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Since I can't seem to stop taking photos of this boy, I decided he needed another official photoshoot. Sade, vain thing that he is, thought that there was not nearly enough eye candy for the ladies around and decided to rectify the situation. He fancies himself prime pinup boy material, so obviously he was the best man for the job. I can't really disagree with him, honestly-he's far too pretty handsome to not have at least one shoot like this. I've crossposted this to DoA, so you can also comment there if you like.
I had fun with this one, because, hey, pretty nekkid resin boy. :D

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Soyeah. I wanted to do a quick b&w night shoot with Syn. It...didn't turn out so well. I still can't get the flashon my camera to diffuse enough toget really good shots and I still need to learn to use my fstop and other settings more effectively. *fail* I did get bored and start playing around with the half-decent photos i got, and ended upliking this one. Not good by any means, but I like the effects. (Which are, BTW all intentional. I 'shopped this one to hell and back. XD)
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My new boy arrived today and he is just about the cutest damn thing I've ever seen. Here are some photos of the box opening:
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Soo...that sewing project? Went just as badly as I'd anticipated. At least the material didn't cost me that much. :(

Also, I feel like posting some photos of the twins.They're probably utterly craptastical in quality, but I still want to show them off. After all, what's the point of taking pictures if I'm not gonna show them off?
Editd to add: I did not realise how MASSIVE these things are even with resizing. I ish sorry 'bout that.

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