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Since I have a massive pile of pony beads (seriously, I have an entire eighteen drawer screw/ part organizer full of them, sorted by colour), I decided to actually do something with them for the first time in a while. I *was* working on a pony bead banner, but somehow it's gone missing. It's here, somewhere, but has as yet eluded my efforts to find it. Stupid thing.

I have, therefore, decided to work on something else. Rewatching Tiger and Bunny gave me an idea: pony bead call bracelets! But, since I have freakishly small wrists, I decided that keychains would probably be better than actual bracelets. It wasn't hard to work out the stitch to use or a pattern, but actually making them took some time. The result:
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Say hello to the newest member of the action figure branch of the menagerie:
"Did I mention I'm armed?"

Yep, that would be Captain John Hart, Time Agent. (Or, alternatively, Space Spike.) In this case, I actually can say he used to be Spike-a Human Spike, to be precise. When I discovered that such a thing existed, I knew I had to get hold of one and make a John figure for myself.

Actually, I think I really decided I wanted to do this custom when I discovered that DiD (an action figure company that does really amazing military figures, including a number of historical ones) made a few hussar figures. Seeing a 1:6th scale hussar jacket mostly sparked the idea. Of course, I searched *everywhere* for one, but ended up not being able to find one that was a)loose and b)affordable, especially considering hat it, being a dark colour, would need to be bleached and dyed. In the end, I just made one myself.

Several pieces of his outfit are handmade, actually. I also made his wrist strap, his shirt (the process of which, BTW, had me asking "Hey, does this look dirty enough to you?" for the first time ever), the scabbard for the katana, the gun belts and holsters, and the thing that holds the katana scabbard.(Sorry, the name is escaping me right now. DX)The guns I modified via sanding and sculpting, as I did with the katana itself, and the boots had some leather, straps, and lacing added, as well as getting a coat of brown paint.

As for the do-sorry, action figure himself, the only things I did to him were paint his hair brown and swap his hands out. For some unknown reason, sideshow decided that it would be a good idea to release this particular figure with gloved hands. Granted, he did come with the du Lac cross from that particular episode of Buffy, but that is the only time he ever wore gloves in the entire series. The exclusive version did come with swappable bare hands, but they had black nails. The not-so-good Captain, however, didn't have painted nails, so I picked up some spares that didn't have polish. (Not that it's relevant, but I discovered upon receipt of this particular Spike that he does happen to be one of the SS exclusives, so I do have the bare set with black nails, too. YAYZ!)

I think he came together pretty well, though his collar is a little effed up. I had to take in the jeans and the shirt I made (and the jacket as well, which is fine with me, as it looks better now), but those weren't problems. He's not perfect, especially since I had to redo the collar and cuffs of the jacket three or four times, and there was a liberal use of hot glue in the construction of the outfit, but he's good enough for me.

I should probably mention, there are two other new additions to the action figure crew, too-a Graduation Day Buffy, who came with former-Spike (for less than I could possibly have found her by herself, even), and another Human Spike, who will actually be remaining Spike. (I had to try THREE BLOODY TIMES to get another one. I got outbid on two of them, but fortunately did snag the third. He was more expensive than I'd have liked, but still less than half the price of what some people are selling him for these days.)
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There has recently been an uptick in the number of vampires in my home. It started with one, who was a gift from my mum at Big Apple Comic Con, and just went downhill from there.Now there are four of them living in my room, in addition to the resin ones who already lived there. They are sharing space quite happily with the Joker, something that is, honestly, kinda scary. Four demons+one human sociopath=lots of homicidal shenanigans. Here, here's a group photo of the happy little psychotic family:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
L to R that's: (Sideshow) Subway Spike; (Sideshow) Origins Liam/Angelus(who is currently wearing the Joker's spare outfit, as I couldn't stand to have 'Gelus sitting around in his c.18th century stock clothing); the Joker (with his alternate head, since I kinda broke the DX one and need to fix it); Vampire Angel and finally, Vampire Spike.

Vampire Spike is the one who started this entire bit of madness and is probably my new favourite. (Don't tell the others, I don't wanna wake up with tiny bite marks and stab wounds. And Vampire Angel has a surprisingly pointy axe.)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us He's the Sideshow Exclusive version, which means he got the dubious honor of coming with a hideous Hawaiian shirt. Said shirt lives in his box, never to see the light of day, except perhaps as a torture device for of these guys if I'm feeling silly/sadistic.

Origins Angelus came next, because I couldn't have a Spike without an Angel(us) to annoy. He's just the regular edition, so I don't feel quite as bad about not using a single bit of his stock outfit (except mayyybe sometimes the shoes; they're not too bad) as I might were he the exclusive version. I also took off the ponytail he had because really. DB with a ponytail wasn't that awful in real life, but plastic!Angelus just didn't look quite right with it. I can always reattach it if I need to. As it stands, with the sideburns that went along with the long hairstyle he's got, he just looks like he's got seventies hair now. See?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Of course, the Seventies-ness works, because he's the companion (no, not like *that*) to my....

Subway Spike! I had to get him once I saw him, because, well, Seventies Punk Spike! :D I am very slightly disappointed that the safety pins on his vest are not actual tiny ones, but otherwise, he's pretty awesome. He even has his very own subway rail to beat unsuspecting people/figures with. The expression on his face is slightly puzzling, but I can live with it. (is he angry? annoyed? did someone tell him Man U lost a match? Inquring minds (okay, just mine) want to know.)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Aaand finally, since I now had a human-faced Spike with a human-faced Angelus to go with him, I figured that Vampire Spike also needed a partner. (In crime, people.) So I went looking, figuring that surely they must have made a gameface Angel as well, right? And of course it must be a standard release, like Vampire Spike, since his being a vampire was kind of a Thing, right? Which meant it would be as easy to get hold of as the others, and just as cheap, right? Pssh, WRONG. As it happens, there WAS a Vampire Angel. ...He was an SDCC exclusive. ...In 2004. Oh yeah, and there were only a thousand of them. *headdesk* I was determined, though, and a little digging proved...marginally successful. I managed to find a grand total of three for sale, one of which was in my price range, barely. So, I got him, because my Spike needed his sire, and here he is:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us He's actually pretty good, though the expression is slightly odd. I think one of my favourite things is he's actually wearing a (molded on) claddagh ring. Details yay! :D

Overall, none of them are perfect, but I'm pretty happy with them. I didn't buy them because I wanted flawless work and spot-on likenesses, I bought them because I got gifted the Vamp!Spike and my inner fangirl went all squeeful-happy and wanted more. XD (and one final thing about them-I had to give the Angeluses (Angelii? Bloody Latin.) lifts to make them taller than the Spikes. The four of them all being the same height was just weird.

I actually got them a few extra things to wear, since stock outfits are all well and good, but I want my figures to be *mine*, ya know? So the Spikes have an SS jacket on the way (like the one Spike-y wore on the Nazi sub in one ep.), Origins Angelus has an entire outfit coming (black, black and, shockingly, black), there's a trenchcoat for...one of them, don't know which yet, and couple of spare pairs of boots for whoever I decide should have them. also, if you notice, they have cigarettes. Those are from a really awesome 1/6 scale accessory shop which makes all kinds of things, including a pile of cigarettes/cigarette boxes and cartons/cigars. That's a scale Marlboro pack Subway Spike is holding. Now I just need to get the boys some scale beer and blood and they'll be set. (Yes,I really am looking-some things are more difficult to find than others.)

Oh, and the Joker is still here, too, hanging out with the vampires and plotting something undoubtedly massively illegal and/or depraved.
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Today is the 10th annual Towel Day, a day of celebration and remembrance for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the brilliant author, Douglas Adams and, of course, the most useful item in the galaxy, the towel.

So Happy Towel day to one and all! Go out and celebrate with a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (or two, if you're very, very brave. Or Zaphod Beeblebrox.) and remember, the Answer is 42, never let a Vogon read his poetry at you, and always make sure you know where your towel is!
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So, as of late I've been focusing a bit more on steampunk stuff. That includes more clothes and, of course, more weapons. Somehow I've managed to end up with an airship pirate-ish thing going on, which I've just accepted and decided to run with. I'm a little torn between airship pirate and some kind of steampunk royal air force-y g, but airship pirate is a touch more appealing. Maybe a former space/airship/whatever marine (yeah, how exactly does *that* work?) that became an airship pirate? I don't really know. I'm just trying to figure out a title that works for the look. I'm not playing a character like a lot of people do, I just want to figure out a sort-of category for all the crap I've acquired.

anyway, on to the stuff. First, clothes. Somehow, the look has turned out a little bit captain John Hart and a little bit Captain Mal Reynolds, don't ask me why. The main thing I think influenced it is this coat, acquired from a military surplus store. I've been drooling over this thing since oh, October or so. Pretty much the second I laid eyes on it, I wanted it. There were ones that had braid on the front but by the time I got round to actually buying one of these coats, those were all gone and there were only plain ones left. No matter, I am still about as in love with this thing as one can be with a piece of clothing and not have that love go all creepy. XD

This is the second new-ish piece, which I got at a thrift store. (I wish I had a way to get to the ones in Silver Spring more easily; there's a gigantic one that has some really great stuff.) It's, as far as I can tell, an 80s (or earlier) MIG pilot helmet/cap, possibly Soviet. Since this photo, I've taken off the green/greyish straps and painted the ear cups antique gold.

I've also just acquired a pair of WWI-ish spats/legcovers, which should be arriving soon, and a really lovely gun belt for my homemade ray gun.

Speaking of which, I made a ray gun :D It's not especially pretty, honestly, but I like it. I think it may end up getting a coat of hammered copper paint as I'm not entirely happy with the way the silver looks. It's made of candleholders (both brass and wood) and the grip from an old wooden toy gun.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Also, while I was at the second hand store today, I came upon a large My Little Pony. since it was only $0.60, I gave in to the urge I've been having and bought it, brought it home, and made this:

My Little Time Lord, based on the macro. He actually need to be fixed a bit-his pocket is the wrong colour and the hourglass cutie mark needs to be neatened up some, but I'm fairly happy with him. (He might end up completely repainted,though; I don't know. I kind of want to wipe the waistocat paint and put a collar and bowtie on him.) He's probably going to end up hanging out with the Joker and Plushie!Cthulhu in my room.
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So, since I haven't bought a significant amount of BPAL for a while, I decided to be bad today and loot a few bottles from the Lab/Trading Post. from the Lab I got:
Robotic Scarab
Embalming Fluid
and from the TP I got a bottle of Spanked:Res :D
Yeah, I know...like I *really* need moar smellies. XD

In non-perfume stuff, I had a really fantastic time at Mythic Faire. The steampunk Ghostbuster costume was a hit, even though by the end of Saturday bits were falling off, and I even won Best Steampunk Female in the costume contest! :D I got to meet Abney Park and get my picture taken with Captain Robert and with Nathaniel (who said he loved the colours of my dreads! *dies of squee*) and got the entire band's autograph. They played at the masquerade friday night and were suitably awesome. (and pretty much had to be chased off the stage due to going over their set time by about an hour. XD) Opening for them was SJ Tucker, who is lovely and incredibly talented and utterly hilarious. (Psst...check her out, you will NOT be disappointed! http://www.skinnywhitechick.com/) I treated myself to a nice pair of goggles while I was there, which I will have to get a photo of soon. They're solid metal and leather with just slits in the lenses to see out of. I'm tired and sore but it is so worth it for the time I had. :D :D

also in the "Wow my weekend was great" department, I sent a message about the DVD set of Sherlock which I STILL have not received (I ordered it in February D:) and got back a very nice and apologetic message saying that they will be sending me out a new set by next day air. Also, I should soon be getting this shirt: http://www.teefury.com/archive/1106/Gargle_Blaster/, which I ordered on the 4th. (Yes, I've been horrendously self-indulgent this last week or two. XP But it's a HHGTTG shirt, I couldn't resist!) It combines sci-fi geekery with alcohol, what more can you ask for? Oh, and in case you haven't read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (or any of the other five books of the trilogy), the shirt is a reference to the effect that drinking a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster has on the victim drinker("like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped 'round a large gold brick").
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Saw Harry Potter on Saturday! I squeed pretty hard over it, TBH. I did have a couple problems with things they cut, but overall it was a pretty good adaptation. I honestly did like it, and some of the scenes were really very good (like the seven Harrys and that whole "racing through a city on a flying motorbike/epic airbourne magic battle in full view of a few hundred muggles" bit). I'm having just a little bit of NERD RAEG over some of the changes (WHERE IS KREACHER'S TALE?! WTF NO POTTER WATCH?! WHY WAS WORMTAIL NOT STRANGLED BY HIS OWN HAND?! I WANTE D TO SEE THE HORRIBLE GIT STRANGLED BY HIS OWN HAND!), but there are parts that are getting just as much nerdly squee from me as the aforementione parts are getting the raeg. Parts such as Lucius Malfoy's pimp wand of awesome, for example. I mean, yes, it kinda looks like a five year old girl had at it with rhinestones and glue, but still...and I loved that Voldy snapped the ridiculous/awesome handle off the thing-The Dark Lord does not stand for your sparkly bullshit, Lucius. Also, the animation for The Tale Of The Three Brothers was really great! It was very Coraline-ish. There were some great moments of humour, too. ("Moooooorning" *smirk*)? and the ACTING! *insert keysmash* THE ACTING OH GOD. That scene where Snape walks in and Professor Burbage is just hanging there in midair-the look in his eyes *right* before he sort of clamps down on his emotions and goes on playing at being a good little death Eater was fantastic. Also, Emma Watson's screaming. blooy HELL. You'd have though someone actually was torturing her. (Maybe they threatened her with Twilight? XP) The acting in general was SO much better than in some of the other movies. So. Much. Better.

In other nerdy news, I finished my mini-proton pack! Yeah...I am evidently enough of a nerd that I did not make a regular pack, I made the pack from the valentine's day comic book. >.< Anyway, it did turn out fairly well in the end and even has working lights in the cyclotron.
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