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Floating head guy now has a (temporary, at least) body! :D I got him a Popodoll body off the DoA marketplace. It's actually one of the ones I was looking at before but wasn't sure about, but after seeing the photos in the FS thread, I decided to go for him. I'm seriously considering upgrading to a Volks BW body for him later (thanks to you, amubleu, you evil, evil woman XD), but this'll do for now. I really want a thick-ish body for this boy just because almost all of The Menagerie are scrawny little undernourished waifs. >.< Of course, having someone who actually looks like he has a sammich once in a while might backfire and make the rest of the crew look even scrawnier, but whatever. This body isn't quite as solid looking (that is, more broad and substantial as opposed to sort of thin and slightly underfed) as the Volks body is, but it's close and I do like it. Also, I think I surprised the seller a little. XD I offered what she wanted for the whole doll for just the body+clothes she was sending with it. (I figured it was only fair, splitting a doll is kinda inconvenient cos then you have to find a buyer for the other part.)
One photo of the body (disregard the head, plz):

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Felt like doing an update in the thread on DoA, so I figured I'd also post it here. I had not quite realised what a pain it was going to be to pose nine SDs, two minis and four tinies to get a marginally decent shot of the lot of them. The lighting turned out horribly, but here they all are:

List o' who's who in the Crass Menagerie:
Standing: Aurelius (Unidoll Ark)
In chairs, left to right: Sean and Seamus (DZ X/Fdoll hybrids), Sheenagh (RS Lian), Billy (Elfdoll William Winterberry), Sid (Fairyland Pukipuki Chichi), Corpseblossom (Bobobie Sunny), Damien (Cherishdoll Chubby Demon), Syndrome (Luts El/Domuya hybrid), Ian (Luts Wintery '08/ResinSoul hybrid)
Seated on the floor, left to right:Lucien (AA Er), Dorian (Obitsu Gretel boy), Ligiea (Bobobie Sprite), Alexander (DZ Mo), Finnegan (Bobobie Weylin)

I must say, I am struck by the overwhelming amount of black in the colour scheme here. I think the only one who isn't wearing any is Billy, who's having none of the nonsense of the rest of the crew.>.


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