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Felt like doing an update in the thread on DoA, so I figured I'd also post it here. I had not quite realised what a pain it was going to be to pose nine SDs, two minis and four tinies to get a marginally decent shot of the lot of them. The lighting turned out horribly, but here they all are:

List o' who's who in the Crass Menagerie:
Standing: Aurelius (Unidoll Ark)
In chairs, left to right: Sean and Seamus (DZ X/Fdoll hybrids), Sheenagh (RS Lian), Billy (Elfdoll William Winterberry), Sid (Fairyland Pukipuki Chichi), Corpseblossom (Bobobie Sunny), Damien (Cherishdoll Chubby Demon), Syndrome (Luts El/Domuya hybrid), Ian (Luts Wintery '08/ResinSoul hybrid)
Seated on the floor, left to right:Lucien (AA Er), Dorian (Obitsu Gretel boy), Ligiea (Bobobie Sprite), Alexander (DZ Mo), Finnegan (Bobobie Weylin)

I must say, I am struck by the overwhelming amount of black in the colour scheme here. I think the only one who isn't wearing any is Billy, who's having none of the nonsense of the rest of the crew.>.
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ZOMG, I'm incredibly happy right now! I've been searching for what feels like *forever* for the right clothes for Finn. If you know me, ypou know he's my EG boy who likes ruffled shirts and winklepickers and such, and for whom I have not yet been able to find suitable clothes. Well, that has just changed! Notthe EG-ness, the not being able to find clothes thing. XD I was just browsing ebay through a link from DoA when I stumbled upon this:

THIS is what I've been looking for! Almost *exactly* what I've been looking for, actually. I'm placing my order tomorrow, probably. I'm srsly loving the cuffs on the shirt and I like the trous, too.

And I found thse shoees:

They don't have buckles, but they're otherwise *exactly* what I've been looking for for him! They're even the right size for him rather than being too large like some of the others I've found are. I have to say, right now he and I are very pleased little goth-punk-type things.

Oh, and Syn's other clothes should soon be on their way! They've arrived to the home of the person running the G.O., so they should be here some time next week. ^_^


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