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Since I can't seem to stop taking photos of this boy, I decided he needed another official photoshoot. Sade, vain thing that he is, thought that there was not nearly enough eye candy for the ladies around and decided to rectify the situation. He fancies himself prime pinup boy material, so obviously he was the best man for the job. I can't really disagree with him, honestly-he's far too pretty handsome to not have at least one shoot like this. I've crossposted this to DoA, so you can also comment there if you like.
I had fun with this one, because, hey, pretty nekkid resin boy. :D

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You've seen the squeeing OMGDOLL post, now have an official introduction post with actual pictures and babble about the new guy. His name is Sade (yes, I kept his old name. I like it too much to change it.), and he's an aspiring rockstar who hasn't quite got his new boots and contract yet. He may look a tiny bit familiar (but, you know, only if you've ever seen a certain bleached blond rockstar ever) because I had wayyy too much fun with his faceup and, well, everything else. He's got some work done that I haven't bothered with for the other boys, mostly because he's the only one I've felt really needed it. I've spent a bunch of time on his stuff, and I'll be spending a bit more time finishing certain things after the last of my supplies arrive.

So....say hello, Sade!

Sade: 'Lo there.

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