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So, my new doll arrived today and he is absolutely adorable! :D No sooner had I got him out of the box than I gave him a couple of piercings. He now has a labret stud, an eyebrow piercing and a chain from his nose to his ear. He still does not have a name as yet, but I am trying to come up with something.

I am also currently working on V.2.0 of my Ghostbusters Tainted Love comic proton pack, and 't coming along well. It already looks several times better than my first try and it is only about half-done. So far the gun is at about 80% and the body of the pack is maybe 50% finished, with more to be done over the next few days.

On less positive notes, I am annoyed right now. The cap guns I ordered a month ago still haven't arrived, so I've finally contacted the seller. I want either what I ordered or a refund, and at this point, I prefer te refund over the product.

I am also still laid off and trying to figure out what I am going to do. I'd been checking every couple of months, but haven't been back around since oh,...July, I think, or August. I was told September was when work would start coming in again, but it is now November and I have heard nothing. I've been trying to decide whether I should check again, but I am honestly torn: I like the place and the people, but I don't know if I *want* to go back at this point. I have been laid off since last December due to lack of jobs coming in to the company, so who's to say that even if I do go back right now, that it won't happen again in a month or two? I don't want to deal with that. Also, and I may be wrong, but I feel like it is not entirely my responsibility to keep checking back with them. I live round the corner from the building and they have my phone number; surely if they wanted me to come back they would give me a call, yes? I did ask to be called if work came in and I was needed. I was also told the last time I was there that I might want to start looking for work because of the lack of work coming in there. The problem there is that there *is* no other work, really. Every place seems to either not be hiring or hiring only people more qualified than me or are much too far away for me to be able to get to.
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I got some sewing done yesterday, partly out of lack of anything else to do.
My current project is still hoodies, which I have evidently taken a liking to making for some odd reason. >.< So far I've got five of at least seven mostly done. The lavender(ish) one is actually complete and the others just need the zippers sewn in. (The lavender one has a zipper, but it doesn't actually zip, because my stupid self made the body too small across the chest for the doll it's intended for. >.<) I'm planning on making at least two more, one a pale blue in the same sort of fabric as the lavender and the other a dark purplish-brownish striped fabric. I kind of want to make a bunch more just because I'm having fun making them. (And having a much easier time of it since actually getting my sewing machine to work.) I might actually get some fabric for making a few shirts, too. I think that of the hoodies I've made so far, the rainbow one and the lavender one are my favourites.
What I've got done so far:

The rainbow is actually even *more* obnoxiously bright IRL than in photos, and I think Sakai may end up having to fight Luke for it. XD
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I've decide that I'm bored enough and itchy enough for a new project to start working on modding another head. He's an SD sized Dollzone Mo-B head that I just purchased from DDE and he will be getting what I can only call a gore mod. It isn't going to be all oozy and infected/burned/rotten looking like onegreyelephant's stuff, but more like...he got his face slashed and stitched/stapled. So far, the plan is to give him a third eye, with the skin at the top and bottom looking like it split/tore to make a place for said eye, to have both of his normal eyes look like they were clawed, with deep gashes/claw marks over each that will be open but have stitches over them, one ear partly torn off and a glasgow/chelsea smile mod that will also be open and fresh looking and will have staples over it. I actually feel kind of bad for the poor boy.

I may totally chicken out on doing something so drastic and just paint him up like any of my other guys, but I really am excited to try my hand at slightly more dramatic modifications.
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That's right! I am now five hours away from leaving for Philly ComicCon andI amin squeeing-nerd-kid mode right now :D The pack is finished, though I cut it really, really close and only *just* got the last little details putonand quick repairs made. I added warning labels, turned the faceplate around, repaired some gears and did the last bit of touching up on the paint. S.P.E.E.D.D (or Dru) is now ready to go! All I have to do now is wait for it to be time to head off and to attempt to control the fangirl-ness. XD (Must remember not to make a complete moron of myself in front of various tos and other famous people. XP)Will update later/tomorrow after the con on stuff like freebies we got and whether I managed to not mkea fool of myself.

I leave you with photos of the finished pack.

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Got a bit more of my steamy proton pack done today, and it's actually looking...not horrible. XP I likeit, at least. Not LoS standards, but then I'm not a machinist. I got everything but the pipe and the straps boltd in or on today, and it now lights up, emits electricity and smokes. :D I ended up only getting one plama ball, and it looks prety good painted copper and mounted on top of te pack. The lights in the side also look good, especially after I put tissue paper behind the vent piece that goes over them. The front is also done and attached, though I somehow managed to mount the face of the thing upside down. T_T Gotta fix that. All the dials and hoses and whatnot are also screwed on, so this project is very nearly finished. Thank Someone.

Here's one not-terribly-good photo of the project as it stands now.


May. 22nd, 2010 11:56 pm
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SO, I have made some further progress (and a change or two) to my steamy proton pack in the last day or two. The super soaker gun idea has been scrapped in favour of someting that turned out even better. I took an old wooden rubber band gun, chopped the stock down a little, pulled out the barrel an took out the bits that fire the rubber bands. Then I basically built a box around a good portion of the gun, with the bottom being nailed (from the outside)to the underside of the wooden part of the gun. The barrel I replaced with a length of copper tubing and a funnel of appropriate size to create a flared barrel. (This wound up being painted copper of course.) The gun has also been fitted with a brass fiting for attaching the hose from the tank as well as a copper-painted gauge. The whole thing is painted/stained to match the box portion of the pack and embellished with some gold paint to make it just a little less plain. I'm going to paint matching designs on the box itself as well.

The face of the pack is complete, with all the gears and such having been attached in the last day or so, including the clear plastic cover to protect the gears and other bits from damage or accidental loss. I've also obtained the last of the fittings I needed and shall be installing them asap when I can actually ork on the tank itself again.
For the most part now all I need to worry about is some painting/sealing and the final assembly. The one other issue is going to be the pack's special effects.

Did I mention it will have special effects? Because it will. I'm getting smoke matches to drop into the pvc pipe so that it appears to steam. I am also obtaining a pair of plasma balls (battery powered) to place on the top of the pack. I do NOT feel like risking shocking anyone with the as-yet-untested lighting generator, so it will be replaced by the plasma balls. Those might prove a most interesting substitution, so we shall see how it works out.
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...Yeah. I am curetly i the middle of a most exciting project-a set of steampunk Ghostbuster gear. This includes: a steam-powered spectre dissolution apparatus, portable spectre containment unit, handheld spectral activity detector and portable pressurised steam powered ectoplasmic dispensing unit. Translation: I'm doing up a proton pack, pke meter, trap and slime blower all in steampunk style.

The proton pack/spectre dissolution apparatus is where the soldering iron burn comes in. >.< I was wiring up a mini lightning generator to be placed on the top of the pack (it's a DIY kit) and had just plugged in the iron to begin soldering. I accidentaly grabbed the metal part of it and dicovered, to my dismay, that those things heat up exceedingly quickly. Luckily I was only slightly singed. Twice. XD I also saved my cat from a similar singeing when she got a bit too inquisitive about what I was doing. Stupid furball.
Te only thing completed is the spectral activity detector, which was simply a repaint of a toy pke meter with a screen and gauge needle attached. The pack is at approximately 50% completion, now mostly needing to be assembled, and is made up of, well, stuff. The main parts of it are a woofer box and a bucket, with various found and bought pipes, tubes, gauges, fittings and other bits and pieces. Also, a shedload of copper paint. The gun on the unit is a super soaker CPS 2000 with lots of paint and a gauge and other bits stuck on. The slime blower is also at 50% and is comprised of a scavenged mini propane tank, found tubing and other bits, a gun that shoots foam darts, and perhaps some other bits when it is finally finished. I've not yet touched the ccotaiment unit but it wil also just be a repaint, though I may add some bits to it as well.

And ow I am going to bed because this project is actually quite tiring despite being fun.
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I've decided that I'm sick of redoing all the temprary tattoos on rel all the freaking time, so I'm stripping all the scar and tatoo work he's got at the moment and redoing everything in watercolour pencil. I think it'll hold up better than the temporary stuff does because it'll be drawn on rather than stuck on top and able to scrape. He's getting all the same scars and a few of the same tattoos (drawn versions, of course), but otherwise, he's getting all new designs. there are actually a few specific tattoos he should have that he's finally going to get. This is going to be a very busy few days (sunday on, as friday and saturday I am le busy), as I know it's going to take me some time to do all the scrubbing off and drawing on of tattoos and then the scarring. I think it will be worth it in the end, though. I've even got a pastel colour that's really close to Rel's skintone to do the majority of the scars with, and some white and pink to do blushing of some of them and colouring of a couple others.
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Took Zepar to the meet and he went over surprisingly well. He got me a commission from a friend, anyway. This mod was a little easier than Z's were, since it was just one eye in the middle of the forehead. It took me almost as long to do this one as it did to do Z's eye mods, mostly due to the fact that the head I was working on has some damn thick resin, but I think he turned out well. He actually had two modifications done-the third eye and magnetising of his headcap to fix that annoying habit Abio Angel headcaps have of falling off.

I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. He may need a teeny bit of sanding still, but I think that he's about finished. I also think that I've developed a love of modding. This could spell doom for some poor helpless dorrie-I want to do a gore mod now.
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This is the third and final part of his transformation into my fallen angel. This is where I dyed and painted him and did pretty much everything else to finish him up. I used Scarlet liquid RIT dye for his body, which turned out really well.
Final picture post for this project, including a photo of him fully dresses and wigged )
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Here's the next part of Zepar's transformation from run-of-the-mill Resin Soul Mu to my fallen angel.

This part is the planning/carving of the second set of eyes. I can safely say, having done this, I would definitely be up for other mods like this. It wasn't nearly as scary as I'd imagined it would be, once I got over the "OMG drilling into a $200 doll" thing. XD
Warning, the pics of his forehead being drilled into may be slightly disturbing, if for no other reason than the ton of resin dust shown. (Thank Someone for respirators! :)) I wound up using three different bits for this part, plus a beveler bit, craft knife and sandpaper.

Again, cut for photos )

The next (and last) part will be photos of his body being dyed, as well as attachment of claws, faceup and blushing/painting of horns. I'll also have a shot of him all together and dressed. He's still without a wig since I need to find him one that doesn't obsure his second set of eyes. I think he and Rel might be swapping hiar, if the other wig will allow the other eyes to be seen. With the spare DM wig I've got, you can't even see the eyes that are in the proper place on his head. XP
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So, Zepar has arrived at last! I've already taken him apart and scrubbed his faceup off, and he is currently having his horns, hooves and wings dyed. I also spraypainted his tails. Carving, dyeing, sculpting, adding magnets and painting/faceupping are yet to come.
Cut for multiple photos )


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