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Have you ever had one of those days where you wanted to beat the everliving hell out of someone in hopes that a clue-by-four to the head will make them understand something, just a tiny, tiny bit? I'm having one of those days. There's this thread on DoA, posted by a guy who's either the most obtuse person on the planet or is just trolling for the lulz. Either way, he's fucking annoying and I want to tell him to piss off, or go fuck himself, or something equally not sunshine-and-puppies. HE's got this notion about BJDs-that they'r a really really good investment becasue the industry is *totally going to tank in a couple years and his three (yes, folks, count 'em, three) dolls are somehow going to be worth a mint because they have factory faceups and are in mint condition. ....I'll let you get your laughter under control before I continue, shall I?

...Right, now we've all got hold of ourselves, here's the thread:

It seems, more or less, that he's mainly whinging because Iplehouse had the nerve to shut down for a couple months when Americans (and we must all bow to TEH MIGHT OF THE 'MURICAN NATION, don'tchaknow) have money to spend, and also because he got a pair of option feet from Elfdoll that weren't the exact same shade as his doll's body. My opinion? He's either a troll or a fukking moron. He's also arrogant in the extreme, completely unable to grok a single thing we're saying, and an admitted opportunist who's into these dolls because he thinks he'll make ton of money off them, as they're "contemporary Asian art". LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL He comes in knowing bugger-all about the hobby, the people buying these dolls, why we buy them, the properties of resin and everything else, and then essentially declares himself an expert on art and investments and whatever other bollox he's spouting. Uhm. What.

I've been trying to keep my mouth shut and just bask in the glory of the fuckery that is that thread, because he's got even the brilliant and usually silver-tongued JennyNemesis, among others, utterly gobsmacked. It's absolutely fantastic, really, the level of stupidity this dude is showing. He just does. not. understand. The hobby, the people in it, or how it/they work/think. I'm still waiting for Godwin's Law to be invoked-it isn't truly epic fuckery until someone mentions Nazis! XD

For your convenience, I present a few choice posts by him:
In which the wank begins and he starts on his way to missing the point
The OP )

In which the point of the hobby and the replies being given is passed by on his way to wherever *his* point is going.
First response to replies )

Response to a couple of other posts )
Awesome, so now some of us are too young and stupid to demand our 'rights', I guess?

Yet more point missing and misunderstanding/ignorance )

And his most recent post, wherein he's STILL not getting it )

The level on which he fails/is missing the point/is displaying colossal stupidity is mind-boggling.

And my response to his latest post, because I couldn't help myself any longer:
MY post, which is as polite and coherent as I could manage )

So, what do you good folks think?
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I am so damned sick of all the doll-related bullshit, from the stuff like the "Cheap doll after cheap doll" thread to the open bashing of Volks in a thread that's meant to be about what people like about them. Why can't we all just get along, or, barring that, just shut the bloody fuck up and enjoy playing with our dollies? Do we really have to bash other companies and be nasty or act like idiotic elitists to enjoy ourselves? Does telling someone who buys cheaper dolls that they're just too lazy/stupid to save up and buy the more expensive dolls which are clearly so much better and more awesome really make you feel good? Does telling people who like Volks that they're just stupid and ignorant and being tricked into buying into the hivemind/hype and you are SO KEWL AND SPESHUL AND OMG DARING 1337 TRUTHTELLERS who are educating the poor sods who were dumb REALLY make you happy? If so, WHY? Why do you give one iota of a damn what other people do with their money that they earned? What makes you feel like you have the right to dictate what people can and should buy, or whether you can determine that someone's mental status by whether they like gore mods or not? How is John X in California affecting you in Queensland in buying fifteen Bobobies if he wants to? So what if someone wants to make an army of cheap dolls beacuse they don't want to save up for more expensive ones? WHO. CARES. It boggles my mind that people are so very obsessed with what people do with their money, and that people can be so moronic about companies on *both* ends of the spectrum.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I have dollie news! :D I may, no, scratch that, *will* be getting a new boy with part of my tax return. He's sort of a secret at the moment because I'm not sure if I'm going to get the one I'm eyeing or if I'll have to piece him together from different sellers on the MP. Trust me, though, he will be awesome. He's not one you'd probably expect me to go for, but someone around here *glares at Amubleu* has such a gorgeous one that I've decided I need one, too. (and no, he's not a drayton. XD) I was torn between a couple of different dolls, but I'm about 99% sure of which one I'm getting now. He's already told me his name, by the way, which is Seiji Tanaka. I have no idea why my guys are suddenly demanding Japanese names, but they are and I'm just going with it.
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...Seriously. The stupidity of some of our members astonishes. I'm not quite certain how some of these idiot mouth-breathers manage to find their way onto the internet nd to DoA, but I wish they'd go bck where they came from. I'm sick of the "Is this okay to do with a doll?" threads and the not-relly-a-debate debate threads, like a particularly irritating one currently going on about controvrsial doll stories by a person who is lerly either incpable of comprehending the english languge or terminally dense. Really,evvidently we e supposed to OMG be more careful and post more warnings in cse we might possibly offend someone with some aspect of our dolls' characters! ECAUSE WE ARE IN A PUBLIC VENUE, YOU KNOW, AND WE NEED TO BE MORE CONSIDERATE OF WHETHER WE MIGHT POSSIBLY OFFEND JOE BLOW IN MIDDLETOWN, NOWHERE, EMMET!
Honestly, seeing stuff like this:
I understand what you're saying, but sometimes I feel as though being "Public" doesn't have enough restrictions. Everyone should be free to do what they want, with the concept that sometimes there are some people that MAY be offended by it. People need to realize that they can't do or say whatever they want without consequence. I understand that it's not possible to please everyone all the time, but perhaps there should be some more sufficient warnings for people to attempt to save some people the pain of being offended.

I just think people are becomming more and more inscensitive to the thoughts and lives of others....

It makes me want to heddesk until the trauma mkes me forget I've seen it. Seriously, DOA user? It is not our fucking job to make sure every single little thing tht any individual uer might not like seeing is warned for to avoid scarring their pwecious psyche. How many more fucking restrictions and warning do you want put in place and do you not understand the concept of a sodding PUBLIC SPACE? Bleeding hell. Public spaces are plces where *gasp* people of DIFFERING BACKGROUNDS AND OPINIONS COME TOGETHER! policing what can be shared in those spaces to n excesive degree is NOT conducive to ideas being shared among those groups. No, it is not possible to please everyone all the time, but you seem to believe that the alternative is to DISplease everyone all the time. Do we need to use smaller fucknig words to get it through your thick skull or something? We. Have. Warning Labels. They. Work. IT . IS. NOT. OUR. BLOODY. FAULT. IF SOMEONE GETS OFFENDED BY SOMETHING THEY CHOSE TO CLICK ON. It is not our responsibility to not post something jut becuse someone somewhere might possibly be offended by it. We do not and should not hsve to earn for snything that might be even slightly controversial to someone. Major things, yes, every single little issue, no.The world does not fucking revolve around you, we are not your effing babyitters, and we are sodding well not here to coddle you and protect your poor little eyes from hteer it is that's so awful to you.
As for that almost-getting-sent-to-the-office-for-looking-at-whtever-thread-it-was thing? Here, let me play the smallest fucking violin in the world for you for your terrible troubles.---> .
And as for I just think people are becomming more and more inscensitive to the thoughts and lives of others....

No, people are becoming more and more selfish little wankers who can't look past MEMEME long enough to see that there are other fucking people in the world who do not have a deire or duty to cater to their whining and bawwing. The World does not revolve around you, you twits, it is not built to coddle and protect you, and the faster you learn that, the better off we ill all be.


Feb. 5th, 2010 04:41 pm
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I need to learn to stay out of the discussion forums on DoA. Never have I seen such shining examples of stupidity and ignorance, as well as unlimited amounts of bawww. I made the mistake of checking out the "Girls Loving Girls" thread and stumbled across this gem posted by a member who shall remain nameless. Go look, you'll see who it is.

They said:
I would think because the vast majority of people on here are ladies, and most of them are hetero.

Personally I destest girl+girl couples, I'm quite Gynophobic (hate of women) so I've never noticed that there was a lack of it. Cant miss what you're not looking for, you know?

To pull it off, I reccomend nothing sexual. Little pecks on the cheek, holding hands, and tears, could come off as sweet and heart warming and whatnot. But (And this is just my opinion) anything past that: making, 'touching', and sex arnt all that romantic between woman, like it is between two men (what with the pain, and all that- that comes with the deed).

LOL WHUT? The ignorant fifteen year old fanpeople like this are why all yaoi fans are seen as stupid ignorant teenagers who have no idea what gay men are actually like.

There was a good response to this person by autumnrain:
Wow, [name deleted], nothing like a bit of lesbophobic misogyny to make my day, with a bit of ignorance about gay men thrown in. Male/male sex doesn't have to be painful - female/female sex doesn't have to be pain free. Look up fisting. And physical pain isn't needed for romance or to "pull it off", for heaven's sake. If you're a high school student whose fantasy life evolves around yaoi, though, it's not surprising that you don't have a very realistic or adult idea of gay sex, let alone sex in general. Just don't make inane prescriptions about what the grownups need to do to "pull off" depictions of lesbianism.

My own thoughts on this person's post?
I..just....what? M/M gay couples are fantastic but F/F ones aren't? Yay selective homophobia!:roll:
Also, what autumnrain said. Sex between two men doesn't have to hurt, and sex between two women isn't always painless. and how does physical pain=romance? Do they think the same thing about straight couples? If it's some sort of "This hurts but I'm letting him do it anyway because I love him" idea, well, that's bullshit, sorry to inform you, fellow DoAer. I know you're only fifteen, but you have a seriously fucked up idea of gay relationships and the mechanics of sex. I can honestly say that at that age, I knew exactly how it worked and was as annoyed by the lack of lube in most works as I am now. (Srsly, mangaka? Spit is not going to be effective lubricant, nor is blood. and FFS, have you never heard of stretching that shit out before sex? How often have *you* had anal sex and just let your partner shove it in without at least lube? and if you have, how many times have you been to a hospital to get stitched up afterward?)

See, this is why I understand why people get pissed off at all the yaoi and unrealistic gay male doll couples out there. You get people like this who apparently have never heard of lube or preparation and think that gay men just go round sticking their dicks in without warning or something. doesn't work that way, folks. And look, I like yaoi as much as the next girl, but the one thing that irritates the hell out of me is the whole rape-is-love thing. Nonononono. Relationships do not work that way, fictional or not. :/

In unrelated news, OMG I HAS A SHIPPING NOTICE! *flail* My doll is on his way home! I had no idea it was going to be this fast, I was expecting at least another week or two of waiting. I am also waiting for my manga, which shipped yesterday and my new doll hands.
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What the fuck is the deal with people worrying about what other people are doing with their dolls? What's the deal with them complaining about what other people do with their dolls, and about them posting threads to whine about what they don't like about other people doing with their dolls? I ask because I've just seen another of those threads on DoA that amounts to "bitch here about about other people's customisations". The list includes, of all things, *pupilless eyes*. apparently those are some horrible travesty of dollydom along with bad faceups and scarring.
'K, I understand not wanting to see certain things, I understand not liking bad faceups and shit like that. But why is it people feel the need to publicly baww about it to the entirety of the site? No-one really cares that you don't like pubic hair or third eyes or nipple rings, okay? Bitching about it just makes you all sound like assholes. Why the bloody fuck is it your business, really? That's why the "That does NOT belong on a doll" thread annoys me. Sure, I get sick of all the blowing sunshine up everbody's arses sometimes, but really, do we *need* one or more threads about this shit?
I have to ask, because maybe one of you guys gets it more than I do, but what the bleeding hell is with the attiude of "These are ART! Anything less than perfection on them is an INSULT TO THEM AND THEIR CREATOR!" or the "All dorries must be pretty and cute and perfect and no-one wants to see your ugly scarred/pierced/less-than-perfectly-modded doll, you horrible owner!" I will admit to occasionally cringeing or saying that I feel sorry for X doll, but I don't baww about it (much). I do not get why people seem to feel that the doll of someone who lives five thousand miles away is somehow affecting their collection to the point that they have to whine about it to people who don't actually care, or why people feel the need to be petty and mean about something so stupid. We are not sodding grade schoolers here, so why the first grade attitude? "Nyahnyah, your dollie is ugly! *sticks tongue out*"
What. The. Fuck?
I know the same could be said about me reading this thread but it needs to be said for the millionth time: If you don't llike it, don't look at it. You don't have to look at Person X's gore mod, or person Y's be-merkined doll, or even Person Z's doll with pupilless eyes. Your browser has this nifty thing called a BACK button; you press it and it takes you to the previous page: problem solved. Well, except for that one where you're whining about what other people are doing with their toys.
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Okay, so, there's this awesome new BioWare game out called Dragon Age: Origins. I am getting it today (Joker figure plus cool new fantasy game? BEST DAY-BEFORE-MY-BIRTHDAY EVER!:)) and by all accounts it is made of win and awesome. But are we hearing about this? Are we hearing about the six different character origin options and the degree of customisation your character has or how Zevran for some reason sounds like Antonio Banderas? NO.
This is because a good chunk of the internet is having a collective fit of apoplexy over how YOU CAN HAVE TEH DURRRTY GHEY SEXZZ0RS WITH ZEVRAN OH MY JEEBUS! Seriously, guys? It's optional. That means, for those of you out there on the intertubes who don't understand long words, that you. do not. have. to fuck. the elf. Guess what? You can have lesbian sex with another character and het sex, too. No-one cares about that though, because it is clearly not as bad as the EVIL HOMOSEKSHALS! Holy shit, you gaiz, this might, like, make guys turn gay or some shit, right? Cos you know that you can ttly catch teh ghey from playing a vidya game where the character has an option to be other than completley ubermasculine and unquestionably hetrosekshual.
Shut the fuck up, guys. No-one is making you play that option, you have to go through a bunch of dialogue and choose the right options for it to even happen, and seriously, if you feel your heterosexuality or religious beliefs or whatever threatened by it, PLAY ANOTHER FUCKING GAME, yeah? ALso, if you haven't played the game andareoly going by hearsay about TEH DURRRTY GHEY SEX. Fuck off. Better yet, play the game. This scene you're so worried about? It's not explicit. There are no dangly bits, no shots of penetration, and lots of fading to black. The most you get to see is kissing, groping and mostly-nakedness. (And some fucking weird music to, uh...set the mood, maybe? I dunno. Sweeping, epic video game music more fit for LOTR or somthing, not the background to pretty much public interspecies (or same species if you'ran elf) buttsex. It's odd.)
Well done with the mass-homophobia and double standards there, internet. Girl-on-girl is hot but guy-on-guy is ew? Nice job being open-minded, losers. Here's something that might shock you: there are gay gamers. :O There are also lesbian and bisexual gamers. There are also heterosexual gamers who like seeing something other than: See Hero. See Hero slay dragon. See Hero bang two women in sex minigame complete with controller shaking rumble pack action (I'm looking at you, God Of War). The fuck's wrong with once in a while seing: See Hero. See Hero slay dragon. See Hero bang elf dude in a tent?
Also, Jimmy Kimmel: Fuck off. You're not clever, kthxbai.
Oh, BioWare, how ILU guys and your awesomeness and ability to piss off the homophobic nerds. Don't ever change. <3


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