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Say hello to the newest member of the action figure branch of the menagerie:
"Did I mention I'm armed?"

Yep, that would be Captain John Hart, Time Agent. (Or, alternatively, Space Spike.) In this case, I actually can say he used to be Spike-a Human Spike, to be precise. When I discovered that such a thing existed, I knew I had to get hold of one and make a John figure for myself.

Actually, I think I really decided I wanted to do this custom when I discovered that DiD (an action figure company that does really amazing military figures, including a number of historical ones) made a few hussar figures. Seeing a 1:6th scale hussar jacket mostly sparked the idea. Of course, I searched *everywhere* for one, but ended up not being able to find one that was a)loose and b)affordable, especially considering hat it, being a dark colour, would need to be bleached and dyed. In the end, I just made one myself.

Several pieces of his outfit are handmade, actually. I also made his wrist strap, his shirt (the process of which, BTW, had me asking "Hey, does this look dirty enough to you?" for the first time ever), the scabbard for the katana, the gun belts and holsters, and the thing that holds the katana scabbard.(Sorry, the name is escaping me right now. DX)The guns I modified via sanding and sculpting, as I did with the katana itself, and the boots had some leather, straps, and lacing added, as well as getting a coat of brown paint.

As for the do-sorry, action figure himself, the only things I did to him were paint his hair brown and swap his hands out. For some unknown reason, sideshow decided that it would be a good idea to release this particular figure with gloved hands. Granted, he did come with the du Lac cross from that particular episode of Buffy, but that is the only time he ever wore gloves in the entire series. The exclusive version did come with swappable bare hands, but they had black nails. The not-so-good Captain, however, didn't have painted nails, so I picked up some spares that didn't have polish. (Not that it's relevant, but I discovered upon receipt of this particular Spike that he does happen to be one of the SS exclusives, so I do have the bare set with black nails, too. YAYZ!)

I think he came together pretty well, though his collar is a little effed up. I had to take in the jeans and the shirt I made (and the jacket as well, which is fine with me, as it looks better now), but those weren't problems. He's not perfect, especially since I had to redo the collar and cuffs of the jacket three or four times, and there was a liberal use of hot glue in the construction of the outfit, but he's good enough for me.

I should probably mention, there are two other new additions to the action figure crew, too-a Graduation Day Buffy, who came with former-Spike (for less than I could possibly have found her by herself, even), and another Human Spike, who will actually be remaining Spike. (I had to try THREE BLOODY TIMES to get another one. I got outbid on two of them, but fortunately did snag the third. He was more expensive than I'd have liked, but still less than half the price of what some people are selling him for these days.)
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Since I haven't updated with Crap I Made in a while, here are a few things.
Mostly, I've made things for Seiji:

First off, trousers. They're UFO-ish style pink leopard print (because I <3 the obnoxious neon leopard print-I want more green and some of whateve other colours might exist so I can make more of these) and have pockets all over and elastic in the waist. They were a pain to make (the pockets, o god, the pockets! x.x) but totally worth it.

Next, a shirt. I saw a few people with pony bead tops and decided Seiji needed one. I want to make him a normal t-shirt, but I don't have the right fabric at the moment. (I want a white ringer tee with either Rainbow Brite or a My Little Pony on it, just because he's the kind of guy who'd absolutely love either one.) The beading on this was such a PITA I completely abandoned it for weeks before picking it up and forcing myself to finish. It turned out pretty well, though.

I also made him a belt out of the same neon rainbow mini pony beads. (Thanks again for the buckles and other stuff, Kuroiaisu! <3 I've finally got around to using most of it.) This was made with a different stitch, which is...actually, I'm not really sure what it's called. You take your thread, put the first row of beads on, then put the second row of beads on one end of the same strand and draw the other end through that row (so that you have one end of the thread hanging out of each end of row 2), thread row 3 onto one of the ends, thread the other end through so that, again, one end of the thread is hanging out each end, then repeat X number of times until finished. (I want to say loom, but I'm thinking that's not right. Any help on WTF it's called?)

Overall shot of him in his neon-insanity glory. I keep saying that it looks like Rainbow Brite's closet threw up on him. (You might think this stuff is ridiculous, but you haven't yet seen it with the glittery yellow vest or blue belly shirt he stole from my MSD girl. AND I haven't even started the neon rainbow fluffies or coat. XD)

Other stuff:

I can't remember if I've posted this before, but I made a better respirator. It actually looks like a proper respirator now and is sized a bit better.

The gas mask you've all seen before, but it's still kind of a WIP. I decided that I wanted to use this one for my boys for now and will worry about casting later, so I added straps to it. (If I cast this one, I can just pop all the rivets off and peel off the lining-it's on with glue that isn't too hard to remove.) It's not done yet (still need to find something for lens holders and to cut out the mesh for the filter), but it's looking...not too bad. I'm pleased with how the straps turned out, anyway.

Also, Ian got a new faceup, which turned out kind of legitimately creepy.:

I spray-painted his head and neck white, by the way (ZOMG NOOOOOO! XD), because blushing was never, ever going to get me a good solid white base. It took 3-4 tries and some acetone (I was kind of terrified of using it, but it worked out fine) to get a good enough finish to work with.
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Have you ever had one of those days where you wanted to beat the everliving hell out of someone in hopes that a clue-by-four to the head will make them understand something, just a tiny, tiny bit? I'm having one of those days. There's this thread on DoA, posted by a guy who's either the most obtuse person on the planet or is just trolling for the lulz. Either way, he's fucking annoying and I want to tell him to piss off, or go fuck himself, or something equally not sunshine-and-puppies. HE's got this notion about BJDs-that they'r a really really good investment becasue the industry is *totally going to tank in a couple years and his three (yes, folks, count 'em, three) dolls are somehow going to be worth a mint because they have factory faceups and are in mint condition. ....I'll let you get your laughter under control before I continue, shall I?

...Right, now we've all got hold of ourselves, here's the thread:

It seems, more or less, that he's mainly whinging because Iplehouse had the nerve to shut down for a couple months when Americans (and we must all bow to TEH MIGHT OF THE 'MURICAN NATION, don'tchaknow) have money to spend, and also because he got a pair of option feet from Elfdoll that weren't the exact same shade as his doll's body. My opinion? He's either a troll or a fukking moron. He's also arrogant in the extreme, completely unable to grok a single thing we're saying, and an admitted opportunist who's into these dolls because he thinks he'll make ton of money off them, as they're "contemporary Asian art". LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL He comes in knowing bugger-all about the hobby, the people buying these dolls, why we buy them, the properties of resin and everything else, and then essentially declares himself an expert on art and investments and whatever other bollox he's spouting. Uhm. What.

I've been trying to keep my mouth shut and just bask in the glory of the fuckery that is that thread, because he's got even the brilliant and usually silver-tongued JennyNemesis, among others, utterly gobsmacked. It's absolutely fantastic, really, the level of stupidity this dude is showing. He just does. not. understand. The hobby, the people in it, or how it/they work/think. I'm still waiting for Godwin's Law to be invoked-it isn't truly epic fuckery until someone mentions Nazis! XD

For your convenience, I present a few choice posts by him:
In which the wank begins and he starts on his way to missing the point
The OP )

In which the point of the hobby and the replies being given is passed by on his way to wherever *his* point is going.
First response to replies )

Response to a couple of other posts )
Awesome, so now some of us are too young and stupid to demand our 'rights', I guess?

Yet more point missing and misunderstanding/ignorance )

And his most recent post, wherein he's STILL not getting it )

The level on which he fails/is missing the point/is displaying colossal stupidity is mind-boggling.

And my response to his latest post, because I couldn't help myself any longer:
MY post, which is as polite and coherent as I could manage )

So, what do you good folks think?
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...Pyjama party, that is. XD The annual Arundel Mills Mall pyjama party meetup is on the 20th. Since not a single one of my boys (excepting maybe Luke and possibly Seiji) is willing to attend such a thing without having copious amounts of adult beverages on hand, I have gathered together all of the doll-sized alcohol in my house. Somehow, this includes two entire doll-sized kegs of Heineken. XD

The cans you see here were scrounged from rubbish bins, since about the only beer I'm willing to touch is Guinness. The things on top are taps I sculpted, since there is a dearth of doll-sized keg taps on sale (go figure). They're made of Sculpey with various bits of stuff added for structure and shape, and I thik they turned out pretty well. Also in the picture are a six pack of Budweiser (yes, really. XD They're bottle openers), a bottle of Corona, a flask of real, actual, honest-to-Someone Glenlivet scotch, three Barbie glasses that work for doll-sized shot glasses, nine beer mugs and two glass bottles that serve as liquor bottles for the boys. ...Yeah, they're going to be completely snockered halfway through the meet, as will half the other resin attendees, probably. I'm half-tempted to try a dollie keg-stand at some point. >.< (Note to self:Do not let the tinies at the booze. Unless Sid is there. Nothing can keep him from his whiskey.)

Speaking of the boys, Sean and Seamus have had slight additions made-they ow have actual physical fangs. I figured that since their mouths are open, experimenting with giving them visible fangs would work. What d'you think? They look better than a lot of sculpted fangs, at least.


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So, I pretty much spent this entire afternoon making doll kandi and I am now kinda regretting it. My already sore wrist was not made any better by several hours of beading many, many, many doll-sized bracelets. T.T
I went to the craft store this morning and got, oh...about twenty-five dollars' worth of beads. (Hey, they were on sale. I got eight tubes and two bags of Czech glass e-beads for that price.) I also picked up some brushes and a pack of sculpey for making a neck extender for Seiji if I end up needing one. (Domuya necks are really short. XP) The brushes and clay, however, are not the point of this entry. The doll kandi is.
(Apologies for the awful photo, by the way. It was either this or a really washed out one. My house is a dark little hole. >.< )

This is what I made. All the pieces on the left are bracelets, the tiny thing in the middle-ish is a ring, and the pieces on the right are necklaces. I'm not even sure how many bracelets I've made, I didn't stop to count them. I'm guessing maybe...four dozen or so? O.o Yeah, I kinda just started making them and kept going until I couldn't take it anymore. I'm kind of tired now, actually. x.x I am not even *close* to out of beads, by the way. I could make an armload for each of my crew and not be out of them, I think. I have no idea *why* I wasted an entire day making doll kandi, but I did, and now I have a huge pile of dollie bracelets (or rings for me) to play with. All I can say is that Seiji is going to be *very* colourful.

His body arrived a couple of days ago, by the way, and I got his tattoos done. I'll get a photo of those once he's all together, which will probably be about tuesday or wednesday.
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Sakai's body arrived on tuesday, and I have to say: I like it. :D It's nicely solid in terms of resin thicknessand is indeed a little thicker/broader than some of the other members of the crew. His build actually reminds me of Syn's flexi-body, which is a good thing. The only problem with his thickness is that those skinny jeans I bought him just *barely* fit over his thighs. They sit really low on his hips, and he can only just sit down,-kind of like real ones, I guess. XD
The colour match is a little off, but close enough for me. I had to do a bit of modding to get his head to fit, but he looks fine now. The length and shape of the neck required a tiny bit of sanding down (maybe a mm or two, so really, not much), and I had to sand out the inside of his neck hole a bit, too. The shape of his neck is different to the shape of his neck hole, so it didn't fit quite right (and is still a touch off), but works well enough for me. I did some of his tribal tattoos yesterday, and I think I might have to redo them because they came out looking quite messy for some reason. I may need to use a different pencil or maybe some paint, but I'm leaving it for now. I did a couple of body piercings as well, so he's not wearing his skin tight sleeveless shirt at the moment. He is instead wearing the VAMPS shirt he took from Luke (who, thankfully, was NOT wearing it at the time).
Cut for photos and nekkid dollies )
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So, yeah, not too happy at the moment. There are pretty much two main things annying me right now. One of them is a much bigger issue than the other. First, Thinkgeek oversold Cthulu in Love,so I and a bunch of other people are not getting the bottles we ordered. Sucks, but not that uge a deal. I can get it elsewhere (yay secondhand bottles!) and at least they gave refunds. The other is a slightly bigger deal-I STILL don't have my popodoll body. The seller said she was shipping on the 13th, but I have not heard a single bloody word from her since the 10th or so.
ETA: She got in contact. Doll will be shipped soon.

In non-bitching news, I think I may be making a couple more hoodies for Sakai (or whoever, maybe the twins). I need to go looking for some suitable material and zippers, though.

ETA OMG Plz stop me I now know how to thread/use my sewing machine and volksusa has separating zippers! Also I found a place with a metric fuckton of fabrics including animal prints and doll-sized check and OMG YOU GAIZ PLZ STOP MEEEE! I have the feeling I may end up making a stack of, like, zebra print hoodies and shit.
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*coughs* Uh...yeah. I have suddely found myself on a doll-clothes-and-bpal shopping spree. :D Snagged a bottle of Enkespalos (pretty sure I just misspelled that XP), and I'm bidding on a 2006 bottle of Smut and a bottle of Loviatar (which I *know* I'm not going to win, but hey, a girl's gotta try, y/y?). OH! Also, I got a bottle of Cthulu In Love because Thinkgeek are selling it for five bucks a bottle. I also snagged some Pocky while I was ordering because I din't want the bottle to be lonely in shipping (and also, I am a horrible, horrible Almond Crush Pocky addict. Omnomnomnom)

There has been more buying on the dollstuff front, too, as I said. I just got a skein of dready-looking Collinette yarn in an awesome purple/pink colourway, which is going to become Sakai's next wig. To that end, I've also got a couple of wig caps coming from a doll supply place so that I actually have something to stitch the yarn onto. Also, Dollmore is evil and has taken a chunk of my money. XP I just bought some shirts and jeans and stuff for the crew because they are in need of at least a couple of things that aren't made of leather or fishnet. I finally had to concede that yes, they do need a couple of things that don't leave them constantly look like they're either headed to a club or rentboys.XD
What I got:
-slip on skull sneakers (black)
-a sleeveless shirt for Sakai (also black)
-converse style sneakers (black)
-two pairs of jeans for the twins (black, of course)
-boxer-briefs for Finn and some socks for whoever I decide needs them (guess what colour? XD)
-jeans for Sakai (shockingly, not black-they're white!)
-zipper-covered trousers for Ian
-glasses for Sakai (because I want to see how he looks in them. I have this [really kind of funny] image of him in my head all covered in tattoos with these black rimmed glasses perched on his nose, sneering at everyone. He's already got major bitchface going on, especially with those yellow eyes. Something about them is giving him a terrible "better-than-you" attitude. XD)

Also, OMG yay three dollmeets in three weeks! There was one on sunday, anothr this weekend, and a third next weekend in Washington DC! ...Is it sad that one of the biggest reasons I am looking forward to that meet is the opportunity to get a bento box from Teaism and some unagi don at union station?

ETA: YAY SMUT! I got that bottle, so it'll be interesting to see if/what the difference in the older and newer bottles is. Of course, now I have to figure out where I'm going to put all my imps because now I need to make room in my bpal box for three more bottles. >.
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So, I'm now waiting for floating head guy's body. I discovered yesterday that the blusing on his chin and the sealant on his nose was scraped (due to my stupidity, no doubt) and decided to just scrub it off, leaving the rest of the faceup. I can always reblush. Then, afterwards, I got bored and decided that he, like most of the crew, needed a shiny bit of metal or two on his face. I figured, I have no idea who or what he is yet, so I'm going to do something different with him just to see how it looks. ...Twenty minutes of cutting shot bead, placing and re-placing beads, cursing, dropping some and yring to figure how I was going to do industrials on doll ears, he was done. And I...I think I may have gone a touch overboard, though I like the end result. I think I might redo the piercings with some nail beads if I can get hold of them, but he's okay for now. I just realised that the cheek piercings *still* aren't even, though. x_x

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Floating head guy now has a (temporary, at least) body! :D I got him a Popodoll body off the DoA marketplace. It's actually one of the ones I was looking at before but wasn't sure about, but after seeing the photos in the FS thread, I decided to go for him. I'm seriously considering upgrading to a Volks BW body for him later (thanks to you, amubleu, you evil, evil woman XD), but this'll do for now. I really want a thick-ish body for this boy just because almost all of The Menagerie are scrawny little undernourished waifs. >.< Of course, having someone who actually looks like he has a sammich once in a while might backfire and make the rest of the crew look even scrawnier, but whatever. This body isn't quite as solid looking (that is, more broad and substantial as opposed to sort of thin and slightly underfed) as the Volks body is, but it's close and I do like it. Also, I think I surprised the seller a little. XD I offered what she wanted for the whole doll for just the body+clothes she was sending with it. (I figured it was only fair, splitting a doll is kinda inconvenient cos then you have to find a buyer for the other part.)
One photo of the body (disregard the head, plz):

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I've decide that I'm bored enough and itchy enough for a new project to start working on modding another head. He's an SD sized Dollzone Mo-B head that I just purchased from DDE and he will be getting what I can only call a gore mod. It isn't going to be all oozy and infected/burned/rotten looking like onegreyelephant's stuff, but more like...he got his face slashed and stitched/stapled. So far, the plan is to give him a third eye, with the skin at the top and bottom looking like it split/tore to make a place for said eye, to have both of his normal eyes look like they were clawed, with deep gashes/claw marks over each that will be open but have stitches over them, one ear partly torn off and a glasgow/chelsea smile mod that will also be open and fresh looking and will have staples over it. I actually feel kind of bad for the poor boy.

I may totally chicken out on doing something so drastic and just paint him up like any of my other guys, but I really am excited to try my hand at slightly more dramatic modifications.
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Here are the photos I've got of Rel's newly finished scarring and ink. He's had pretty much full-body work done, and I quite like it.
Cut for photos and doll peen: )
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Please excuse my brain being dead today. I finally got Aurelius's tattoos and scars and piercings finished and he's looking...not too bad, actually. I wound up leaving much of one leg undecorated because I just couldn't figure out what to put there, but he has a good number of stars on that leg from mid- thigh to mid shin. There's also a massive scar from groin to somewhere at his calf. In addition, he's got the tattoos he originally had, which he's not sported since sometime last year or earlier, and pretty much all of his scarring is now in place. It isn't the best scar work ever done, but he's *my* doll, damn it, and I'm happy with it. I have to say that the gel medium I',m using now works about aas well as the glue I was previously using did, but, oddly enough, the glue gave me a smoother finish than the gel medium has. Maybe I should ahve mixed in some flow retardant or something. I dunno, but it's good enough for me. I am also insanely happy with the barbed wire tattoos on his right arm and left leg, but oh, dear Someone it took forever. The wire part was pretty easy. The barbs, however? I spent over an hour doing them on the wire on his leg. The arm was better, but it still took at least twenty minutes. Note to self: never do that again. He has also acquired two new genital piercings, and I redid all of the other torso piercings. I had no choice; the shot bead started coming off pretty much the minute I really started going at the sealant and tattoos with the sponge and alcohol, so I popped the rest of them off, scraped off some of the old super glue and reglued everything with shiny new beads when I was finished with all the drawing and sealing.

In non-doll related things, I have discovered this, and it is funny:

This is one of my pet peeves. I can't say I've never ever done this, but I try not to. Poor grammar is one of those things that irritates me deeply when people are otherwise trying to communicate in normal English. I will admit that I am still not entirely sure of the proper use of the semicolon (proper punctuation and I are not the best of friends), but the misuse and making up of words is just...one of those things that drives me into LIT NERD RAEG. I often have to restrain myself from correcting people when I'm reading their posts on various message boards.
My main issues are:
-They're, their, there. Proper use: They're going to get their things from the car. Why did they leave them there? They're=they are. There=place which is not here. Their=possessive, belonging to them; not yours or mine
-Your, you're Proper use: If you're going out, don't forget your coat. You're=you are. Your=possessive, not mine or theirs
-Except and expect are not the same.
-Nor are definitely and defiantly.
-Or perspective and respective.
-You are not literally doing anything unless you are actually physically performing that action at the time you are typing. Unless you are being murdered or are otherwise physically ceasing to be (in other words, becoming an ex-person), you are NOT literally dying. No matter how much I might wish you were.
-"conversating" is not a word. Nor is "irregardless".
-Double negatives make a positive. "Didn't do nothing" means that you did something.
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I've decided that I'm sick of redoing all the temprary tattoos on rel all the freaking time, so I'm stripping all the scar and tatoo work he's got at the moment and redoing everything in watercolour pencil. I think it'll hold up better than the temporary stuff does because it'll be drawn on rather than stuck on top and able to scrape. He's getting all the same scars and a few of the same tattoos (drawn versions, of course), but otherwise, he's getting all new designs. there are actually a few specific tattoos he should have that he's finally going to get. This is going to be a very busy few days (sunday on, as friday and saturday I am le busy), as I know it's going to take me some time to do all the scrubbing off and drawing on of tattoos and then the scarring. I think it will be worth it in the end, though. I've even got a pastel colour that's really close to Rel's skintone to do the majority of the scars with, and some white and pink to do blushing of some of them and colouring of a couple others.
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Took Zepar to the meet and he went over surprisingly well. He got me a commission from a friend, anyway. This mod was a little easier than Z's were, since it was just one eye in the middle of the forehead. It took me almost as long to do this one as it did to do Z's eye mods, mostly due to the fact that the head I was working on has some damn thick resin, but I think he turned out well. He actually had two modifications done-the third eye and magnetising of his headcap to fix that annoying habit Abio Angel headcaps have of falling off.

I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. He may need a teeny bit of sanding still, but I think that he's about finished. I also think that I've developed a love of modding. This could spell doom for some poor helpless dorrie-I want to do a gore mod now.
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My newdoll will be here sometime tomorrow today. (Didn't realise it was already after midnight. *sweat*) I'll bbe seeing him in just a few hours and will immediately be beginning work on him. I have decided on clothing and a name for him, too. He will be called Zepar and will be getting this sigil painted somewhere on his body (possibly his chest):

He will also be getting this version of the sigil painted on his forehead:

I've decided that I'm not sanding off his bits for the moment, as I really am worried about doing damage I can't fix, but I will be doing all the other modifications. I sketched up what I want him to look like post-mod, and I think it will turn out well.

I've decided that he will wear the DZ Floy outfit I have, which is flowy and wonderful, made mostly of black leather and gauzy black material and has a very harem boy-ish feel to it. I just need to cut out the feet of the bottoms and it should fit him fine. I hope that the magnets will easily stick to each other through it, which is part of why I chose it. (The other is that I just cannot imagine an old-school fallen angel lounging around in jeans and a t-shirt, y'know?

I will update later, after i have actually begun the modding.
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Went to the meet and sniff saturday and actually had some fun. It was interesting and I got to smell some intersting things. (And apparently I am not the only one who can't stand the smell of Gluttony.) Much fun was had by all, though it didn't last as long as I'd have liked, since several people were missing. I enabled someone into a bottle of Juke Joint (yay!) and got enabled into one or two other, myself, I think. I got gifted half a bottle of Smut, too. (thanks Dark Alice! <3) That is seriously going into my top five or ten scents. Love. It. It's definitnely right up there with Crowley and Torture King.

My doll is on his way. I've ended up with a WS Mu, as I got sick of waiting for a response and those ears have grown on me a bit. I was considering cutting them down, but I don't think I'd be able to get them even. Oh, well. We'll see how they end up looking when the doll is done. I have all my other stuff, including some tamiya epoxy putty and a can of Zoukeimura spray so that I don't screw up the dye job with cheap sealant when I go to do the blushing and faceup, so now all I need is for the doll to arrive. ...And the tail magnets, which I had to replace since the ones I ordered the first time were too small and wouldn't hold the tails up.

I think I've found what I want to do with some of my dolls for Otakon in terms of cosplay for them. The twins are going to be Conner and Murphy McManus. How much more perfect a cosplay is there for those two than the Saints, really? The most difficult thing is going to be the rosaries, which I'll ahve to A) commission or B) make myself. If I absolutely have to, I'll exclude them. I just have to get together the pea coats, jeans, shirts and a couple of handguns. (Junkyspot has Glocks I'll be getting for teh boys.) And of course I need to find rope. >.< I thik I may need some Dikadoll hands so that they can actually hold the guns, though.
Ian might be doing the Crow, since he's already pretty much got the makeup going.I'm pondering cosplays for a couple of other members. We shall see what I end up with, I suppose.

I had a pretty good Saint Patrick's day with some friends (yay pizza and beer!), thought there were some irritating people about. Got to watch some dude who was completely, falling-down pissed get arrested, which was hilarious, and saw some slightly-less drunk people wandering around as well. Some half-tanked guy came up and got his picture taken with me and a friend, which was kind of weird. also, I have gotten maybe 20 hours' sleep in the last four or five days. wayyy too much time spent up and watching movies. T_T Also, now I want some airsoft guns, for they are much fun. Thanks loads for interesting me in more dangerous toys. :D
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Soyeah. My fallen angel doll is actually coming together! I've ordered the magnets, wings, armature for the tails and clay for the claws and tail tips and picked up a decently-priced rotary tool for all modifications to the resin, black and red dye and some blck spray paint for the tail. Now all I need is for Emory to get back to me so I can order the doll. :)
The final list of mods/things to be done is as follows (to be updated in later posts as I make progress):
-carve out second set of eyes
-remove genitals and nipples to make body androgyous
-glue or epoxy the inner part of the headcap (part that holds the magnets in) to make it more secure
-dye wings
-add magnets in back and hips and to the wings and the base of the tails
-add tips to the base of the tails and spray them black
-dye horns and hooves
-sculpt claws on the hands
-dye doll

I'm planning on doing something basic for the faceup with black/grey. It wil be pretty much just eyeliner, a tiny bit of shadow, some grey/black on the lips and black on the tips of the ears. I also plan on a bit of black blushing on the leg fur.


And I got a bottle of Hastur for $15.50. My day is even more made. :D Going to have to keep him and Crowley at opposite ends of the BPAL box, though. XD
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So, I've decided that since I'm getting all into this whole Jpop night thing with new clothes, I should also fix/update my favourite cyber fall. I got some convoluted plastic tubing to mix in with the crin, so it will hopefully look good once I'm done.
the crin colours are (Color Chart provided by I Kick Shins):

and I'm adding red and black 1/4" tubing to it and securing it with a cable tie or two to make sure none of it is going anywhere. Those are on their way now.

Also, I got my bottle of Torture King and it is utter love. It's...oh, man, just soo good!I think I'm gonna need another bottle. (Yeah, I know, good luck on that, right?) Still waiting for the other two bottles of BPAL, which shipped today. Yayz!

Got my Bodyline order today, too. I'm very happy that everything fits and actually looks good. Whoa is the one skirt short, though. >.< I think I have more of an ass than the model does.

Oh,and I now own all but volume 8 of PSoH, woot! I just can't find that one for under $25. The one site I found that actually had it wouldn't accept my card (or the other THREE I tried. >:() andthe paypal thing wouldn't work either, so I'm SOL until I can find a cheap copy. Thank Someone for scanlations! I don't feel bad about reading/dling the volumes, since I've already bought all but one of them, I just don't have them yet and I'm way too impatient to wait until they get here to read them. I also bought vol 10 of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. I have no money now, but I do have stuff to read, so yayz for that, too.

Also, I think I'll be working on my fallen angel in the next couple of weeks. I've got a rough estimate of how much it'll cost me, and I think I can do it.
So far I've got:
Doll:$215+p&p from Junkyspot
Apoxie Sculpt for claws and tail:$8.50+p&P
gotta price the dye still. I think I'm going to use liquid RIT again.
I also need to either buy or borrow a dremel since I do NOT trust myself with an actual drill and a dremel will work better anyway. The final plan is to drill out holes for wing and tail magnets, sculpt claws, dremel off the boy bits, make a second set of eye holes, fix the undoubtedly wonky eye beveling it will have, smooth out part of the horns and dye the body red and the horns, hooves, tail and wings black. Oh and faceup/painting the claws and glossing the hooves and horns. I'm kind of terrified of this project.
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Seriously. I go looking for Petshop of Horrors because I want to pick up couple of volumes and what do I find? Etailers trying to sell single books for $35+. What. The. Good. Holy. FUCK? These are not bloody rare volumes, people. And to you out there at Valore Books? No-one is paying seventy-five dollars for a volume of manga. And why the bleeding hell are volumes of PSoH:Tokyo so much cheaper in general than the original? I am not effing paying more than ten bucks for a single volume, ta very much. *sigh* It's goddamned Tokyopop, people! Agh.

In lessfrustrating news, I have my package of imps and Oh. My. God. I am going to be completely broke. I must haz a bottle of Whip. Now. Yesterday, if possible. Roses and leather and I want to bathe in this scent it is so good. I am also considering a bottle of Vicomte de Valmont, which my resident Romantigoth has claimed for his own. It is such a manly cologne scent that I do not know why I want to slather it on but ohh lord I do. A couple of others are very very nice as well. Ether was...interesting. It smells great in the imp, but slightly less so on me. Not bad precisely, just different to in the imp. Drink Me is a lot like Gluttony and my immediate dislike of the sickening sweetness proves that I am probably not a foody person. :/ Cthulu is good, though, and the Antikythera Mechanism is interesting in a good way. I ahven't tried the rest of them yet (had I done so, my nose would have gone into overload. Let us remember that there were 45 different scents to try.)

So, I have begun (infuenced by a certain someone) to scent the various members of the Menagerie's wigs. It seems that the twins and I will be sharing/fighting over Whip and Crowley, and Juke Joint may be Luke's scent, while Vicomte de Valmont was great for Finn. Haven't figured out anyone else's yet, but I'm sure I have enough here to pick *something* for the remaining members.

Also, I want my doll now. Nownownow plz. This is going to be the longest month ever. (Or the longest month since the last month I had to wait for a doll, I guess. >.<) I am shopping for clothes for him even though I know he's coming fully clothed. Why I am doing this I do not know, but I am. I think I may see about getting him something custom, since most stuff's either not appealing or won't fit the lanky Model dollness of him. (Psst, Kuroiaisu, can you fit a bondage skirt and cyberpunk sweater for a Model? :D)


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