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So, I got back from the Combichrist show a few hours ago (Oh god why am I still awake? X.x) and I am bearing more videos and pictures than you probably actually wanted. XD It was a really, really fantastic show all around, and there was even a band I wasn't aware was going to be there (Angelspit). I got at least one video and several pictures of each, though of course I was mostly concerned with Combichrist. I'm going to link instead of directly posting images because there are so many. Hope no-one minds. ^^ (well, since this is mostly for you, Kuroiaisu, I hope you don't mind.)

I started out hanging back because, while Star Killer were good, I wasn't really in a "crowd the stage" mood yet, and not a lot of people were really there when they came on. The next band got everyone to come up to the stage, so I went, and stayed there for the rest of the night. I was literally as close as I could be without being *on* the stage, so I was happy. That's why some of the videos/pictures may not be the best shots-I was almost *too* close to get really good ones at some points.

Star Killer:


video clip: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/220/swo.mp4/

Ivardensphere: (Sorry for the shittiness of the audio on the video clip.)


video clip:http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/3240/9dt.mp4



video clip:


mic stand http://img806.imageshack.us/i/dscf2198p.jpg/

http://img836.imageshack.us/i/dscf2265x.jpg/ (Weeeeee, sometimes blur from movement makes for creepy shots. XD)
http://img600.imageshack.us/i/dscf2266.jpg/ (This one isn't much better. O.o Demonic guitarist? It *is* (Psyclon 9's) Abbey Nex, after all. Oh, by the way, Abbey Nex is playing with Combichrist on this tour. XD)
http://img9.imageshack.us/i/dscf2268y.jpg/ (om nom microphone!)

Part of "the Unicorn song" which played before they came on. (You're never gonna see no UUUUUU-NIIII-CORRRRN!): http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/864/fqg.mp4/

Clips of the band itself (themselves?): (These are all/almost all going to be sideways, sorry. t.t Can't figure out how to rotate 'em like the pictures.)

First clip, as they came on stage: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/844/wl6.mp4/
another clip: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/12/k3a.mp4/
yet another (Electrohead): http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/808/50115198.mp4/
another one: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/695/8dq.mp4/
one more: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/830/iqs.mp4/
aaand a last one: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/21/1us.mp4/

and one more thing: COMBICHRIST DRUMSTICK EFF YEAH! :D :D :D :D (It was handed off to me by a very kind bloke who caught it. He apparently knows a member, so he gave me the drumstick since, I dunno, he can get one whenever he wants?)


and I shall leave you with that as i finally head off to bed. :D
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Floating head guy now has a (temporary, at least) body! :D I got him a Popodoll body off the DoA marketplace. It's actually one of the ones I was looking at before but wasn't sure about, but after seeing the photos in the FS thread, I decided to go for him. I'm seriously considering upgrading to a Volks BW body for him later (thanks to you, amubleu, you evil, evil woman XD), but this'll do for now. I really want a thick-ish body for this boy just because almost all of The Menagerie are scrawny little undernourished waifs. >.< Of course, having someone who actually looks like he has a sammich once in a while might backfire and make the rest of the crew look even scrawnier, but whatever. This body isn't quite as solid looking (that is, more broad and substantial as opposed to sort of thin and slightly underfed) as the Volks body is, but it's close and I do like it. Also, I think I surprised the seller a little. XD I offered what she wanted for the whole doll for just the body+clothes she was sending with it. (I figured it was only fair, splitting a doll is kinda inconvenient cos then you have to find a buyer for the other part.)
One photo of the body (disregard the head, plz):

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So, I am back from the con, hungry, sore and exhausted. And very, very happy. :D after a few little bumps that don't really bear mentioning in detail, Will and I, as reps of the Baltimore GBs, arrived in Philly. The con center was virtually across the street from the bus terminal, so it took no time at all to get over there. And can I just say that that con center is HUGE and really, *really* nice? Cos it truly is.

My Squee, Let Me Show U It!:D )
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That's right! I am now five hours away from leaving for Philly ComicCon andI amin squeeing-nerd-kid mode right now :D The pack is finished, though I cut it really, really close and only *just* got the last little details putonand quick repairs made. I added warning labels, turned the faceplate around, repaired some gears and did the last bit of touching up on the paint. S.P.E.E.D.D (or Dru) is now ready to go! All I have to do now is wait for it to be time to head off and to attempt to control the fangirl-ness. XD (Must remember not to make a complete moron of myself in front of various tos and other famous people. XP)Will update later/tomorrow after the con on stuff like freebies we got and whether I managed to not mkea fool of myself.

I leave you with photos of the finished pack.

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I haza new camera! And it is teh awesum!*squeespazz*

I just got a Sony Cybershot DSC-H20, and it rocks like...a really rocking thing. XD
I've been playing with it all day and getting some damn good photos, even in the horrible light of my dark little house. The photos I get when there is decent light are even more phenominal. This thing takes the best photos I've ever shot with a camera that wasn't a DSLR.
Couple of smaple photos:


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