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Just saw a commercial for this:


What. The. Fuck. Who's gonna wear this shit besides, like, twelve year old boys and fratboy douchebags? (It'll go nicely with their Ed Hardy shirts and pre-faded jeans, I guess.) SERIOUSLY. Did they get their product advice from a halloween/fancy dress shop? This is the shit you buy from Party City for five bucks. Nobody is fooled by this shit and if you buy them and go flaunting them like you're hot shit, you deserve to be roundly mocked and horribly embarassed. :/ Who the hell thinks that fake tattoos printed on pantyhose for your arms are actually cool/convincing/not the mark of a total poser douchebag? Granted, they might be fun for a halloween party or some kind of costume/play/whatever, but DUDE. To actually suggest people wear them to shows/concerts/work to look hardcore or impress women/guys/whatevs? Hell to the NO. You know what impresses me? REAL FUCKING TATTOOS. What doesn't impress me is a bunch of morons sitting at theior desks trying to figure out how to make even more money off the loser wannabe hardcore assholes who already think they're OMGSOKEWL. I...just...I have no fucking ideaa why I'm at HEAD ASPLODE levels of RAEG here, but come on! I think youactually have to deliberately TRY to fail much harder than this. Gah.

I think one of the only bigger fails ever is the fucking Snuggie. Oh my god it is just a bakwards robe WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU WORLD? Better yet, WTF ISWRONG WITH YOU AMERICA? Why are people so stupid, damn it? And the new commercial OMFG STOP IT! At least the slap-chop guy is in on the whole "This is completely fucking moronic" thing. SERIOUSLY, WORLD. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. You make my brain hurt with your stupid unnecessary products and your awful commercials.
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Yet more doll related stuff from me. I guess I'm feeling motivated lately. XD
Cut to save the f-list from doll babble and bad photos. >.<

...Also, the Lu-Wen I wanted sold. FML.

This way to the doll stuff )
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What the fuck is the deal with people worrying about what other people are doing with their dolls? What's the deal with them complaining about what other people do with their dolls, and about them posting threads to whine about what they don't like about other people doing with their dolls? I ask because I've just seen another of those threads on DoA that amounts to "bitch here about about other people's customisations". The list includes, of all things, *pupilless eyes*. apparently those are some horrible travesty of dollydom along with bad faceups and scarring.
'K, I understand not wanting to see certain things, I understand not liking bad faceups and shit like that. But why is it people feel the need to publicly baww about it to the entirety of the site? No-one really cares that you don't like pubic hair or third eyes or nipple rings, okay? Bitching about it just makes you all sound like assholes. Why the bloody fuck is it your business, really? That's why the "That does NOT belong on a doll" thread annoys me. Sure, I get sick of all the blowing sunshine up everbody's arses sometimes, but really, do we *need* one or more threads about this shit?
I have to ask, because maybe one of you guys gets it more than I do, but what the bleeding hell is with the attiude of "These are ART! Anything less than perfection on them is an INSULT TO THEM AND THEIR CREATOR!" or the "All dorries must be pretty and cute and perfect and no-one wants to see your ugly scarred/pierced/less-than-perfectly-modded doll, you horrible owner!" I will admit to occasionally cringeing or saying that I feel sorry for X doll, but I don't baww about it (much). I do not get why people seem to feel that the doll of someone who lives five thousand miles away is somehow affecting their collection to the point that they have to whine about it to people who don't actually care, or why people feel the need to be petty and mean about something so stupid. We are not sodding grade schoolers here, so why the first grade attitude? "Nyahnyah, your dollie is ugly! *sticks tongue out*"
What. The. Fuck?
I know the same could be said about me reading this thread but it needs to be said for the millionth time: If you don't llike it, don't look at it. You don't have to look at Person X's gore mod, or person Y's be-merkined doll, or even Person Z's doll with pupilless eyes. Your browser has this nifty thing called a BACK button; you press it and it takes you to the previous page: problem solved. Well, except for that one where you're whining about what other people are doing with their toys.
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Okay, so, there's this awesome new BioWare game out called Dragon Age: Origins. I am getting it today (Joker figure plus cool new fantasy game? BEST DAY-BEFORE-MY-BIRTHDAY EVER!:)) and by all accounts it is made of win and awesome. But are we hearing about this? Are we hearing about the six different character origin options and the degree of customisation your character has or how Zevran for some reason sounds like Antonio Banderas? NO.
This is because a good chunk of the internet is having a collective fit of apoplexy over how YOU CAN HAVE TEH DURRRTY GHEY SEXZZ0RS WITH ZEVRAN OH MY JEEBUS! Seriously, guys? It's optional. That means, for those of you out there on the intertubes who don't understand long words, that you. do not. have. to fuck. the elf. Guess what? You can have lesbian sex with another character and het sex, too. No-one cares about that though, because it is clearly not as bad as the EVIL HOMOSEKSHALS! Holy shit, you gaiz, this might, like, make guys turn gay or some shit, right? Cos you know that you can ttly catch teh ghey from playing a vidya game where the character has an option to be other than completley ubermasculine and unquestionably hetrosekshual.
Shut the fuck up, guys. No-one is making you play that option, you have to go through a bunch of dialogue and choose the right options for it to even happen, and seriously, if you feel your heterosexuality or religious beliefs or whatever threatened by it, PLAY ANOTHER FUCKING GAME, yeah? ALso, if you haven't played the game andareoly going by hearsay about TEH DURRRTY GHEY SEX. Fuck off. Better yet, play the game. This scene you're so worried about? It's not explicit. There are no dangly bits, no shots of penetration, and lots of fading to black. The most you get to see is kissing, groping and mostly-nakedness. (And some fucking weird music to, uh...set the mood, maybe? I dunno. Sweeping, epic video game music more fit for LOTR or somthing, not the background to pretty much public interspecies (or same species if you'ran elf) buttsex. It's odd.)
Well done with the mass-homophobia and double standards there, internet. Girl-on-girl is hot but guy-on-guy is ew? Nice job being open-minded, losers. Here's something that might shock you: there are gay gamers. :O There are also lesbian and bisexual gamers. There are also heterosexual gamers who like seeing something other than: See Hero. See Hero slay dragon. See Hero bang two women in sex minigame complete with controller shaking rumble pack action (I'm looking at you, God Of War). The fuck's wrong with once in a while seing: See Hero. See Hero slay dragon. See Hero bang elf dude in a tent?
Also, Jimmy Kimmel: Fuck off. You're not clever, kthxbai.
Oh, BioWare, how ILU guys and your awesomeness and ability to piss off the homophobic nerds. Don't ever change. <3


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