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...None of which have anything to do with each other, of course.

First off, Sherlock Holmes! Brilliant film, srsly. It was really good, IMO,thought nothing like the books. I just have to say that never before has Sherlock Holmes been quite so badass. >.< Bareknuckle boxing FTW! also, there were some slightly-stronger-than-usual homoerotic vibes between Watson and Holmes. "Our dog", "our rooms" him not wanting watson to move out and get married, the bickering like an old married couple-it was fantastic (and funny)! One of the best bits of he movie was that relationship and how it affected prett much everything else. And the sight of Holmes waking up handcuffed to a bed naked was loltastic, as was the scene that followed. I could babble for a bit more about it and the awesometasticness of the whole thing, but I won't.

which brings me to:

Dragon Age! XD I'm almost finished, finally. The only thing standing between us and victory is a fort full of darkspawn and a ginormous dragon. >.< there is just one catch to slaying that dragon-a Grey Warden has to die. Basically, to actually kill it and not just have respawn in another darkspawn's body, it needs to go into the body of someone with a soul. That's where the Grey Wardens come in. We're the ones that the essence is supposed to go into, which destroys the archdemon (dragon) spirit, but also kills the Warden in the process. ...Except that Morrigan offered Anduriel another option-sleep with her, get a kid on her and have *it* absorb the spirit, which would keep him alive and still kill the archdemon spirit but leave a kid with soul of an old god. Since he didn't want to die and didn't want Alistair to die (the only other person who could do it)...guess what he did? ...Yeah. So he's now got a kid he's never going to see who could possibly be used to destroy the world or something equally nefarious one day. *sigh* It seemed a better idea than either leaving his lover alone at the end, taking away one of possibly the only two people Zevran's ever loved (the other being a fellow (female) assasin who he allowed to be executed (long story)) or taking away the country's newly-appointed but reluctant king (yeah, that'd be Alistair (another long story). Least of all possible evils, maybe? I hope? Agh, this is why I both love and loathe this game-no matter what you do, pretty much, somebody gets figuratively screwed (Well, *mostly* figuratively).
*siiiigh* Is it sad that I'm finding the whole Zevran/Anduriel thing goddamned adorable? Even Morrigan commented on how damn sickening the two of them are, shooting glances at each other all the time and smiling like idiots. And Zevran gave him an earring. Not normally a big deal, but this earring happens to be a trophy he took off his first target ever, and he gave it to Anduriel. *squee* I love Zevran...and my Big Damn (Gay-ish Assasin) Hero.

Oh,and finally...dollstuff!

So, the body arrived today and Ian ended up on it. I tried Finn's head on the body, but his resin colour doesn't even come close to matching the body. Ian's doesn't either, but his isn't supposed to since he's blushed white, so it matters less with him. I actually like this body a lot and am impressed with it in terms of its flexibility. It is only a bit less flexible than my Domuya body, and the double jointing, especially in the arms, works quite well. The high chest joint bothers me less than I thought it would and I love his hands. :D wayyyy nicer than the BBB tube fingers. My only problem is that his head won't stay up. XP Tried a neck donut but it didn't help. Oh well. I'm otherwise hapopy with him. it's just that for now, he's got a slightly psychotic-looking headtilt going. *lol*

Oh, and I had to do a bit of sanding to one of teh twins this week. Sean is WS, of course, and, being over a year old, his hands and body (hands especially, though) were getting a bit...lemony. His body got a good scrubdown with a magic eraser and rubbing alcohol, which took off all manner of crud and yellowing that I hadn't even realised was there. (When I was done the magic eraser was brown. Gross. :P) His hands, however, were not helped by the scrub, so off they came for a quick sanding with fine sandpaper (which was stripped off an emery board since I couldn't find my sheets of fine grit sandpaper). ten minutes or so later, his hands looked much better and I am a lot happier now.
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Okay, so, there's this awesome new BioWare game out called Dragon Age: Origins. I am getting it today (Joker figure plus cool new fantasy game? BEST DAY-BEFORE-MY-BIRTHDAY EVER!:)) and by all accounts it is made of win and awesome. But are we hearing about this? Are we hearing about the six different character origin options and the degree of customisation your character has or how Zevran for some reason sounds like Antonio Banderas? NO.
This is because a good chunk of the internet is having a collective fit of apoplexy over how YOU CAN HAVE TEH DURRRTY GHEY SEXZZ0RS WITH ZEVRAN OH MY JEEBUS! Seriously, guys? It's optional. That means, for those of you out there on the intertubes who don't understand long words, that you. do not. have. to fuck. the elf. Guess what? You can have lesbian sex with another character and het sex, too. No-one cares about that though, because it is clearly not as bad as the EVIL HOMOSEKSHALS! Holy shit, you gaiz, this might, like, make guys turn gay or some shit, right? Cos you know that you can ttly catch teh ghey from playing a vidya game where the character has an option to be other than completley ubermasculine and unquestionably hetrosekshual.
Shut the fuck up, guys. No-one is making you play that option, you have to go through a bunch of dialogue and choose the right options for it to even happen, and seriously, if you feel your heterosexuality or religious beliefs or whatever threatened by it, PLAY ANOTHER FUCKING GAME, yeah? ALso, if you haven't played the game andareoly going by hearsay about TEH DURRRTY GHEY SEX. Fuck off. Better yet, play the game. This scene you're so worried about? It's not explicit. There are no dangly bits, no shots of penetration, and lots of fading to black. The most you get to see is kissing, groping and mostly-nakedness. (And some fucking weird music to, uh...set the mood, maybe? I dunno. Sweeping, epic video game music more fit for LOTR or somthing, not the background to pretty much public interspecies (or same species if you'ran elf) buttsex. It's odd.)
Well done with the mass-homophobia and double standards there, internet. Girl-on-girl is hot but guy-on-guy is ew? Nice job being open-minded, losers. Here's something that might shock you: there are gay gamers. :O There are also lesbian and bisexual gamers. There are also heterosexual gamers who like seeing something other than: See Hero. See Hero slay dragon. See Hero bang two women in sex minigame complete with controller shaking rumble pack action (I'm looking at you, God Of War). The fuck's wrong with once in a while seing: See Hero. See Hero slay dragon. See Hero bang elf dude in a tent?
Also, Jimmy Kimmel: Fuck off. You're not clever, kthxbai.
Oh, BioWare, how ILU guys and your awesomeness and ability to piss off the homophobic nerds. Don't ever change. <3


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