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Felt like doing an update in the thread on DoA, so I figured I'd also post it here. I had not quite realised what a pain it was going to be to pose nine SDs, two minis and four tinies to get a marginally decent shot of the lot of them. The lighting turned out horribly, but here they all are:

List o' who's who in the Crass Menagerie:
Standing: Aurelius (Unidoll Ark)
In chairs, left to right: Sean and Seamus (DZ X/Fdoll hybrids), Sheenagh (RS Lian), Billy (Elfdoll William Winterberry), Sid (Fairyland Pukipuki Chichi), Corpseblossom (Bobobie Sunny), Damien (Cherishdoll Chubby Demon), Syndrome (Luts El/Domuya hybrid), Ian (Luts Wintery '08/ResinSoul hybrid)
Seated on the floor, left to right:Lucien (AA Er), Dorian (Obitsu Gretel boy), Ligiea (Bobobie Sprite), Alexander (DZ Mo), Finnegan (Bobobie Weylin)

I must say, I am struck by the overwhelming amount of black in the colour scheme here. I think the only one who isn't wearing any is Billy, who's having none of the nonsense of the rest of the crew.>.
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Tested out the new camera a bit more today by taking a few shots of Luke. I got a memory stick, so I can now actually shoot photos without filling up my camera'sinternal memory. I think these ones turned out very well, despite being a bit washed out or overexposed or something. It works, in any case.

This way to photos! )


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