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So, I discovered late yesterday that resinsoul has released their hooved boy body! This makes me squee, as I also discovered that the girl body is evidently not moddable since the breasts are hollow. :( It appears that I will instead be getting the boy body and sanding off its bits. My fallen angel, it seems will be more of the Neil gaiman variety-male looking but with no genitals. I don't have a problem with this, though, as this was sort of the plan anyway. I think the RS male bodies are slim enough for it to work. I will still be getting an Ai head on the boy (Mu) body. as much as I like the face sculpt, I don't really want the massive ears. I will also be getting the other set of horns they sell and deciding which pair I like on it more. I think it will look better with the shorter ram-like horns than it dos with the set it comes with, but we shall see.

I've ordered the new body for Finn, so hopefully it won't be too terribly long a wait for that. I think I may order mu Mu/Ai hybrid in the next couple of weeks, provided I have enough left over after christmas shopping. Hopefully there won't be a huge christmas rush and backup for RS with these new hooved dolls being released. *fingers crossed*


Nov. 26th, 2009 07:26 pm
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Yayz new dorriez!
I'e decided that Ian (the disembodied Wintery head) is going to be getting Finn'sbody and Fill will be getting the smexy new Resinsoul 61cm body. It will possibly end up being the other way round,though, I'll see when I get the body in my hands. But Ohlord, I lvoe this body, so I don't care who gets it. It's pretty muchthe 70cm body shrunk down and with double jointing. *squee*

Also. alsoalsoalso: I'm gettin' an Akando! (Sort of.) Much as I love the IH body *drooldrooldrool*, I can't deal with the....hugeness of it. It makes Rel look puny and we can't have that in this house. So...I'm getting an Akando head and putting it on a DragonDoll Uncle body. When this will happen I dunno, but it will.

Also? Resinsoul has a new horned and hooved girl who I'm getting to mod into a sexless/androgynous fallen angel character. I didn't think that I'd be able to dollify it since hooves are so expensive (damn you, Soom!), but now I can! And the headsculpt somehow reminds me, oddly (but pleasantly) enough, of a Drayton, for some reason.

Sohappy! I actually quite like the hooves and legs. They aren't engineered quite like the Soom legs, but they do have the extra leg joint and it is useable.

Yes, I am for rlz! I can't order him until after i get my tax refund, but I'm getting one. I plan on getting a WS one with the default faceup (whichI love) and dyeing his lower body either black, grey or brown.


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