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So, you guys have probably seen the Edward and Bella Tonner dolls, right? you may also know that said dolls are kind of fug. Well, I heard/saw that there were to be James, Victoria and Laurenet dolls released as well, and was expecting the same kind of fug and so wasn't remotely interested. Well, now I have a problem. I picked up a copy of Doll Reader,and it had previews of the dolls in it. The Victoria and Laurent dolls I have no interest in, but the James doll? ....I WANTS EEEET! It's the only one of the lot I really like, but I can't buy it! *weeps* I'm not balking at the price, which actually isn't that bad (oh, BJD hobby, how you've skewed my previously held view of "expensive" XD), just the fact that it's, well...Twilight-related. Damn you Robert Tonner for making a decent looking doll for a shitty series, and damn you Twilight for sucking so badly I won't buy the dorrie I want because it's related to you!
The doll:
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Soyeah. This is a special post just for j00 Will, but also for all my flist/fellow antis. This was written a bit ago, so it's kind of rough still,as i haevn't gone back to fix it, but it gets my point across, I think.
Also? h8rs to tha left plz. Twifans get to rant about how sezzy Deadweird is, we get to rant about how much he's really not.
Cut for rantage )
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So,this is as much as I've got right now, since the twins are finally shutting the hell up for a while, but there maybe more to add, especially if I end up reading any more of these books. (I don't know if I can put myself through that, though.)

Edward the vampire bunny...I can see that. Bet he'd be beige.... )

Well, there ya go...that was a brief journey into the dark recesses of my brain and the inner workings of vampire minds. I apologise for any scarring it might have caused.
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In which the twin!snark continues and there is talk of Sparklecocks, gay vampire sex and Charlie the Unicorn. My brain is a scary place.O_o

So..I've been thinking about the sparkly vampires... )
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and the twins will not stop talking about Twilight. Apparently, I can't read a book without the characters in my head ripping it apart. The thoughts that have come out of reading this book and the recaps of the other three are actually pretty damned funny, at least to me. I feel the need to share the weird conversations that occurred in my head during the reading of the book.
In three parts because S&M just would.not.shut.up. O_o I think my dolls are taking over my brain. Also, easily offended Twihards turn back now. No, really. Please. There is mention of jazz hands, sparkly vampire sex and possibly some political incorrectness. (They're vampires and also pretty much assholes when they're together and have a common target for their bad behavior, what do you really expect out of them?) Oh, and Sparklecocks.

(Oh, and so we're clear, "S" is Spike/Sea(mus) and "M" is Mace/Sean.)
Part one of The Twilight Zone )


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