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Having gotten good(ish) news from DLLR, I have decided to go on a bit of a shopping spree for the resin brats. I got what is, for me, a pretty sizeable order from Dollmore, which contains a pile of clothes for various members of the menagerie and a few accessories.
The list:
SD Rockstar Pants (No idea who they'll go to. Maybe Luke or Ian, possibly Seiji)
SD Zipper Pants (For Seiji. I have been dying to buy these things for one of my guys, you have *no idea* XP)
SD Rockstar Sleeveless T (Goes to whoever gets the matching pants)
SD Cauline Skeleton T Violet (Possibly for Luke.)
SD Joe Skeleton Earcuff (Meant for Seiji, but I might end up wearing it myself.)
SD Kalena Pants (No idea. Ppretty much all of them wear leather, so *someone* will get them.)
SD Easy Slash Leggings (These go to whoever gets the violet skull shirt.)
Vans Sneakers Black (For Seiji)
SD Watch Black (no idea. possibly Finn.)
MSD Chess Board Stockings (I'm turning these into armwarmers for Seiji.)
Cameo Antique Brooch (For Finn, the little dandy. XD)
Lacy Cameo Brooch White (Again, for Finn.)
Pippi Knee Socks Stria&Black (For Seiji.)
Colourful Belt (Sky) (For Sakai, because it's as close as I can get to rainbow right now.)

...Yeah, there's a lot there, but I needed a few new things for teh boyz.
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Yeah, I will soon (as in a couple of weeks) be waiting for not one, but *two* dolls. One is a brand new DZ Mo-3 from Junkyspot which I have been drooling over since they were released. The other is an impulse buy, an AA Yi that someone at an AM meet had and is now selling. Of course, I just *have* to have another goth boy for my collection, so I'm probably getting him. Dammit, if I keep this up, I'm not gonna have room for *me* in my house.

Also: *squeee* Ten days 'til Katsucon!


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