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I haza new camera! And it is teh awesum!*squeespazz*

I just got a Sony Cybershot DSC-H20, and it rocks like...a really rocking thing. XD
I've been playing with it all day and getting some damn good photos, even in the horrible light of my dark little house. The photos I get when there is decent light are even more phenominal. This thing takes the best photos I've ever shot with a camera that wasn't a DSLR.
Couple of smaple photos:

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You know, I'm fairly sure this is 2009, but there are some days I think we've all been transported back in time a few decades. :/ Every time I see a stupid, hateful person trying to justify discrimination, every time I see "I'm not racist but I don't believe in mixing races", every time I see someone like the family that names their kid something like Adolf Hitler and then proclaims that they aren't white supremacists, every time I see someone spouting bullshit about gays and lesbians and quoting Leviticus and that godawful stupid line "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve", every time I see a photo of the Westboro Baptist Church people and the other braindead bigots of their ilk, I have to wonder what decade we're living in and if we've actually learned anything in the past century or so. It makes me genuinely sad to know that there are still such idiots in the world, honestly.
The things that made me post this:
Alesbian girl is being denied the right to be photographedin a tux for her yearbook photo because 'it's traditional' for girls to wear dresses and boys to wear tuxes for said photos. This is not the first time such a thing has happened, and I think it is utter bullshit. Why the hell is it so difficult to allow person to wear what they want for a photo or a prom? 'S not like the big bad queer chick is going to hurt anyone by showing up in a tux.

And then there's this gem, which is the source of the "I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way." quote. And of course there's that oft-repeated argument of 'Look! ' have black friends! I let them use my bathroom and everything! I can't possibly be racist!" *facepalm* No, of course not. :/

Some days I get very, very tired of this country and its attitudes, of the hatred disguised as politics and justified as faith and the misquoting and bastardisation of books that preach tolerance and love, and especially of the hypocritical so-called faithful who haven't actually bothered to read them and follow the examples set by the people in them. It isn't jsut these two stories; it's the other I read all the time and the overall sense that we haven't made a huge amount of progress in the last several decades.
There are days when the future looks very bleak indeed.
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Just discovered ThisIsWhyYoureFat.com. Never want to eat again. BRB, vomiting nao. DX

Srsly, and I do apologise for reverting to chatspeak, but WTF? Double-yew. Tee. Eff. Do people actually *eat* this shit, or are they just coming up with the most disgusting things they can possibly imagine? I can't believe anyone finds some of that shit appetising in the least.
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...That is all. I've just finished Good Omens. I've also just discovered all of the Good Omens fanfic. all of the A/C stuff to be specific. Angel/demon slash. And it is good. And if I were not already assured a seat on the bus to Special Hell, I am now. XD

In Shock

Jun. 27th, 2009 01:31 am
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Cut to save the flist from personal crap )
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Yeah, so...non-doll post today. Don't worry, i'll return you to your regularly scheduled dollsquee tomorrow. For now...

Yeah...I like X-Men. I'm not ashamed to admit it. Wolverine kicks ass in any medium, so the movies are just aas good to me as the comics. I wanted to check out what they did to add to/explore Wolfie's backstory, so I went to see the movie. And I'm glad I did. *nodnod* I very much appreciated the explosions (I love it when shit blows up!), and the beginning with all the wars was utter coolness. Oh, and of course, lots of other nice things to look at. Can I just say:eye candy overload? Remy was very pretty, as was Wade, Agent Zero was also quite nice to look at, Bolt was a handsome little bastard ('til he got ded ;_;)-hell, even *Sabretooth* was kinda sexy. But Wolverine...Oh. Sweet. Jeebus. Wolverine. I-I have never, ever seen *quite* that much of Hugh Jackman before. XD And there was alllll that glistening tanned skin to look at, and the flexing muscles and the shots of said muscles( specially those abs) when he was panting...and the dirt smears and the dirty white wifebeater stretched over those pecs and-and-and...*blinks, shakes head* uh, sorry...still a little distracted. But, uhm...how is it possible to *not* be a little distracted by *that*? Wow, I sound completely shallow, don't I? *sigh*Oh, well. (Hey, Hugh Jackman is *hot*, especially after he's added a bit of muscle to his frame and gotten some sun.)

The acting was actually relatively good in general, but I am a bit of a Hugh Jackman fangirl, so that could be influencing my judgement a little. The explosions, as I said, were great, and overall the movie was totally worth the price of admission.

I'm gonna be honest, though-I didn't really go for the riveting dialogue and heart-wrenching moments. I went because Wolverine is and always will be a bad ass mofo and because Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is a sexy, sexy bastard. :D

(BTW, I have been exposed to waaaayyyy too much slash. I'm reading it into scenes where there shouldn't be any. *cough* Like some of the Wolverine/Sabretooth ones. ...Whaaaaat? Oh, come ON! I *know* I'm not the only perv out there who was thinking it. *lol* *sigh* Yeah, I know. One ticket to special hell, please. )
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Not dollie related, but I still feel the need to share. I was just reading the LA Times online and saw this. It's about Coraline and other crrepy kids movies that according to the writers, "scarred them". All I can say is that these guys must've been real wusses as kids. The entire list is comprised of pretty much all my favourite kids movies, except for Return to Oz, which I've never seen. I loved these as a kid, and that wasn't actually that long ago. TNBC is *still* very nearly my favourite movie *ever*. Seriously, LA Times, why so lame? *sigh* Ah, well, maybe it's just me. I've always been that weird girl who liked bugs and snakes and shit and chose E.A. Poe over Mother Goose. (No, really. Annabel Lee and The Raven have been two of my favorite poems since I was about seven or eight, and I will never cease to love Hop-Frog and The Tell-tale Heart.)


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