Jan. 17th, 2010 11:19 pm
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Got my MSC today (thank you very much, amubleu, I have to say, I love this stuff!) and redid Ian's faceup. Since I am laem and silly and gothy, I decided to go through with doing the red and black version of Eric's makeup. This is what the plan for the faceup looked like (ignore the text; those are just my notes to myself for doing the faceup):

This is how it turned out in the end:

I don't think the results are too bad given that this is one of only a handful of faceups I've done. I like the effect the lack of eyebrows has. :) I just can't figure out why the boy looks perpetually pissed off; Wintery '08 is such a sweet sculpt blank, but the minute he's faceupped, wigged and given eyes, I get a facefull of GOTHBOY RAEG. XD
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Yet more doll related stuff from me. I guess I'm feeling motivated lately. XD
Cut to save the f-list from doll babble and bad photos. >.<

...Also, the Lu-Wen I wanted sold. FML.

This way to the doll stuff )


Jan. 12th, 2010 12:42 am
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So, I was bored today and had a long, foot-ish wide piece of fur (bought for wigs and only 2 wigs were made from it) that had been sitting around for months and hit upon an idea that I've been playing with for a bit now-fluffies! Since I have two cybergoth boys in the house and every cybergoth boy needs a pair of fluffies, I decided to make them both some. So I grabbed my sketchbook and sewing supplies and said cybergoth brats andset to work. I think they turned out fairly well except that I wasn't paying attention when I cut the first piece and Syn's left fluffy is cut against the grain (is that the right word when talking about this?) of the fur. XP Oh, well.


The two of them together showing of their new fluffies:

New guy Ian borrowing Syn's muzzle-mask thing:

Syndrome with his new monocle and awesome HighPriestessIce corset. (since Ian has claimed the majority of the Dollmore outfit that I bought) Please also note his freshly sanded and much less yellowed body. (I spent about four hours on the evil little bugger. Two words: Hand. Cramps. :/):

FLUFFIES! XD They're very poofy. (Erm...not *that* kind of poofy XD) The one is all mussed because Syn does not like to stand without at least five minutes of fussing and fiddling with his legs to get him at *just* the precisely right position to balance:


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