Jan. 12th, 2010 12:42 am
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So, I was bored today and had a long, foot-ish wide piece of fur (bought for wigs and only 2 wigs were made from it) that had been sitting around for months and hit upon an idea that I've been playing with for a bit now-fluffies! Since I have two cybergoth boys in the house and every cybergoth boy needs a pair of fluffies, I decided to make them both some. So I grabbed my sketchbook and sewing supplies and said cybergoth brats andset to work. I think they turned out fairly well except that I wasn't paying attention when I cut the first piece and Syn's left fluffy is cut against the grain (is that the right word when talking about this?) of the fur. XP Oh, well.


The two of them together showing of their new fluffies:

New guy Ian borrowing Syn's muzzle-mask thing:

Syndrome with his new monocle and awesome HighPriestessIce corset. (since Ian has claimed the majority of the Dollmore outfit that I bought) Please also note his freshly sanded and much less yellowed body. (I spent about four hours on the evil little bugger. Two words: Hand. Cramps. :/):

FLUFFIES! XD They're very poofy. (Erm...not *that* kind of poofy XD) The one is all mussed because Syn does not like to stand without at least five minutes of fussing and fiddling with his legs to get him at *just* the precisely right position to balance:
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Felt like doing an update in the thread on DoA, so I figured I'd also post it here. I had not quite realised what a pain it was going to be to pose nine SDs, two minis and four tinies to get a marginally decent shot of the lot of them. The lighting turned out horribly, but here they all are:

List o' who's who in the Crass Menagerie:
Standing: Aurelius (Unidoll Ark)
In chairs, left to right: Sean and Seamus (DZ X/Fdoll hybrids), Sheenagh (RS Lian), Billy (Elfdoll William Winterberry), Sid (Fairyland Pukipuki Chichi), Corpseblossom (Bobobie Sunny), Damien (Cherishdoll Chubby Demon), Syndrome (Luts El/Domuya hybrid), Ian (Luts Wintery '08/ResinSoul hybrid)
Seated on the floor, left to right:Lucien (AA Er), Dorian (Obitsu Gretel boy), Ligiea (Bobobie Sprite), Alexander (DZ Mo), Finnegan (Bobobie Weylin)

I must say, I am struck by the overwhelming amount of black in the colour scheme here. I think the only one who isn't wearing any is Billy, who's having none of the nonsense of the rest of the crew.>.
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So, I got bored (as usual) and decided to sculpt Syn a gas mask, sincethere is a real dearth of that sort of thing for our resin peepz. The very first attempt didn't turn out so well (issue with sizing and the filter parts not staying attached, so I took my base mask part, stripped everything else off and started over, choosing to try a different style of gas mask. The result was surprisingly good, I think, especially for a first try. I am still having a bit of an issue with sizing, but I thik that a slightly oversized look actually works for a gas mask.
As with the cyber mask, this is made of paperclay. The filter part is supported internally by two nails from inside the body of the mask out (they're covered by paperclay on the inside) and has a metal grate made of a one dollar straier I got from the grocery store. As before, the straps are black elastic. Oh, and the lenses are pieces of a disposable plastic cup and are hot glued to the inside of the mask.
All in all, this took me a few hours from beginning to end, spread over a couple of days. The base was made on Saturday and finished today (with a good bit of sanding and reshaping inbetween the beginning and the end) and cost me mayyybe ten bucks total. Not bad if I do say so myself.
(Oh, and amubleu, this is what I was thinking of asting. I may make another one and try it, as I don't want to ruin this one. I jsut have to figure out how I'd make the mold. Box mold, maybe?)

And this one also shows his awesome new Dollmore clothes, which are...a bit more girly than I expected, actually. But Syn dares you to say that to his face. (Please don't. I have to live with him. >.<) XD
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I just ruined Syn's faceup (at least one side of it. DDDX. I tried to fix it and made it much worse. I want to cry and/or vomit. the good news is:I got lucky and Dottie had an October slot left, so I'm having it redone. I am such an idiot sometimes. *finds a corner to emo in*


Sep. 21st, 2009 09:11 pm
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I got Syn's new wig today and it is just perfect on him! He looks pretty close to what he's supposed to now. I love this wig beyond words and still feel lucly to have snagged it, three week wait or no. And it is *heavy*. I didn't realise it, but there are about fourteen rows of braids on it. Pictar:
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Soyeah. I wanted to do a quick b&w night shoot with Syn. It...didn't turn out so well. I still can't get the flashon my camera to diffuse enough toget really good shots and I still need to learn to use my fstop and other settings more effectively. *fail* I did get bored and start playing around with the half-decent photos i got, and ended upliking this one. Not good by any means, but I like the effects. (Which are, BTW all intentional. I 'shopped this one to hell and back. XD)
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I feel like a shitty doll owner now. I juSt discovered that the monocle has chipped Syn's faceup. DX They're two teeny dots under his left eye and you can't really see them unless you're right up on him, but I still feel horrible for having done it. I kind of want to cry for reasons unknown even to me. Srsly, it isn't good, but it's not that huge a deal, so I don't know why it's bothering me like that.
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So Syn's anotherspace monocle (and yes,I was correct, it *is* a monocle) has arrived. It's awesome, srsly. BUT. About five minutes after it arrived, I was trying to adjust it on his head and accidentally pulled too hard or pulled on the lens or something and it came. off. in. my. hand. Looking at the back, it seems to have just *barely* been glued on. doesn't look like a repair, either, just the way it was. I am Not Pleased. DX Now I'm seeing if I can rubber cement it back on. EDITEDIT: Fixed AGAIN! Super glue gel ROCKS!
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I got around to working on the mask today and it didn't turn out too badly, if I do say so myself. (I do! XD) I couldn't get very good photos of it, but I do have a couple. This took a couple hours of work. What was done to create this piece: sculpting, baking to dry it quickly, adding to the sculpt, baking again, adding *more*, baking *again*, sanding, painting, sealing, painting again, sealing again, glossing, adding a strap, lining to prevent it from scratching a faceup, touching up the paint and glossing *again* and adding the studs. It turned out a little big, but I'm pleased with it anyway.
My materials list:
clingwrap to put over the face while sculpting
-water for working with the clay
-elastic ( I started out with half inch but had to cut it down, so I'd say if anyone wants to try this, use 1/4 or 3/8 inch)
-an old (clean!) bra insert for padding/lining (but anything that will provide a layer between the clay and the doll will do)
-black acrylic paint
-acrylic sealant (matte or gloss, it doesn't matter)
-small scrapbooking brads for the studs(cut the tabs down and use what's left to stick the heads into the mask)
-hot glue or other glue/bonding agent to glue in the straps and lining
Apologies for the photos not being the greatest, but it is so frikkin' *hard* to get a good flash photo of a shiny surface! DX

On Doll

Front View:

Left Side:

Right Side
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cut for photos and other dollsquee )
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So, yeah. I'm getting slightly annoyed here. I paid for my stuff in the DM G.O. about nine days ago, right when I got the invoice. Most of the other people paid the same day or within the next day or two. As of right now, there is *one* person who hasn't yet paid and is holding up the G.O. If she has paid, the person running it hasn't updated the thread to reflect that she has. I'm a horribly impatient person, so I'm just kind of like...'Goddammit, just pay the farking invoice so we can get our shit ordered! I want my stuff sometime before the next doll meet.'
It probably isn't fair, but that's how I feel.
I'm almost wishing I had just ordered straight from DM. I'd have paid an extra twenty bucks or so in shipping, but I'd have Syn's clothes by now. I'd pull out of the G.O. if I didn't know that the runner could leave me bad feedback for doing it. Of course, my patience has been a tiny bit short lately (for work related reasons), so I'm probably just being a touch more bitchy and unfair than I'd normally be about it.

In a less bitchy/whiny vein, I have good news about his other stuff. Igot the other pair of goggles I was hoping for, and they were shipped out today. I literally *just* got a message and tracking number from the seller, so I'm happy about that. Also, the guy who sold me the Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo wig says he is going to ship it out on Tuesaday, which is also good. and in a final bit of good news, I got some Marsh pants for Syn in the same material as Sean and Seamus have-the wet-shine PVC called Fetish. They're a slightly different style to theirs, though-Syn's are going to be tight-fitting all the way down, like drainpipes instead of with the slight flare that Marsh's standard trous have. I think the tighter fit is going to work better with his style and will look better tucked into his boots, as they're a shorter style than S&S wear.

In case you're curious, this is the list of stuff (with links!) of the things I'm getting for him.
Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo wig (LOVE all those little braids! <3<3<3:
Blackguard Boy Set:
Net stockings (because I didn't want those huge knee-high boots for him-they'd hinder posing too much and he's *much* more of a chunky platfirm boot kind of guy):
Cross Choker:
Studded Mask (because I've been *dying* for an excuse to get one of these an it will be *hawt* with the goggles. XD):
Cross earring:
Boots (waaaant a pair in my size!):
aaaand one final thing, added on the 8th Sept, a PVC corset from HighPriestessIce.
(modelled here by her own tan El)

No photos of the trous, of course, as they're custom-made and I won't see them until they arrive.

Total spent on Syn's hair/clothes/shoes/accessories so far, not counting shipping? *cringe* $221 *dies*
Wait, let me look at this a different way:
Cyber Bohemian Shiwoo wig=$25
AnotherSpace Goggles-$35
Custom fit PVC trous-$35
Choker/outfit/accessories from Dollmore-$85
Dollzone platform boots-$23
PVC Corset-$18
The looks on the faces of the rest of the AA meetup group's faces when they see Syn-priceless.

...Put that way, the expense is totally worth it. XD

Also? I need to stay out of the marketplace. I just found two heads I want but don't have the money for. One is a gorgeous Drayton head with dark-ish makeup and the other is a minimee head. Strike that. The other is an absolutely gorgeous, only-three-in-existance gothy faceupped minimee head that I have been admiring for a while now. Yes, that specific head. *dies*
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So...I've decided i'm going to try and make some falls for Syn. How they're going to work with the braided wig, I dunno, but we'll see. I'm getting half-inch gunmetal crin and I'll be mounting it on a clip, probably, as there's no way in hell I can pin up his hair. There are just no doll-sized bobby pins or hairpins that I know of, so the clip will be far easier.
His platform boots arrived yesterday and all I can say is that I want a pair! They're too cool-they look a lot like something Demonia would make. They're from DZ and are black pleather with silver flames on the toes and heels and a row of spikes across the arch and lacing up the sides and hopefully will look good with his DM Blackguard outfit, mask and the falls.
Ohohohoh! ALSO! I may be getting him some Anotherspace goggles-the black ones with red lenses. I'm not sure which stylethey are, butI don't really care. Someone on DoA has a pair for sale for $20 and I'm going to see if I can snag them before someone else does.

Muhahaha, once I get Syn all gothed up, I've got to take him to Orpheus with me! XD

EDIT: CURSES! The goggles with red lenses have already been sold! BUT someone else on DoA is also selling either goggles or a monocle, I can't tell which. Whichever they may be, if they're available, I'm getting them. One way or another, Syn *is* getting goggles.

EDITEDIT: GOT 'EM! Yayyyyz! *squee* I got the ones the othet person was selling. They've got clear lenses, but I can always just paint them with the paint people use on those plastic "stained glass" crafts. Win, win WIN!


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