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...Yeah. So, since I have a boy in need of some elegant gothy clothing and that style is sorely lacking in the BJD world, I have decided that I will be attempting to make some clothing myself from a seriously awesome pattern set I found.(Gracefaerie ROCKS!)I shall be attempting a poet shirt or two, as well a some pants and a waist cincher. Without a sewing machine. Fear me! (Or maybe just fear *for* me, these things never seem to go well...)
At least I know I can't really screw up the jabot or hat I'll also be working on for him.
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Soo...that sewing project? Went just as badly as I'd anticipated. At least the material didn't cost me that much. :(

Also, I feel like posting some photos of the twins.They're probably utterly craptastical in quality, but I still want to show them off. After all, what's the point of taking pictures if I'm not gonna show them off?
Editd to add: I did not realise how MASSIVE these things are even with resizing. I ish sorry 'bout that.

This way to the dollpix )
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...and I can clearly see it ending up a huge case of utter failure. I...am not the best seamstress in the world, but I decided I'd sew the twins matching outfits. Of course, I have never attempted to do such a thing before, but that's not stopping me. Wish me luck...XP

PS: Why is it so FREAKING hard to find fishnet fabric? Srsly...I had to search hard for what I've got and it cost me ten bucks for half a yard. Not cool. :(


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