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There has recently been an uptick in the number of vampires in my home. It started with one, who was a gift from my mum at Big Apple Comic Con, and just went downhill from there.Now there are four of them living in my room, in addition to the resin ones who already lived there. They are sharing space quite happily with the Joker, something that is, honestly, kinda scary. Four demons+one human sociopath=lots of homicidal shenanigans. Here, here's a group photo of the happy little psychotic family:

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L to R that's: (Sideshow) Subway Spike; (Sideshow) Origins Liam/Angelus(who is currently wearing the Joker's spare outfit, as I couldn't stand to have 'Gelus sitting around in his c.18th century stock clothing); the Joker (with his alternate head, since I kinda broke the DX one and need to fix it); Vampire Angel and finally, Vampire Spike.

Vampire Spike is the one who started this entire bit of madness and is probably my new favourite. (Don't tell the others, I don't wanna wake up with tiny bite marks and stab wounds. And Vampire Angel has a surprisingly pointy axe.)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us He's the Sideshow Exclusive version, which means he got the dubious honor of coming with a hideous Hawaiian shirt. Said shirt lives in his box, never to see the light of day, except perhaps as a torture device for of these guys if I'm feeling silly/sadistic.

Origins Angelus came next, because I couldn't have a Spike without an Angel(us) to annoy. He's just the regular edition, so I don't feel quite as bad about not using a single bit of his stock outfit (except mayyybe sometimes the shoes; they're not too bad) as I might were he the exclusive version. I also took off the ponytail he had because really. DB with a ponytail wasn't that awful in real life, but plastic!Angelus just didn't look quite right with it. I can always reattach it if I need to. As it stands, with the sideburns that went along with the long hairstyle he's got, he just looks like he's got seventies hair now. See?
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Of course, the Seventies-ness works, because he's the companion (no, not like *that*) to my....

Subway Spike! I had to get him once I saw him, because, well, Seventies Punk Spike! :D I am very slightly disappointed that the safety pins on his vest are not actual tiny ones, but otherwise, he's pretty awesome. He even has his very own subway rail to beat unsuspecting people/figures with. The expression on his face is slightly puzzling, but I can live with it. (is he angry? annoyed? did someone tell him Man U lost a match? Inquring minds (okay, just mine) want to know.)
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Aaand finally, since I now had a human-faced Spike with a human-faced Angelus to go with him, I figured that Vampire Spike also needed a partner. (In crime, people.) So I went looking, figuring that surely they must have made a gameface Angel as well, right? And of course it must be a standard release, like Vampire Spike, since his being a vampire was kind of a Thing, right? Which meant it would be as easy to get hold of as the others, and just as cheap, right? Pssh, WRONG. As it happens, there WAS a Vampire Angel. ...He was an SDCC exclusive. ...In 2004. Oh yeah, and there were only a thousand of them. *headdesk* I was determined, though, and a little digging proved...marginally successful. I managed to find a grand total of three for sale, one of which was in my price range, barely. So, I got him, because my Spike needed his sire, and here he is:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us He's actually pretty good, though the expression is slightly odd. I think one of my favourite things is he's actually wearing a (molded on) claddagh ring. Details yay! :D

Overall, none of them are perfect, but I'm pretty happy with them. I didn't buy them because I wanted flawless work and spot-on likenesses, I bought them because I got gifted the Vamp!Spike and my inner fangirl went all squeeful-happy and wanted more. XD (and one final thing about them-I had to give the Angeluses (Angelii? Bloody Latin.) lifts to make them taller than the Spikes. The four of them all being the same height was just weird.

I actually got them a few extra things to wear, since stock outfits are all well and good, but I want my figures to be *mine*, ya know? So the Spikes have an SS jacket on the way (like the one Spike-y wore on the Nazi sub in one ep.), Origins Angelus has an entire outfit coming (black, black and, shockingly, black), there's a trenchcoat for...one of them, don't know which yet, and couple of spare pairs of boots for whoever I decide should have them. also, if you notice, they have cigarettes. Those are from a really awesome 1/6 scale accessory shop which makes all kinds of things, including a pile of cigarettes/cigarette boxes and cartons/cigars. That's a scale Marlboro pack Subway Spike is holding. Now I just need to get the boys some scale beer and blood and they'll be set. (Yes,I really am looking-some things are more difficult to find than others.)

Oh, and the Joker is still here, too, hanging out with the vampires and plotting something undoubtedly massively illegal and/or depraved.
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I really need to stop visiting geeky websites, because I find things like this:

That would be not a photo of HL but the Hot Toys DX figure released this year and I. Want. It. It is just too great to be believed-scarily realistic and even has rotating eyes. This is what it comes with:

The price (around $200 oon ebay) is totallty worth it to me and I will probably be snagging one this weekend.

Sorry resinbrats, but this guy pwns you all for the moment.


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