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Say hello to the newest member of the action figure branch of the menagerie:
"Did I mention I'm armed?"

Yep, that would be Captain John Hart, Time Agent. (Or, alternatively, Space Spike.) In this case, I actually can say he used to be Spike-a Human Spike, to be precise. When I discovered that such a thing existed, I knew I had to get hold of one and make a John figure for myself.

Actually, I think I really decided I wanted to do this custom when I discovered that DiD (an action figure company that does really amazing military figures, including a number of historical ones) made a few hussar figures. Seeing a 1:6th scale hussar jacket mostly sparked the idea. Of course, I searched *everywhere* for one, but ended up not being able to find one that was a)loose and b)affordable, especially considering hat it, being a dark colour, would need to be bleached and dyed. In the end, I just made one myself.

Several pieces of his outfit are handmade, actually. I also made his wrist strap, his shirt (the process of which, BTW, had me asking "Hey, does this look dirty enough to you?" for the first time ever), the scabbard for the katana, the gun belts and holsters, and the thing that holds the katana scabbard.(Sorry, the name is escaping me right now. DX)The guns I modified via sanding and sculpting, as I did with the katana itself, and the boots had some leather, straps, and lacing added, as well as getting a coat of brown paint.

As for the do-sorry, action figure himself, the only things I did to him were paint his hair brown and swap his hands out. For some unknown reason, sideshow decided that it would be a good idea to release this particular figure with gloved hands. Granted, he did come with the du Lac cross from that particular episode of Buffy, but that is the only time he ever wore gloves in the entire series. The exclusive version did come with swappable bare hands, but they had black nails. The not-so-good Captain, however, didn't have painted nails, so I picked up some spares that didn't have polish. (Not that it's relevant, but I discovered upon receipt of this particular Spike that he does happen to be one of the SS exclusives, so I do have the bare set with black nails, too. YAYZ!)

I think he came together pretty well, though his collar is a little effed up. I had to take in the jeans and the shirt I made (and the jacket as well, which is fine with me, as it looks better now), but those weren't problems. He's not perfect, especially since I had to redo the collar and cuffs of the jacket three or four times, and there was a liberal use of hot glue in the construction of the outfit, but he's good enough for me.

I should probably mention, there are two other new additions to the action figure crew, too-a Graduation Day Buffy, who came with former-Spike (for less than I could possibly have found her by herself, even), and another Human Spike, who will actually be remaining Spike. (I had to try THREE BLOODY TIMES to get another one. I got outbid on two of them, but fortunately did snag the third. He was more expensive than I'd have liked, but still less than half the price of what some people are selling him for these days.)
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So, this guy will be the last resin brat I get for a good while. I managed to find a couple of Pixius in stock at DDE, so I got the one grey one (without a faceup) they had. I figured that there was not much reason to not do it while I had a little money to spare and the chance to get him without a three month wait. I've named him Niall, and he is going to be a little storm dragon. I won't bore you with the box opening photos (because they're not actually particularly exciting), but here is one shot of what he looked like when he arrived, and a couple of the blushing/painting I did. I wen with black and dark grey colouring since he's grey resin, and I don't think he turned out too badly. I need to pick up a can of testors so I can touch up a couple of spots, but other than that, he's done. I have no idea what, if anything, he will be wearing. I may make a kilt for him, but I don't know if I'm up to making one even smaller than Declan's.

Niall upon arrival:

I spent a few minutes playing with him, and then got down to the business of getting him painted.
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I am completely blaming this on you, Danielle. XD (Okay, so maybe it's a little bit my fault, too.) You DID say that I needed a Yo-sized doll, after all. I've been wanting that Resinsoul Pixiu and was going to order it, but discovered that it would take a month minimum to get from RS, so (horribly impatient person that I am) I started looking around. No dealers had him in stock, but I did come across 5stardoll's fantasy tinies at Mint On Card. One of them was a cute little red guy who pretty much looks like a baby Hellboy. (Horns and a tail, and an option claw hand/"mythic arm" attachement, as well as horn stumps when you take the magnetic horns off.) He called to me and I just couldn't resist, so I present to you the first new guy of the year, Declan:

More pictures:
Standing up, without the wings:

For the LOLZ:
The best part is that that outfit does not look half so ridiculous on him as it did on the Angelus figure it came from.

Somehow, he came out a lot less sad/anxious looking than the promo pictures. Declan's a little more "Go 'way hoomin, I's playin'! *glare*" than the sadface that the product photos show.

Weirdly, his sculpt is off topic on DoA. *Headscratch* Apparently, his face doesn't fit aesthetically? How I'm not sure, but ooookay. (Srsly, if flower fairies that can't wear wigs and have arms that don't resemble any terrestrial life form's limbs can be on topic, how the everloving hell is lack of an upper lip and a very slightly apelike nose cause for being OT?) Not that I care overmuch, it's just weird. I do love how much mention there is about the sculpt in the 5SD tiny thread despite his OT-ness. XD

Unfortunately, the jeans I got for him (which came from a doll I got at a thrift store) won't go on all the way because of his feet+the way they're cut, but I wisely had made a backup pair of leather trousers, so he's not pantsless. the striped shirt and grey jacket that were also part of the doll's outfit are fine on him, though, and I also have a white shirt and a sleeveless pleather trenchcoat which are good on him. (I am so very amused by him trying to be a fearsome tiny demon in his little coat and boots and trousers. >.< Even borrowing the Buffy vamps' tiny axes and human bones doesn't make him intimidating.) Action figure clothing evidently fits them well, so he may get a few more things eventually. He'll need a wig first, however; the one I got free with him is very much not going to work, since it's a puffy silver pageboy kind of thing. (He also got free eyes and two pair of shoes, one of which was a pair of red and white polka dotted sneakers, the other a pair of white zip up boots with no laces, which I spray painted black to go with the coat and trousers and put laces in.) Oh, and those shiny black things in the bg are the wings he's wearing. He borrowed them from the bigger boys, and they actually don't look bad despite having a wingspan that's twice his height.
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You've seen the squeeing OMGDOLL post, now have an official introduction post with actual pictures and babble about the new guy. His name is Sade (yes, I kept his old name. I like it too much to change it.), and he's an aspiring rockstar who hasn't quite got his new boots and contract yet. He may look a tiny bit familiar (but, you know, only if you've ever seen a certain bleached blond rockstar ever) because I had wayyy too much fun with his faceup and, well, everything else. He's got some work done that I haven't bothered with for the other boys, mostly because he's the only one I've felt really needed it. I've spent a bunch of time on his stuff, and I'll be spending a bit more time finishing certain things after the last of my supplies arrive.

So....say hello, Sade!

Sade: 'Lo there.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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So, I met up with a doll friend yesterday at Eastpoint mall because she said she had something for me (an early holiday/Christmas present) which she couldn't mail, and also just to visit for a while because I haven't seen her in months. I was wondering what it was that she couldn't post and didn't want me taking home on the bus and had a slight suspicion of what it might be, but wasn't certain. So...

Off I went. I gave her a tin of cookies I made (yes, I am still on that BAKE ALL THE THINGS! kick), and she first sat this square gift box down in front of me. I opened it and it was full of doll stuff. While I'm sitting there happy enough with the pile o' doll things, she goes, "And this is what goes with it." and hands over a. sodding. doll. box.
Me: *o* OMG you're kidding. *insert various iterations of gaping fishface here*
Her: ^_^

Yeah...she gave me her Angell-Studio Yan Di. :DDDD She'd been thinking of selling him, but decided she didn't want to/couldn't, and, knowing how much I adore the boy, decided she wanted me to have him. <3 <3 <3 I promised he'd be very well taken care of, and he really, really will. He's already got a new faceup, since she wiped everything but his mani/pedicure. :) (FFF-seriously, what do you say when someone is all, LOL HERE U GO, U CAN HAZ DOLL NAO! besides T.Ting and a lot of flaily OMGILU/OMGTHANKYOU?)

I think I may get over the OMGDOLL! reaction by the end of the day today. I'm not sure yet. XD

Also, here's a picture of the lovely new boy with his new faceup.

(Shockingly, just this once, one of my boys ended up looking less feminine than he began. I think this about the most 'manly' faceup I've ever managed, other than Aurelius's. His original was a really gorgeous, dramatic black and maroon look. I'm not sure how well I did at natural-ish, but it's not completely awful. I pretty much got the look I was going for (not wearing anything but eyeliner, and non-plucked looking eyebrows), so I'm happy. I even blushed his face (and very nearly properly!), and I hardly ever bother to do that. He may look very slightly overblushed (I can't tell, since he looks fine to me), but the extra layer or two is supposed to be there-I wanted just the slightest hint of possibly being unwell to show. He's also got a couple of beauty marks/spots that I added to cover mistakes, but which work perfectly well on this faceup. (This thing took so long. T.T I had to redo it three or four times and ended up wasting nearly half a can of Testors because his face plate kept getting smeared/covered in dirt.)

and for the lulz, how I kept my pastel-covered hands off his face plate for part of the time I was working on him:

(And I swear, I am perfectly capable of expressing myself without the use of emoticons and assorted bits of lolspeak, even if it doesn't appear so right now. Evidently, awesome surprises result in me sounding more daft than usual.)
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Seiji is officially here and complete! :D His head arrived today, and I got him faceupped right away and put magnets in his headcap. (He is so prettyyyy! :D :D I can't stop staring at him.) His head turns out to be a two or three shades paler than his body, but between the tiny bit of colour I added to his head and the faceup I gave him, it's not too terribly bad. I can live with it, at least. It just gives him an 'I'm wearing foundation' look, honestly, which is not a problem.
(This is such an awful picture. T.T His lips look really strange from that angle.)
(This faceup brought to you by Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and Mindless Self Indulgence. XD)

His wig is, for some very odd reason, photographing much darker than it actually is. I may have to look at my camera's settings. It's showing up in photos as a dark green, when in reality it's closer to neon green. The photos are coming out oddly coloured anyway. :/

Anyway, now that he's done, I also got some photos of his tattoos and *slightly* better pictures of all his many, many bracelet and necklaces, and now, rings. (Yes, I sat and beaded doll sized rings. Yes, I am indeed slightly insane.)

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I've finally been able to contact the people who have the parts I want to buy, as the money I'm borrowing for a week or two has just come in. I've contacted the sellers of both the head and the body, and now all I need to do is wait and hear back from them. So, I think it's about time I revealed what Seiji is going to be.

He's a Volks School A! Well, technically, at the moment he's going to be a Volks/Domuya hybrid, which may or may not be temporary. I honestly really can't afford the more expensive Volks body right now, but I DO hope to actually get him one eventually. For now though, it's probably going to be the ridiculously low-priced Domuya body I found on the MP.

He's already got a temporary outfit (or four) waiting, and a wig I can use for now. Eventually, he'll get his proper stuff, but that can wait a week or two until I actually have my tax refund an can spend a little more. Ed. to add: I just ordered his proper wig, a lime green furwig. It will hopefully work well with the green/black theme he's going to have going on. I also forgot to say that I got bored and made him a rainbow bracelet (need to get some more tiny rainbow beads so I can make him more kandi) and a beaded slave bracelet. (1mm seed beads + Hom's eyes + fumbly fingers=tears and annoyance before finally succeeding)
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I'm working on ideas for Seiji at the moment, since I can't check on whether the doll that will be him is still available or if I'll have to piece him together until saturday/sunday at least. *sadface* I promise, what he is will be revealed after I find out one way or another, so the mystery will be revealed soon. :D

Anyway, as for the plans, I'm going with a Visual Kei inspired look for him, just because. Instead of the usual red/black/purple/grey look I go for, he's going to have a brighter faceup. I'm thinking a really bright neon green and black or dark grey for his eyeshadow and green/black on the lips. I haven't decided on eyebrows, I do have two pages of eyebrow templates from DoA, but I'm also considering doing something I've experimented with before, which is doing graduated dots for eyebrows. I'm going to be printing out or drawing templates so I can do some practicing/experimenting. I also have to get some good pastels in bright green and maybe a slightly darker or lighter shade of green as well as some watercolour pencils or possibly pastel pencils.

I'm considering making him some kind of jrock styled outfit with a trouser/skirt combo and straps and buckles and things, but I may just end up buying him something for now or hauling out the box-o-stuff and sticking him in some of the pile of clothes I already have. I *think* I know what I want to put him in at least temporarily; I have a one-off outfit that's not seen much use because it's too big for my crew's scrawny arses, but it might fit Seiji. We'll see once he arrives, though. (That's going to be a week and a half, minimum, which is driving me absolutely insane. I am *not* a patient person. T.T)

He's very likely getting a nice bright neon green wig to go with his makeup, so I'll probably order that around tuesday, when I go get the pastels and pencils I need for his faceup and order some Zoukeimura spray to seal him.

I'm getting an idea for a photoshoot involving him and some of the other boys once he's here and finished, something like a band promo shoot with him, Ian, Luke and Syn, maybe Finn as well. The lot of them have a serious gothy bordering on vis kei look going on, so they should fit together well.
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I am so damned sick of all the doll-related bullshit, from the stuff like the "Cheap doll after cheap doll" thread to the open bashing of Volks in a thread that's meant to be about what people like about them. Why can't we all just get along, or, barring that, just shut the bloody fuck up and enjoy playing with our dollies? Do we really have to bash other companies and be nasty or act like idiotic elitists to enjoy ourselves? Does telling someone who buys cheaper dolls that they're just too lazy/stupid to save up and buy the more expensive dolls which are clearly so much better and more awesome really make you feel good? Does telling people who like Volks that they're just stupid and ignorant and being tricked into buying into the hivemind/hype and you are SO KEWL AND SPESHUL AND OMG DARING 1337 TRUTHTELLERS who are educating the poor sods who were dumb REALLY make you happy? If so, WHY? Why do you give one iota of a damn what other people do with their money that they earned? What makes you feel like you have the right to dictate what people can and should buy, or whether you can determine that someone's mental status by whether they like gore mods or not? How is John X in California affecting you in Queensland in buying fifteen Bobobies if he wants to? So what if someone wants to make an army of cheap dolls beacuse they don't want to save up for more expensive ones? WHO. CARES. It boggles my mind that people are so very obsessed with what people do with their money, and that people can be so moronic about companies on *both* ends of the spectrum.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I have dollie news! :D I may, no, scratch that, *will* be getting a new boy with part of my tax return. He's sort of a secret at the moment because I'm not sure if I'm going to get the one I'm eyeing or if I'll have to piece him together from different sellers on the MP. Trust me, though, he will be awesome. He's not one you'd probably expect me to go for, but someone around here *glares at Amubleu* has such a gorgeous one that I've decided I need one, too. (and no, he's not a drayton. XD) I was torn between a couple of different dolls, but I'm about 99% sure of which one I'm getting now. He's already told me his name, by the way, which is Seiji Tanaka. I have no idea why my guys are suddenly demanding Japanese names, but they are and I'm just going with it.
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So, my new doll arrived today and he is absolutely adorable! :D No sooner had I got him out of the box than I gave him a couple of piercings. He now has a labret stud, an eyebrow piercing and a chain from his nose to his ear. He still does not have a name as yet, but I am trying to come up with something.

I am also currently working on V.2.0 of my Ghostbusters Tainted Love comic proton pack, and 't coming along well. It already looks several times better than my first try and it is only about half-done. So far the gun is at about 80% and the body of the pack is maybe 50% finished, with more to be done over the next few days.

On less positive notes, I am annoyed right now. The cap guns I ordered a month ago still haven't arrived, so I've finally contacted the seller. I want either what I ordered or a refund, and at this point, I prefer te refund over the product.

I am also still laid off and trying to figure out what I am going to do. I'd been checking every couple of months, but haven't been back around since oh,...July, I think, or August. I was told September was when work would start coming in again, but it is now November and I have heard nothing. I've been trying to decide whether I should check again, but I am honestly torn: I like the place and the people, but I don't know if I *want* to go back at this point. I have been laid off since last December due to lack of jobs coming in to the company, so who's to say that even if I do go back right now, that it won't happen again in a month or two? I don't want to deal with that. Also, and I may be wrong, but I feel like it is not entirely my responsibility to keep checking back with them. I live round the corner from the building and they have my phone number; surely if they wanted me to come back they would give me a call, yes? I did ask to be called if work came in and I was needed. I was also told the last time I was there that I might want to start looking for work because of the lack of work coming in there. The problem there is that there *is* no other work, really. Every place seems to either not be hiring or hiring only people more qualified than me or are much too far away for me to be able to get to.
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I'm getting a new doll, but, surprisingly, it is NOT aresin BJD. I know, I was shocked too. XP Mostly due to the influence of a couple of fellow collectors' absolutely beautiful Pullips, I am now getting a Taeyang. Yeah...I dunno either, I just like him.
By the way, one of said Pullips is, apparently, Finn's new...uh...lady friend, I guess? He would be much more demure and terribly Victorian in how he put it, but yeah...*childish sing-song* Finn's got a giiiiiirfriend! ...sort of. XP :D It's a little...er...awkward(?), what with him being about three times her height and all, but it's kinda cute.

Aaaaanyway, the point of this was not that. It is that I am getting this guy:

He's a Taeyang Horizon, and that outfit is genuine h. Naoto. :D :D :D
I've actually been wanting him for a long time, and originally was going to get him just for that outfit. Now, though? I don't think I can do that to him. XD I like him too much just the way he is. I mayyy end up changing out his eyechips and maybe re-wigging him, though. I like his wig and eyechips, but I'm thinking I might try red eyes for him and a different fur wig, like red or a solid grey. I've also seen a Horizon with a blue fur wig that looked very good with the way the face is painted. I'll figure out whether I want to change him or not once he arrives (which should be...tomorrow, it seems).
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Sakai's body arrived on tuesday, and I have to say: I like it. :D It's nicely solid in terms of resin thicknessand is indeed a little thicker/broader than some of the other members of the crew. His build actually reminds me of Syn's flexi-body, which is a good thing. The only problem with his thickness is that those skinny jeans I bought him just *barely* fit over his thighs. They sit really low on his hips, and he can only just sit down,-kind of like real ones, I guess. XD
The colour match is a little off, but close enough for me. I had to do a bit of modding to get his head to fit, but he looks fine now. The length and shape of the neck required a tiny bit of sanding down (maybe a mm or two, so really, not much), and I had to sand out the inside of his neck hole a bit, too. The shape of his neck is different to the shape of his neck hole, so it didn't fit quite right (and is still a touch off), but works well enough for me. I did some of his tribal tattoos yesterday, and I think I might have to redo them because they came out looking quite messy for some reason. I may need to use a different pencil or maybe some paint, but I'm leaving it for now. I did a couple of body piercings as well, so he's not wearing his skin tight sleeveless shirt at the moment. He is instead wearing the VAMPS shirt he took from Luke (who, thankfully, was NOT wearing it at the time).
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...Boredom strikes again. New Guy-who, by the way, actually does have a name now, he's called Kadokawa Sakai(Or, if you're writing it the first name-last name way, Sakai Kadokawa. IDEFK where it came from, that's just the name that kept sticking in my head)-is now inked in addition to being pierced up. I'm still planning on doing some kind of tattoos on his body, though I haven't any idea what yet, as inspiration hasn't struck, but I did do full-face tattooing on his head. You may also notice he has a different wig now. XD It's made of hand dreaded red and black roving, and it was damn annoying to do-I had to redread the entire thing after it was done because the dreads ended up not being tight enough. I took the lazy way out on it and, instead of making a wig cap to sew the dreads onto, shaved down a worn out old furwig, flipped it inside out and used it for the wig base.
This is actually take two for the tattoos-they were originally a bit simpler and a bit more messy looking, so I scrubbed them off and redid them a little more intricately and hopefully a touch neater. They're only sealed with gloss at the moment, as that's all I have on hand, and it's making the flash glare a little oddly (like there on his forehead).

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So, I'm now waiting for floating head guy's body. I discovered yesterday that the blusing on his chin and the sealant on his nose was scraped (due to my stupidity, no doubt) and decided to just scrub it off, leaving the rest of the faceup. I can always reblush. Then, afterwards, I got bored and decided that he, like most of the crew, needed a shiny bit of metal or two on his face. I figured, I have no idea who or what he is yet, so I'm going to do something different with him just to see how it looks. ...Twenty minutes of cutting shot bead, placing and re-placing beads, cursing, dropping some and yring to figure how I was going to do industrials on doll ears, he was done. And I...I think I may have gone a touch overboard, though I like the end result. I think I might redo the piercings with some nail beads if I can get hold of them, but he's okay for now. I just realised that the cheek piercings *still* aren't even, though. x_x

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Floating head guy now has a (temporary, at least) body! :D I got him a Popodoll body off the DoA marketplace. It's actually one of the ones I was looking at before but wasn't sure about, but after seeing the photos in the FS thread, I decided to go for him. I'm seriously considering upgrading to a Volks BW body for him later (thanks to you, amubleu, you evil, evil woman XD), but this'll do for now. I really want a thick-ish body for this boy just because almost all of The Menagerie are scrawny little undernourished waifs. >.< Of course, having someone who actually looks like he has a sammich once in a while might backfire and make the rest of the crew look even scrawnier, but whatever. This body isn't quite as solid looking (that is, more broad and substantial as opposed to sort of thin and slightly underfed) as the Volks body is, but it's close and I do like it. Also, I think I surprised the seller a little. XD I offered what she wanted for the whole doll for just the body+clothes she was sending with it. (I figured it was only fair, splitting a doll is kinda inconvenient cos then you have to find a buyer for the other part.)
One photo of the body (disregard the head, plz):

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He's looking a little...Disneylicious. I don't know why, but something about the faceup is familiar and I can't figure out why. I didn't use anything for reference, so the reason he's striking me as a little Disney-Villain looking is beyond me. I think it's just the colour combination.

Aaanyway, here's a photo. I LOVE the yellow eyes with the eye makeup. There are two shades of blue, a dark purple, grey and sliver mineral powder on his eyes and grey, purple and blue on his lips. About half his faceup is a different colour to what it looked like when I first finished. I ecided that the plain sparkly grey and pale purple lips just weren't quite right, so I added/changed and now he looks much better. And OMG, I actually blushed his cheeks! XD I never do that. Hopefully it isn't too pink, as I used about the palest pink I could find and tried to keep it light, but I'm not sure. Looks fine to me, though. Also, plese note the fact that he does indeed have brows and lashes. Can I just say:*sobs*? Now I remembert why I don't do them. T_T So. Annoying. His brows aren't bad but I need to work on lashes. It didn't help that I was doing them with pencil and not paint (or maybe it did, I suck at paint work on faceups). Now I just have to gloss his lips (still need to get/find said gloss, though).

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I can't do it! XP I just can't. I got my Mo head today and...he's too pretty to carve up. I'm just going to paint him up and save the dramatic mods for another head. I like him the way he is, so I'm not going to go at him with the dremel. Oddly, he looks less pinched than Alex does even though he's just a different size of the same mold. I blame it partly on the faceup Alex has and partly on the fact that Alex's face really is kind of squished. XD HIs eyes are only a size smaller than this head's-actually, they're wearing the same size eyes at the moment (14/15 mm). I'm probably going to work on his faceup tomorrow, as I need to go get some supplies. My gloss has gone missing. Aargh. And I've somehow misplaced my entire mini tool box of faceup supplies. Double argh. Not going to replace everything, since I know it's all here, there are just some colours of pastel I need that I don't have and I really need to get another jar of gloss. Of course, the very minute I do that, the missing jar will magically appear in the middle of the dining room table or something. That kind of thing always happens to me. -_-
I have his eyebrows sketched out in pencil and will be going over them with pastel and watercolour pencil when I do his faceup. They look a teeny bit wonky, but I spent about an hour and a half just getting them this close. I. Hate. Doing. Eyebrows. T.T

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I've decide that I'm bored enough and itchy enough for a new project to start working on modding another head. He's an SD sized Dollzone Mo-B head that I just purchased from DDE and he will be getting what I can only call a gore mod. It isn't going to be all oozy and infected/burned/rotten looking like onegreyelephant's stuff, but more like...he got his face slashed and stitched/stapled. So far, the plan is to give him a third eye, with the skin at the top and bottom looking like it split/tore to make a place for said eye, to have both of his normal eyes look like they were clawed, with deep gashes/claw marks over each that will be open but have stitches over them, one ear partly torn off and a glasgow/chelsea smile mod that will also be open and fresh looking and will have staples over it. I actually feel kind of bad for the poor boy.

I may totally chicken out on doing something so drastic and just paint him up like any of my other guys, but I really am excited to try my hand at slightly more dramatic modifications.
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Johnni arrived Friday afternoon, just in time for the meetup Saturday. I came home from grocery shopping and found a box and an envelope waiting for me. :D Luckily for me (and her), the envelope was Johnni's shoes, so she doesn't have to run round barefoot tomorow. Presenting: The box opening of Josephina Johnni, assisted by Sid.

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It is pretty bleedin' hard, let me tell you. :/ About the only leather-ish jackets I have found are on a mini living dead doll...which would be awesome if they weren't rare-ish and at least fifteen bucks each OR a Kelly Grease doll, which is even more. Why His Nibs decided that he must has a jacket NAO, in the middle of a random heat wave, I do not know. Oh, wait...it is probably because there is a GRRL! on the way and His Tiny Manliness would like to impress her. Silly boy. XD He is trying to be all Supremely Cool Rude Boy Imp-Man, but he is actually not-so-secretly(figuratively) running around worrying about If She Will Like Him and Is There Enough Enuff Bikkies An' Fizzy Drinks and Will She Like The Trike. (Which, BTW, I hd to modify to his satifaction, because He and His Girl were NOT going to be seen on something with pink/purple flames and a fringe. Because someone who is as small as him is *such* a BAMF that he can't be asociated with such a thing.)It would be anoying if it weren't so cute. Most of the other members of the Menagerie are not as excited. ...I swear I am not as insane as this paragraph makes me sound! XD I know that my dolls are not alive, I promise.


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