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There has been a slight negative development in my plans for Seiji. I may have to get him a less expensive body for the moment, at least; I'm looking at a Domuya one on the MP right now. I've just found out that my unemployment benefit year ended this week and I may not be able to renew it, so I'll have to save more money than I thought I would, hence the cheaper body for him. Nothing else has changed, though.

This whole jobless situation is really frustrating for me right now. I really have been looking, but I just don't have the experience or college education I would need for most of the jobs available right now, and I don't have a car to get to some of the others. :/ It looks like Seiji is going to be the last addition to the Menagerie for a good while.
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I'm working on ideas for Seiji at the moment, since I can't check on whether the doll that will be him is still available or if I'll have to piece him together until saturday/sunday at least. *sadface* I promise, what he is will be revealed after I find out one way or another, so the mystery will be revealed soon. :D

Anyway, as for the plans, I'm going with a Visual Kei inspired look for him, just because. Instead of the usual red/black/purple/grey look I go for, he's going to have a brighter faceup. I'm thinking a really bright neon green and black or dark grey for his eyeshadow and green/black on the lips. I haven't decided on eyebrows, I do have two pages of eyebrow templates from DoA, but I'm also considering doing something I've experimented with before, which is doing graduated dots for eyebrows. I'm going to be printing out or drawing templates so I can do some practicing/experimenting. I also have to get some good pastels in bright green and maybe a slightly darker or lighter shade of green as well as some watercolour pencils or possibly pastel pencils.

I'm considering making him some kind of jrock styled outfit with a trouser/skirt combo and straps and buckles and things, but I may just end up buying him something for now or hauling out the box-o-stuff and sticking him in some of the pile of clothes I already have. I *think* I know what I want to put him in at least temporarily; I have a one-off outfit that's not seen much use because it's too big for my crew's scrawny arses, but it might fit Seiji. We'll see once he arrives, though. (That's going to be a week and a half, minimum, which is driving me absolutely insane. I am *not* a patient person. T.T)

He's very likely getting a nice bright neon green wig to go with his makeup, so I'll probably order that around tuesday, when I go get the pastels and pencils I need for his faceup and order some Zoukeimura spray to seal him.

I'm getting an idea for a photoshoot involving him and some of the other boys once he's here and finished, something like a band promo shoot with him, Ian, Luke and Syn, maybe Finn as well. The lot of them have a serious gothy bordering on vis kei look going on, so they should fit together well.
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I am so damned sick of all the doll-related bullshit, from the stuff like the "Cheap doll after cheap doll" thread to the open bashing of Volks in a thread that's meant to be about what people like about them. Why can't we all just get along, or, barring that, just shut the bloody fuck up and enjoy playing with our dollies? Do we really have to bash other companies and be nasty or act like idiotic elitists to enjoy ourselves? Does telling someone who buys cheaper dolls that they're just too lazy/stupid to save up and buy the more expensive dolls which are clearly so much better and more awesome really make you feel good? Does telling people who like Volks that they're just stupid and ignorant and being tricked into buying into the hivemind/hype and you are SO KEWL AND SPESHUL AND OMG DARING 1337 TRUTHTELLERS who are educating the poor sods who were dumb REALLY make you happy? If so, WHY? Why do you give one iota of a damn what other people do with their money that they earned? What makes you feel like you have the right to dictate what people can and should buy, or whether you can determine that someone's mental status by whether they like gore mods or not? How is John X in California affecting you in Queensland in buying fifteen Bobobies if he wants to? So what if someone wants to make an army of cheap dolls beacuse they don't want to save up for more expensive ones? WHO. CARES. It boggles my mind that people are so very obsessed with what people do with their money, and that people can be so moronic about companies on *both* ends of the spectrum.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I have dollie news! :D I may, no, scratch that, *will* be getting a new boy with part of my tax return. He's sort of a secret at the moment because I'm not sure if I'm going to get the one I'm eyeing or if I'll have to piece him together from different sellers on the MP. Trust me, though, he will be awesome. He's not one you'd probably expect me to go for, but someone around here *glares at Amubleu* has such a gorgeous one that I've decided I need one, too. (and no, he's not a drayton. XD) I was torn between a couple of different dolls, but I'm about 99% sure of which one I'm getting now. He's already told me his name, by the way, which is Seiji Tanaka. I have no idea why my guys are suddenly demanding Japanese names, but they are and I'm just going with it.
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This is the third and final part of his transformation into my fallen angel. This is where I dyed and painted him and did pretty much everything else to finish him up. I used Scarlet liquid RIT dye for his body, which turned out really well.
Final picture post for this project, including a photo of him fully dresses and wigged )
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Here's the next part of Zepar's transformation from run-of-the-mill Resin Soul Mu to my fallen angel.

This part is the planning/carving of the second set of eyes. I can safely say, having done this, I would definitely be up for other mods like this. It wasn't nearly as scary as I'd imagined it would be, once I got over the "OMG drilling into a $200 doll" thing. XD
Warning, the pics of his forehead being drilled into may be slightly disturbing, if for no other reason than the ton of resin dust shown. (Thank Someone for respirators! :)) I wound up using three different bits for this part, plus a beveler bit, craft knife and sandpaper.

Again, cut for photos )

The next (and last) part will be photos of his body being dyed, as well as attachment of claws, faceup and blushing/painting of horns. I'll also have a shot of him all together and dressed. He's still without a wig since I need to find him one that doesn't obsure his second set of eyes. I think he and Rel might be swapping hiar, if the other wig will allow the other eyes to be seen. With the spare DM wig I've got, you can't even see the eyes that are in the proper place on his head. XP
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So, Zepar has arrived at last! I've already taken him apart and scrubbed his faceup off, and he is currently having his horns, hooves and wings dyed. I also spraypainted his tails. Carving, dyeing, sculpting, adding magnets and painting/faceupping are yet to come.
Cut for multiple photos )


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