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Sakai's body arrived on tuesday, and I have to say: I like it. :D It's nicely solid in terms of resin thicknessand is indeed a little thicker/broader than some of the other members of the crew. His build actually reminds me of Syn's flexi-body, which is a good thing. The only problem with his thickness is that those skinny jeans I bought him just *barely* fit over his thighs. They sit really low on his hips, and he can only just sit down,-kind of like real ones, I guess. XD
The colour match is a little off, but close enough for me. I had to do a bit of modding to get his head to fit, but he looks fine now. The length and shape of the neck required a tiny bit of sanding down (maybe a mm or two, so really, not much), and I had to sand out the inside of his neck hole a bit, too. The shape of his neck is different to the shape of his neck hole, so it didn't fit quite right (and is still a touch off), but works well enough for me. I did some of his tribal tattoos yesterday, and I think I might have to redo them because they came out looking quite messy for some reason. I may need to use a different pencil or maybe some paint, but I'm leaving it for now. I did a couple of body piercings as well, so he's not wearing his skin tight sleeveless shirt at the moment. He is instead wearing the VAMPS shirt he took from Luke (who, thankfully, was NOT wearing it at the time).
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...Boredom strikes again. New Guy-who, by the way, actually does have a name now, he's called Kadokawa Sakai(Or, if you're writing it the first name-last name way, Sakai Kadokawa. IDEFK where it came from, that's just the name that kept sticking in my head)-is now inked in addition to being pierced up. I'm still planning on doing some kind of tattoos on his body, though I haven't any idea what yet, as inspiration hasn't struck, but I did do full-face tattooing on his head. You may also notice he has a different wig now. XD It's made of hand dreaded red and black roving, and it was damn annoying to do-I had to redread the entire thing after it was done because the dreads ended up not being tight enough. I took the lazy way out on it and, instead of making a wig cap to sew the dreads onto, shaved down a worn out old furwig, flipped it inside out and used it for the wig base.
This is actually take two for the tattoos-they were originally a bit simpler and a bit more messy looking, so I scrubbed them off and redid them a little more intricately and hopefully a touch neater. They're only sealed with gloss at the moment, as that's all I have on hand, and it's making the flash glare a little oddly (like there on his forehead).


Jan. 20th, 2010 05:41 am
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I spent a looong time working on Rel's tats (about eight or nine hours in total, with breaks at various points) and they are finally DONE! He's got a good portion of his body coverednow, though there's till room for a few more in case I see some others I like.
The procedure ended up being: coat, apply tattoos, dust with pastel, coat, gloss, and coat four more times per piece. (This was, of course with allowance for each layer to dry/cure before applying the next one.) Hopefully these will last longer than the lst batch as I'm actually remembering to let the MSC cure before I put him back together. I also repaired his nipple piercings and reverse P.A., gave his ear piercings new jewelery and added a new facial piercing (nostril), bringing the grand total to 33 with all 14 ear piercings included. Quick shots of the tattoos and piercings are behind the cut. I apologise for some of them being blurry, but it is early and I am tired, achy and possibly slightly high from the MSC fumes. XD
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