :/ About the only leather-ish jackets I have found are on a mini living dead doll...which would be awesome if they weren't rare-ish and at least fifteen bucks each OR a Kelly Grease doll, which is even more. Why His Nibs decided that he must has a jacket NAO, in the middle of a random heat wave, I do not know. Oh, wait...it is probably because there is a GRRL! on the way and His Tiny Manliness would like to impress her. Silly boy. XD He is trying to be all Supremely Cool Rude Boy Imp-Man, but he is actually not-so-secretly(figuratively) running around worrying about If She Will Like Him and Is There Enough Enuff Bikkies An' Fizzy Drinks and Will She Like The Trike. (Which, BTW, I hd to modify to his satifaction, because He and His Girl were NOT going to be seen on something with pink/purple flames and a fringe. Because someone who is as small as him is *such* a BAMF that he can't be asociated with such a thing.)It would be anoying if it weren't so cute. Most of the other members of the Menagerie are not as excited. ...I swear I am not as insane as this paragraph makes me sound! XD I know that my dolls are not alive, I promise.
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Yet more doll related stuff from me. I guess I'm feeling motivated lately. XD
Cut to save the f-list from doll babble and bad photos. >.<

...Also, the Lu-Wen I wanted sold. FML.

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So, I got bored (as usual) and decided to sculpt Syn a gas mask, sincethere is a real dearth of that sort of thing for our resin peepz. The very first attempt didn't turn out so well (issue with sizing and the filter parts not staying attached, so I took my base mask part, stripped everything else off and started over, choosing to try a different style of gas mask. The result was surprisingly good, I think, especially for a first try. I am still having a bit of an issue with sizing, but I thik that a slightly oversized look actually works for a gas mask.
As with the cyber mask, this is made of paperclay. The filter part is supported internally by two nails from inside the body of the mask out (they're covered by paperclay on the inside) and has a metal grate made of a one dollar straier I got from the grocery store. As before, the straps are black elastic. Oh, and the lenses are pieces of a disposable plastic cup and are hot glued to the inside of the mask.
All in all, this took me a few hours from beginning to end, spread over a couple of days. The base was made on Saturday and finished today (with a good bit of sanding and reshaping inbetween the beginning and the end) and cost me mayyybe ten bucks total. Not bad if I do say so myself.
(Oh, and amubleu, this is what I was thinking of asting. I may make another one and try it, as I don't want to ruin this one. I jsut have to figure out how I'd make the mold. Box mold, maybe?)

And this one also shows his awesome new Dollmore clothes, which are...a bit more girly than I expected, actually. But Syn dares you to say that to his face. (Please don't. I have to live with him. >.<) XD
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ZOMG, I'm incredibly happy right now! I've been searching for what feels like *forever* for the right clothes for Finn. If you know me, ypou know he's my EG boy who likes ruffled shirts and winklepickers and such, and for whom I have not yet been able to find suitable clothes. Well, that has just changed! Notthe EG-ness, the not being able to find clothes thing. XD I was just browsing ebay through a link from DoA when I stumbled upon this:

THIS is what I've been looking for! Almost *exactly* what I've been looking for, actually. I'm placing my order tomorrow, probably. I'm srsly loving the cuffs on the shirt and I like the trous, too.

And I found thse shoees:

They don't have buckles, but they're otherwise *exactly* what I've been looking for for him! They're even the right size for him rather than being too large like some of the others I've found are. I have to say, right now he and I are very pleased little goth-punk-type things.

Oh, and Syn's other clothes should soon be on their way! They've arrived to the home of the person running the G.O., so they should be here some time next week. ^_^
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So, yeah. I'm getting slightly annoyed here. I paid for my stuff in the DM G.O. about nine days ago, right when I got the invoice. Most of the other people paid the same day or within the next day or two. As of right now, there is *one* person who hasn't yet paid and is holding up the G.O. If she has paid, the person running it hasn't updated the thread to reflect that she has. I'm a horribly impatient person, so I'm just kind of like...'Goddammit, just pay the farking invoice so we can get our shit ordered! I want my stuff sometime before the next doll meet.'
It probably isn't fair, but that's how I feel.
I'm almost wishing I had just ordered straight from DM. I'd have paid an extra twenty bucks or so in shipping, but I'd have Syn's clothes by now. I'd pull out of the G.O. if I didn't know that the runner could leave me bad feedback for doing it. Of course, my patience has been a tiny bit short lately (for work related reasons), so I'm probably just being a touch more bitchy and unfair than I'd normally be about it.

In a less bitchy/whiny vein, I have good news about his other stuff. Igot the other pair of goggles I was hoping for, and they were shipped out today. I literally *just* got a message and tracking number from the seller, so I'm happy about that. Also, the guy who sold me the Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo wig says he is going to ship it out on Tuesaday, which is also good. and in a final bit of good news, I got some Marsh pants for Syn in the same material as Sean and Seamus have-the wet-shine PVC called Fetish. They're a slightly different style to theirs, though-Syn's are going to be tight-fitting all the way down, like drainpipes instead of with the slight flare that Marsh's standard trous have. I think the tighter fit is going to work better with his style and will look better tucked into his boots, as they're a shorter style than S&S wear.

In case you're curious, this is the list of stuff (with links!) of the things I'm getting for him.
Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo wig (LOVE all those little braids! <3<3<3:
Blackguard Boy Set:
Net stockings (because I didn't want those huge knee-high boots for him-they'd hinder posing too much and he's *much* more of a chunky platfirm boot kind of guy):
Cross Choker:
Studded Mask (because I've been *dying* for an excuse to get one of these an it will be *hawt* with the goggles. XD):
Cross earring:
Boots (waaaant a pair in my size!):
aaaand one final thing, added on the 8th Sept, a PVC corset from HighPriestessIce.
(modelled here by her own tan El)

No photos of the trous, of course, as they're custom-made and I won't see them until they arrive.

Total spent on Syn's hair/clothes/shoes/accessories so far, not counting shipping? *cringe* $221 *dies*
Wait, let me look at this a different way:
Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo wig=$25
AnotherSpace Goggles-$35
Custom fit PVC trous-$35
Choker/outfit/accessories from Dollmore-$85
Dollzone platform boots-$23
PVC Corset-$18
The looks on the faces of the rest of the AA meetup group's faces when they see Syn-priceless.

...Put that way, the expense is totally worth it. XD

Also? I need to stay out of the marketplace. I just found two heads I want but don't have the money for. One is a gorgeous Drayton head with dark-ish makeup and the other is a minimee head. Strike that. The other is an absolutely gorgeous, only-three-in-existance gothy faceupped minimee head that I have been admiring for a while now. Yes, that specific head. *dies*
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So...I've decided i'm going to try and make some falls for Syn. How they're going to work with the braided wig, I dunno, but we'll see. I'm getting half-inch gunmetal crin and I'll be mounting it on a clip, probably, as there's no way in hell I can pin up his hair. There are just no doll-sized bobby pins or hairpins that I know of, so the clip will be far easier.
His platform boots arrived yesterday and all I can say is that I want a pair! They're too cool-they look a lot like something Demonia would make. They're from DZ and are black pleather with silver flames on the toes and heels and a row of spikes across the arch and lacing up the sides and hopefully will look good with his DM Blackguard outfit, mask and the falls.
Ohohohoh! ALSO! I may be getting him some Anotherspace goggles-the black ones with red lenses. I'm not sure which stylethey are, butI don't really care. Someone on DoA has a pair for sale for $20 and I'm going to see if I can snag them before someone else does.

Muhahaha, once I get Syn all gothed up, I've got to take him to Orpheus with me! XD

EDIT: CURSES! The goggles with red lenses have already been sold! BUT someone else on DoA is also selling either goggles or a monocle, I can't tell which. Whichever they may be, if they're available, I'm getting them. One way or another, Syn *is* getting goggles.

EDITEDIT: GOT 'EM! Yayyyyz! *squee* I got the ones the othet person was selling. They've got clear lenses, but I can always just paint them with the paint people use on those plastic "stained glass" crafts. Win, win WIN!
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Really, truly, she does. I'm going to go broke buying her designs.
She does the absolute best EVAR sexy leather and fishnet designs for SD boys. >.<

Look at these, just *look* at them! Sean, Seamus, Luke, Finn *and* Syn are all going to end up clad in HZ. Maybe not today, maybe not in a month from now, but they *will* have the HZ outfits I've been coveting. I need more leather their collective wardrobe. (For that matter, I need more leather in *mine.* XD)

My Way
This one is *perfect* for Luke:

Sweet Rider is pretty much exactly what I've been looing for for Finn:

Prison (I swear, that's what it's called XD) is absolutley perfect for Syn, who has evidently decided he's the house Dom...or at least Luke's:
(How freaking fantastic is it that it comes with a whip?)

Then there's Loud Voice ,which will work perfectly for either Sean or Seamus, or possibly for Syn as well:

also, Secret Files, which will also work for any of the three:

and then there's Dark Punk, which will also work for either Luke or Syn:

...Have I mentioned that that's $640 worth of doll clothes?

AND! andandand I jsut discovered that Mint On Card is selling HZ pants with chains by themselves. I want! Iwantiwantiwant!

and the boots! Dear zombie jeebus, do NOT get me started on the many pairs of boots of drool and squee.

Anybody wanna spot me a couple K for doll clothes? ...Please?


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