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Today is the 10th annual Towel Day, a day of celebration and remembrance for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the brilliant author, Douglas Adams and, of course, the most useful item in the galaxy, the towel.

So Happy Towel day to one and all! Go out and celebrate with a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (or two, if you're very, very brave. Or Zaphod Beeblebrox.) and remember, the Answer is 42, never let a Vogon read his poetry at you, and always make sure you know where your towel is!
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So, I got back from the Combichrist show a few hours ago (Oh god why am I still awake? X.x) and I am bearing more videos and pictures than you probably actually wanted. XD It was a really, really fantastic show all around, and there was even a band I wasn't aware was going to be there (Angelspit). I got at least one video and several pictures of each, though of course I was mostly concerned with Combichrist. I'm going to link instead of directly posting images because there are so many. Hope no-one minds. ^^ (well, since this is mostly for you, Kuroiaisu, I hope you don't mind.)

I started out hanging back because, while Star Killer were good, I wasn't really in a "crowd the stage" mood yet, and not a lot of people were really there when they came on. The next band got everyone to come up to the stage, so I went, and stayed there for the rest of the night. I was literally as close as I could be without being *on* the stage, so I was happy. That's why some of the videos/pictures may not be the best shots-I was almost *too* close to get really good ones at some points.

Star Killer:


video clip: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/220/swo.mp4/

Ivardensphere: (Sorry for the shittiness of the audio on the video clip.)


video clip:http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/3240/9dt.mp4



video clip:


mic stand http://img806.imageshack.us/i/dscf2198p.jpg/

http://img836.imageshack.us/i/dscf2265x.jpg/ (Weeeeee, sometimes blur from movement makes for creepy shots. XD)
http://img600.imageshack.us/i/dscf2266.jpg/ (This one isn't much better. O.o Demonic guitarist? It *is* (Psyclon 9's) Abbey Nex, after all. Oh, by the way, Abbey Nex is playing with Combichrist on this tour. XD)
http://img9.imageshack.us/i/dscf2268y.jpg/ (om nom microphone!)

Part of "the Unicorn song" which played before they came on. (You're never gonna see no UUUUUU-NIIII-CORRRRN!): http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/864/fqg.mp4/

Clips of the band itself (themselves?): (These are all/almost all going to be sideways, sorry. t.t Can't figure out how to rotate 'em like the pictures.)

First clip, as they came on stage: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/844/wl6.mp4/
another clip: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/12/k3a.mp4/
yet another (Electrohead): http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/808/50115198.mp4/
another one: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/695/8dq.mp4/
one more: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/830/iqs.mp4/
aaand a last one: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/21/1us.mp4/

and one more thing: COMBICHRIST DRUMSTICK EFF YEAH! :D :D :D :D (It was handed off to me by a very kind bloke who caught it. He apparently knows a member, so he gave me the drumstick since, I dunno, he can get one whenever he wants?)


and I shall leave you with that as i finally head off to bed. :D
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So, since I haven't bought a significant amount of BPAL for a while, I decided to be bad today and loot a few bottles from the Lab/Trading Post. from the Lab I got:
Robotic Scarab
Embalming Fluid
and from the TP I got a bottle of Spanked:Res :D
Yeah, I know...like I *really* need moar smellies. XD

In non-perfume stuff, I had a really fantastic time at Mythic Faire. The steampunk Ghostbuster costume was a hit, even though by the end of Saturday bits were falling off, and I even won Best Steampunk Female in the costume contest! :D I got to meet Abney Park and get my picture taken with Captain Robert and with Nathaniel (who said he loved the colours of my dreads! *dies of squee*) and got the entire band's autograph. They played at the masquerade friday night and were suitably awesome. (and pretty much had to be chased off the stage due to going over their set time by about an hour. XD) Opening for them was SJ Tucker, who is lovely and incredibly talented and utterly hilarious. (Psst...check her out, you will NOT be disappointed! http://www.skinnywhitechick.com/) I treated myself to a nice pair of goggles while I was there, which I will have to get a photo of soon. They're solid metal and leather with just slits in the lenses to see out of. I'm tired and sore but it is so worth it for the time I had. :D :D

also in the "Wow my weekend was great" department, I sent a message about the DVD set of Sherlock which I STILL have not received (I ordered it in February D:) and got back a very nice and apologetic message saying that they will be sending me out a new set by next day air. Also, I should soon be getting this shirt: http://www.teefury.com/archive/1106/Gargle_Blaster/, which I ordered on the 4th. (Yes, I've been horrendously self-indulgent this last week or two. XP But it's a HHGTTG shirt, I couldn't resist!) It combines sci-fi geekery with alcohol, what more can you ask for? Oh, and in case you haven't read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (or any of the other five books of the trilogy), the shirt is a reference to the effect that drinking a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster has on the victim drinker("like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped 'round a large gold brick").
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There has been a slight negative development in my plans for Seiji. I may have to get him a less expensive body for the moment, at least; I'm looking at a Domuya one on the MP right now. I've just found out that my unemployment benefit year ended this week and I may not be able to renew it, so I'll have to save more money than I thought I would, hence the cheaper body for him. Nothing else has changed, though.

This whole jobless situation is really frustrating for me right now. I really have been looking, but I just don't have the experience or college education I would need for most of the jobs available right now, and I don't have a car to get to some of the others. :/ It looks like Seiji is going to be the last addition to the Menagerie for a good while.
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Saw Harry Potter on Saturday! I squeed pretty hard over it, TBH. I did have a couple problems with things they cut, but overall it was a pretty good adaptation. I honestly did like it, and some of the scenes were really very good (like the seven Harrys and that whole "racing through a city on a flying motorbike/epic airbourne magic battle in full view of a few hundred muggles" bit). I'm having just a little bit of NERD RAEG over some of the changes (WHERE IS KREACHER'S TALE?! WTF NO POTTER WATCH?! WHY WAS WORMTAIL NOT STRANGLED BY HIS OWN HAND?! I WANTE D TO SEE THE HORRIBLE GIT STRANGLED BY HIS OWN HAND!), but there are parts that are getting just as much nerdly squee from me as the aforementione parts are getting the raeg. Parts such as Lucius Malfoy's pimp wand of awesome, for example. I mean, yes, it kinda looks like a five year old girl had at it with rhinestones and glue, but still...and I loved that Voldy snapped the ridiculous/awesome handle off the thing-The Dark Lord does not stand for your sparkly bullshit, Lucius. Also, the animation for The Tale Of The Three Brothers was really great! It was very Coraline-ish. There were some great moments of humour, too. ("Moooooorning" *smirk*)? and the ACTING! *insert keysmash* THE ACTING OH GOD. That scene where Snape walks in and Professor Burbage is just hanging there in midair-the look in his eyes *right* before he sort of clamps down on his emotions and goes on playing at being a good little death Eater was fantastic. Also, Emma Watson's screaming. blooy HELL. You'd have though someone actually was torturing her. (Maybe they threatened her with Twilight? XP) The acting in general was SO much better than in some of the other movies. So. Much. Better.

In other nerdy news, I finished my mini-proton pack! Yeah...I am evidently enough of a nerd that I did not make a regular pack, I made the pack from the valentine's day comic book. >.< Anyway, it did turn out fairly well in the end and even has working lights in the cyclotron.
Pics behind the cut )
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So, my new doll arrived today and he is absolutely adorable! :D No sooner had I got him out of the box than I gave him a couple of piercings. He now has a labret stud, an eyebrow piercing and a chain from his nose to his ear. He still does not have a name as yet, but I am trying to come up with something.

I am also currently working on V.2.0 of my Ghostbusters Tainted Love comic proton pack, and 't coming along well. It already looks several times better than my first try and it is only about half-done. So far the gun is at about 80% and the body of the pack is maybe 50% finished, with more to be done over the next few days.

On less positive notes, I am annoyed right now. The cap guns I ordered a month ago still haven't arrived, so I've finally contacted the seller. I want either what I ordered or a refund, and at this point, I prefer te refund over the product.

I am also still laid off and trying to figure out what I am going to do. I'd been checking every couple of months, but haven't been back around since oh,...July, I think, or August. I was told September was when work would start coming in again, but it is now November and I have heard nothing. I've been trying to decide whether I should check again, but I am honestly torn: I like the place and the people, but I don't know if I *want* to go back at this point. I have been laid off since last December due to lack of jobs coming in to the company, so who's to say that even if I do go back right now, that it won't happen again in a month or two? I don't want to deal with that. Also, and I may be wrong, but I feel like it is not entirely my responsibility to keep checking back with them. I live round the corner from the building and they have my phone number; surely if they wanted me to come back they would give me a call, yes? I did ask to be called if work came in and I was needed. I was also told the last time I was there that I might want to start looking for work because of the lack of work coming in there. The problem there is that there *is* no other work, really. Every place seems to either not be hiring or hiring only people more qualified than me or are much too far away for me to be able to get to.
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Went to the Fells Point Festivalyesterday. Had fun, even though I had my usual reaction to large crowds of stupid, slow-moving people. (That is, wanting to bludgeon every sodding Jersey Shore-wannabe d-bag and all the other assorted idiots who crossed my path moving at about .01 miles per hour, or stopped in front of us for no good goddamn reason, or gathered in a group of a dozen or so in the middle of the road or sidewalk so that people could not bloody get by.)

I found some cool stuff, like an OTF knife/lighter for $2. It doesn't do either thing particularly well, but is shiny silver and was cheap and I have to admit I am a bit of a magpie, so it's going into my collection. ("Collection", of course being a euphemism for "Coleman toolbox full of assorted kinds of knives and a handfull of railroad spikes".) ...What? I like knives. (I apologise for possibly sounding more like a moron than usual. I'm kinda tired. I also found this awesome little doll-sized flintolck pistol capgun that's meant to be a keychain. That's going to Finn. It cost me $3, but I liked it so I got it. The guy I got if rom had three other cap gun keychains that I wanted, but wanted to charge me twenty bucks for them, the one I got and the knife/lighter. I said, in a polite manner Hell. Fucking. No. I got home and found the same things online for a dollar eight, so I looted the last eleven the site had. Win. :D The boys are going to be happy to ahve new dangerous toys to play with, as am I, despite the distinct possibility of someone suffering a potnentially fatal, or at least inconvenient wound. (How they will injure each otehr with cap guns I do not really know, though pistol-whipping of one or more of them by one or more of the others seems likely.) Note to self: Do NOT let Sean and Seamus try to duel. I do not need a couple of vampires whining about bullet wounds.
The site ifound them on, by the way, is here:
No idea if/when they might restock, but these things are v.v. cool. :3

Oh, I also found something else awesome: Cherry Red Doc Martens, made in England (meaning a slightly older pair-judging from the box, they're at least eight or nine years old), brand new for $45. :D:D:D They're a little tight unfortunately (because I am a bleeding moron sometimes and didn't think to try them on before I bought them, I just saw them, saw that they were more or less my size and went *grabby hands* at them), but they're sitting in my freezer right now with bags full of water in them in an attempt to stretch them a little. (Evidently, it's fairly good way of stretching out slightly too small shoes-the water freezes into ice, the ice of course expands, the expanding of said ice stretches out the shoes. Thanks, internet! <3 :D)
EDIT: NOThing's gonna make these things fit right. *sadness* Anyone know someone who'd be interested in Size 3 cherry red Docs?

Alsoalso; I got the new volume of Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service, which was as awesome as it always is.

Had some lunch while at the festival. Wood-fired brick oven pizza is quite possibly one of the best foods on the planet, epecially when it involves barbecue chicken and shrimp as toppings. Omnomnomnom Oh, and can I just say that whoever invented MozzArepas is a bloody genius? Mozzarella cheese+corn cakes=tasty, tasty win! :D

Oh, and I went to a baby shower today with my mum (it was for someone who works at the hotel she works at). I had about as much fun as you'd expect me to have at something like that. I swear sometimes I think my girl genes are screwed up or something. >< I kind of spent the whole time lurking in a corner away from everyone, reading my new volume of Kurosagi.
Argh, tired. Off to read MarkReadsHArryPotter and then to bed.
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So, my doll's body is now on the way, or will be tomorrow. All should be well. Should. Now, however, my laptop has decided it doesn't want to work properly...again, and I discovered this morning that sometime between late last night and early this morning some moron nicked my bike off our back porch. :/ All I have to say is that 1) I hope they enjoy having to pump up the tires every five minutes or so and 2) that they crash headlong into a truck or something while riding it! =D

In non-whingeing news, I'm now actually planning on making a bunch of hoodies. The sewing machine is being temperamental, so I'm still going to hand sew until I figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm actually sewing up a rainbow striped hoodie as I type, and I've got several more planned and some separating zippers on the way. I also have some puki-sized leather jackets coming to me. :D:D:D Granted, they're on Kelly dolls and I had to buy two of those Kelly/Tommy Grease sets, but hey, I get four outfits out of it for fifteen bucks, and I'd never have found someone to make even ONE puki-sized jacket for that price. I can always give a way the two spare outfits and the dolls. ALSO! I found some of those Bratz Babyz (and sweet Someone, it still hurts to type with the xtreme kool letterz) outfits that Johnni wears. I didn't buy any, but now I know where to get them if I do want some.
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Just saw a commercial for this:


What. The. Fuck. Who's gonna wear this shit besides, like, twelve year old boys and fratboy douchebags? (It'll go nicely with their Ed Hardy shirts and pre-faded jeans, I guess.) SERIOUSLY. Did they get their product advice from a halloween/fancy dress shop? This is the shit you buy from Party City for five bucks. Nobody is fooled by this shit and if you buy them and go flaunting them like you're hot shit, you deserve to be roundly mocked and horribly embarassed. :/ Who the hell thinks that fake tattoos printed on pantyhose for your arms are actually cool/convincing/not the mark of a total poser douchebag? Granted, they might be fun for a halloween party or some kind of costume/play/whatever, but DUDE. To actually suggest people wear them to shows/concerts/work to look hardcore or impress women/guys/whatevs? Hell to the NO. You know what impresses me? REAL FUCKING TATTOOS. What doesn't impress me is a bunch of morons sitting at theior desks trying to figure out how to make even more money off the loser wannabe hardcore assholes who already think they're OMGSOKEWL. I...just...I have no fucking ideaa why I'm at HEAD ASPLODE levels of RAEG here, but come on! I think youactually have to deliberately TRY to fail much harder than this. Gah.

I think one of the only bigger fails ever is the fucking Snuggie. Oh my god it is just a bakwards robe WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU WORLD? Better yet, WTF ISWRONG WITH YOU AMERICA? Why are people so stupid, damn it? And the new commercial OMFG STOP IT! At least the slap-chop guy is in on the whole "This is completely fucking moronic" thing. SERIOUSLY, WORLD. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. You make my brain hurt with your stupid unnecessary products and your awful commercials.
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So, I am back from the con, hungry, sore and exhausted. And very, very happy. :D after a few little bumps that don't really bear mentioning in detail, Will and I, as reps of the Baltimore GBs, arrived in Philly. The con center was virtually across the street from the bus terminal, so it took no time at all to get over there. And can I just say that that con center is HUGE and really, *really* nice? Cos it truly is.

My Squee, Let Me Show U It!:D )
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Went to the meet and sniff saturday and actually had some fun. It was interesting and I got to smell some intersting things. (And apparently I am not the only one who can't stand the smell of Gluttony.) Much fun was had by all, though it didn't last as long as I'd have liked, since several people were missing. I enabled someone into a bottle of Juke Joint (yay!) and got enabled into one or two other, myself, I think. I got gifted half a bottle of Smut, too. (thanks Dark Alice! <3) That is seriously going into my top five or ten scents. Love. It. It's definitnely right up there with Crowley and Torture King.

My doll is on his way. I've ended up with a WS Mu, as I got sick of waiting for a response and those ears have grown on me a bit. I was considering cutting them down, but I don't think I'd be able to get them even. Oh, well. We'll see how they end up looking when the doll is done. I have all my other stuff, including some tamiya epoxy putty and a can of Zoukeimura spray so that I don't screw up the dye job with cheap sealant when I go to do the blushing and faceup, so now all I need is for the doll to arrive. ...And the tail magnets, which I had to replace since the ones I ordered the first time were too small and wouldn't hold the tails up.

I think I've found what I want to do with some of my dolls for Otakon in terms of cosplay for them. The twins are going to be Conner and Murphy McManus. How much more perfect a cosplay is there for those two than the Saints, really? The most difficult thing is going to be the rosaries, which I'll ahve to A) commission or B) make myself. If I absolutely have to, I'll exclude them. I just have to get together the pea coats, jeans, shirts and a couple of handguns. (Junkyspot has Glocks I'll be getting for teh boys.) And of course I need to find rope. >.< I thik I may need some Dikadoll hands so that they can actually hold the guns, though.
Ian might be doing the Crow, since he's already pretty much got the makeup going.I'm pondering cosplays for a couple of other members. We shall see what I end up with, I suppose.

I had a pretty good Saint Patrick's day with some friends (yay pizza and beer!), thought there were some irritating people about. Got to watch some dude who was completely, falling-down pissed get arrested, which was hilarious, and saw some slightly-less drunk people wandering around as well. Some half-tanked guy came up and got his picture taken with me and a friend, which was kind of weird. also, I have gotten maybe 20 hours' sleep in the last four or five days. wayyy too much time spent up and watching movies. T_T Also, now I want some airsoft guns, for they are much fun. Thanks loads for interesting me in more dangerous toys. :D
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Soyeah. It would seem that I am some sort of child of the devil or something. (So what's new? XD)
I went out to the library yesterday in mah spiffeh new Bodyline stuff (this right here:http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/frame01.asp?id=1549) and my gothed out makeup. Well, on my way back, 'bout a block from my house...there was this woman taking her kid into the elementary school there. I got within about ten feet and she pretty much went O_O, grabbed the kid, pulled it against her and hid its eyes from the apparently horrible sight of a goth chick walking round with a coffin purse and a backpack full of library books. *eyeroll* There I was happily walking home with my pack full of Gaiman and Pratchett and Adams, and she's suddenly pulling the kid away like I'm some kind of leper. Or, as I realised a moment later, a demon or some shit. Cos right after she hides the poor ickle darling's eyes, she starts going "Saved in the blood of Je-SUS!" in my general direction. lol She did it all the way up to the door of the school and, annoyed. I yelled over to her that I'm Catholic, if that helps any. It apparently didn't. XD Sswear to...Someone, next idiot that does that shit to me, I'm yelling hail satan at them.
Srsly gaiz? I was an assistant bible camp counselor when I was about fourteen. and an altar girl. and I can recite the Lord's Prayer to you. In Latin. Might be agnostic now, but I'm more or less Catholic/Episcopalian, k? Don't judge. ;)

Anyways, I've got a bunch of books to read now. I got The Hitchhiker's Guide TO The Galaxy and the subsequent four sequels, thee of Neil Gaiman's books I've not yet read, The Colour Of Magic, and a couple of other interesting books. I also got the DVDs of Nausicaa and Grave of the Fireflies to watch. I only get those for a week, so I'm going to hae to actually sit and watch them instead of getting distracted by other stuff like I do with books.
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Okay, so, there's this awesome new BioWare game out called Dragon Age: Origins. I am getting it today (Joker figure plus cool new fantasy game? BEST DAY-BEFORE-MY-BIRTHDAY EVER!:)) and by all accounts it is made of win and awesome. But are we hearing about this? Are we hearing about the six different character origin options and the degree of customisation your character has or how Zevran for some reason sounds like Antonio Banderas? NO.
This is because a good chunk of the internet is having a collective fit of apoplexy over how YOU CAN HAVE TEH DURRRTY GHEY SEXZZ0RS WITH ZEVRAN OH MY JEEBUS! Seriously, guys? It's optional. That means, for those of you out there on the intertubes who don't understand long words, that you. do not. have. to fuck. the elf. Guess what? You can have lesbian sex with another character and het sex, too. No-one cares about that though, because it is clearly not as bad as the EVIL HOMOSEKSHALS! Holy shit, you gaiz, this might, like, make guys turn gay or some shit, right? Cos you know that you can ttly catch teh ghey from playing a vidya game where the character has an option to be other than completley ubermasculine and unquestionably hetrosekshual.
Shut the fuck up, guys. No-one is making you play that option, you have to go through a bunch of dialogue and choose the right options for it to even happen, and seriously, if you feel your heterosexuality or religious beliefs or whatever threatened by it, PLAY ANOTHER FUCKING GAME, yeah? ALso, if you haven't played the game andareoly going by hearsay about TEH DURRRTY GHEY SEX. Fuck off. Better yet, play the game. This scene you're so worried about? It's not explicit. There are no dangly bits, no shots of penetration, and lots of fading to black. The most you get to see is kissing, groping and mostly-nakedness. (And some fucking weird music to, uh...set the mood, maybe? I dunno. Sweeping, epic video game music more fit for LOTR or somthing, not the background to pretty much public interspecies (or same species if you'ran elf) buttsex. It's odd.)
Well done with the mass-homophobia and double standards there, internet. Girl-on-girl is hot but guy-on-guy is ew? Nice job being open-minded, losers. Here's something that might shock you: there are gay gamers. :O There are also lesbian and bisexual gamers. There are also heterosexual gamers who like seeing something other than: See Hero. See Hero slay dragon. See Hero bang two women in sex minigame complete with controller shaking rumble pack action (I'm looking at you, God Of War). The fuck's wrong with once in a while seing: See Hero. See Hero slay dragon. See Hero bang elf dude in a tent?
Also, Jimmy Kimmel: Fuck off. You're not clever, kthxbai.
Oh, BioWare, how ILU guys and your awesomeness and ability to piss off the homophobic nerds. Don't ever change. <3
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You know, I'm fairly sure this is 2009, but there are some days I think we've all been transported back in time a few decades. :/ Every time I see a stupid, hateful person trying to justify discrimination, every time I see "I'm not racist but I don't believe in mixing races", every time I see someone like the family that names their kid something like Adolf Hitler and then proclaims that they aren't white supremacists, every time I see someone spouting bullshit about gays and lesbians and quoting Leviticus and that godawful stupid line "Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve", every time I see a photo of the Westboro Baptist Church people and the other braindead bigots of their ilk, I have to wonder what decade we're living in and if we've actually learned anything in the past century or so. It makes me genuinely sad to know that there are still such idiots in the world, honestly.
The things that made me post this:
Alesbian girl is being denied the right to be photographedin a tux for her yearbook photo because 'it's traditional' for girls to wear dresses and boys to wear tuxes for said photos. This is not the first time such a thing has happened, and I think it is utter bullshit. Why the hell is it so difficult to allow person to wear what they want for a photo or a prom? 'S not like the big bad queer chick is going to hurt anyone by showing up in a tux.

And then there's this gem, which is the source of the "I'm not a racist. I just don't believe in mixing the races that way." quote. And of course there's that oft-repeated argument of 'Look! ' have black friends! I let them use my bathroom and everything! I can't possibly be racist!" *facepalm* No, of course not. :/

Some days I get very, very tired of this country and its attitudes, of the hatred disguised as politics and justified as faith and the misquoting and bastardisation of books that preach tolerance and love, and especially of the hypocritical so-called faithful who haven't actually bothered to read them and follow the examples set by the people in them. It isn't jsut these two stories; it's the other I read all the time and the overall sense that we haven't made a huge amount of progress in the last several decades.
There are days when the future looks very bleak indeed.

In Shock

Jun. 27th, 2009 01:31 am
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