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Welp, my Otakon kinda sucked. Ended up working almost the entire time to make up for being understaffed and having some staffers who decided that they only had to work when they weren't busy disappearing to do what they wanted. >:( My feet are rubbed completely raw at the back (kinda my fault for the shoes I wore, though, stupid me >.<) and my legs still ache from walking so much. There was either more concentrated stupid than I've ever seen before this year OR the level of concentrated stupid was just more visible to us down in art show this time. We had pissy, bitchy primadonna artists, stupid, obnoxious bidders screwing up bid cards for fun, idiots taking photos in a no photography zone (as usual) and just general brainlessness. Also; I got about 5-7 hours sleep this weekend. T_T Didn't really get to shop the dealers' room, however I did get to look around and do a resin match for mister floaty head. Impldoll isn't too horrible a match to the DZ resin, nor is Volks. I'm actually kind of wanting one of their bodies for him. ...Yeah, I know, me wanting a volks body after proclaiming my dislike. Go fig. e_e They're growing on me, much like fungus. (Please note, I do not actually have fungus. Also, that I am still a little loopy from needing to catch up on a little more sleep. XD)
Oh! Alsoalso; I got some awesomely cute/creepy plushies from this guy called Gus Fink. It is so sad, we've run into each other so often at cons that he recignises me now. I'm just a little bit of a fangirl. XD I also got a really great shirt from amubleu. It's black, long-sleeved and has a moth printed on it, and I've decided Luke is going to get it, mostly becasue he's the only onw of my guys who wouldn't kill me for putting them in it and also because it's simply perfect for him. He has a moth on his cheek, too, so it really works for him.
Oh, and for the record, if they ever find out who pulled the damn fire alarm and had the ENTIRE FUCKING CONVENTION CENTER evacuated for an hour, I will personally rip out their spine and beat them with it. Bloody b-tard assholes. (I hate 4-chan. :/)
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Got that lot I was bidding on! I ended up paying more for it than I really wanted to, but I was damned if I'd stayed up since about 1PM yesterday waiting for the bloody auction to end just to be outbid in the last couple minutes. Take that, bid-sniping bitches! :D

Sooo, what am I getting, exactly? Full list:
Limited Edition and Un-impables:
Black Phoenix Trading Post Atmospheric Linen & Room Spray Warrior Queens Templum Victoriae, Le Mat: Coxcomb, Le Mat: Marotte, Lycaon Lunacy 2006, Philosophers in Meditation, Sugar Skull 2008, SNAKE CHARMER original, Tupapau, To Helen Lupercalia 2008
Regular Imps:
Bengal, Black Lily, Blood Countess, Bloodlust, Cockaigne, Czernobog, Drink Me, Embalming Fluid, Eris X 2, Ether, Fallen, Grog, Haunted, Havana, Imp, Juliet, Ladon, Lightning, Love In Idleness, Nero, Olokun, Penny Dreadful X 2, Phantom, Port-Au-Prince, Queen Alice, Serpent’s Kiss, Sudha Segara, Tavern of Hell, The Antikythera Mechanism, The Coiled Serpent, Titania, Twenty One, Viacomte de Valmont, Vice, Whip, Zephyr

This is, of course, excluding any goodies that get thrown in. :D I am off to the bank to put my moniez in so I can pay for all the yummy smelly things. XD I may also grab some sort of celebratory foodstuff. I haven't eaten for pretty much the last twelve or so hours,and staying up all night was kind of tiring, having Hellsing and Sherlock Holmes to help me or not.

I also got the package with the imps from the BPAL forum member and hoshit, JUKE JOINT! I definitely like this one. Spicy-sweet and more bourbon than mint in the imp, reversed (more mint than bourbon and a tiny bit of sugar) wet and dries to a lovely light powdery mint with just a little sweetness and sharpness of booze. <3


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