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Since Orpheus is doing Jpop night next wek, I have decided that I am going to get into it this time and actually get some appropriate clothes. Having browsed bodyline, I have discovered some ZOMG AWESOME stuff that i must have. Not going to be able to get it all this time, but I'm getting at least a skirt and shirt from there. I also found a drool worthy EGL set on ebay that I'm going to grab next time I have enough moniez. (which will be in a couple weeks, I think.)
Also, I discovered a couple of gorgeous, actual Victorian-looking dresses at fanplusfriend which are amazing but whose prices make me weep. I'm trying to convince myself I don't need one. T_T
This way to the goodies! )
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*sigh* I think I am finally going to have to concede the fact that I need new makeup. I have realised that I still have, long forgotten in the bottom of a rarely-used makeup bag, lip glosses from my freshman year of high school. Euw. Pretty much all the other stuff i have left is old, cheap crap as well, so I'm fairly sure that I should probably buy myself new stuff before i get an eye infection or something. >.< I think a trip to a real, honest-to-Go-Sa-Someone, actual makeup shop (or whatever they're usually called, don't look at me, I mostly fail at being girly) for some actual quality makeup. My only problem is: WTF is with most of these brands? even Urban Decay does not have a white base powder. Pale, yes, white, no. I do not enjoy having to buy the six dollar Bloody Mary white base powder from Hot Topic that never seems to go on evenly no matter how I try. Might just have to get a really pale powder instead. And I neeeed some really bright, BRIGHT and dark, dark, eyeshadows. (Gotta love the really obnoxious shades! :3)

Also, I want some crab rangoon. I need to go grocery shopping this week, since I think the aftermath of Snowmageddon has been cleared enough for public transportation to be more or less working properly (hahaha) again. I for some reason really want to put some pickled ginger in it along with the cream cheese, crab and scallions. Mmm, scallions. and even more mmm to pickled ginger. ...Fuck, now I want some unagi don.

Definitenely going to have to go to Hunt Valley and hit up the Wegmans and wtf ever the makeup place is called. (Dressed as outrageously as possible to counteract the near physical discomfort that entering such painfully "trendy" places always
cause me. (Hunt Valley Town Centre, you are not that cool, kthx. Glorified strip malls are not impressive.))

On the bpal front, I'm waiting for a six year old bottle of Dorian and a bottle of Lick It One More Time! ...And my last bpal order. *prods lab* Waaaant my Crowleyyyy. I'm going to run out of my imp before I get my bottle. And will possibly give in and buy a couple of other bottles I want. (Whip, oh how I love you!)


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