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Since I have a massive pile of pony beads (seriously, I have an entire eighteen drawer screw/ part organizer full of them, sorted by colour), I decided to actually do something with them for the first time in a while. I *was* working on a pony bead banner, but somehow it's gone missing. It's here, somewhere, but has as yet eluded my efforts to find it. Stupid thing.

I have, therefore, decided to work on something else. Rewatching Tiger and Bunny gave me an idea: pony bead call bracelets! But, since I have freakishly small wrists, I decided that keychains would probably be better than actual bracelets. It wasn't hard to work out the stitch to use or a pattern, but actually making them took some time. The result:
Picture behind the cut )
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Say hello to the newest member of the action figure branch of the menagerie:
"Did I mention I'm armed?"

Yep, that would be Captain John Hart, Time Agent. (Or, alternatively, Space Spike.) In this case, I actually can say he used to be Spike-a Human Spike, to be precise. When I discovered that such a thing existed, I knew I had to get hold of one and make a John figure for myself.

Actually, I think I really decided I wanted to do this custom when I discovered that DiD (an action figure company that does really amazing military figures, including a number of historical ones) made a few hussar figures. Seeing a 1:6th scale hussar jacket mostly sparked the idea. Of course, I searched *everywhere* for one, but ended up not being able to find one that was a)loose and b)affordable, especially considering hat it, being a dark colour, would need to be bleached and dyed. In the end, I just made one myself.

Several pieces of his outfit are handmade, actually. I also made his wrist strap, his shirt (the process of which, BTW, had me asking "Hey, does this look dirty enough to you?" for the first time ever), the scabbard for the katana, the gun belts and holsters, and the thing that holds the katana scabbard.(Sorry, the name is escaping me right now. DX)The guns I modified via sanding and sculpting, as I did with the katana itself, and the boots had some leather, straps, and lacing added, as well as getting a coat of brown paint.

As for the do-sorry, action figure himself, the only things I did to him were paint his hair brown and swap his hands out. For some unknown reason, sideshow decided that it would be a good idea to release this particular figure with gloved hands. Granted, he did come with the du Lac cross from that particular episode of Buffy, but that is the only time he ever wore gloves in the entire series. The exclusive version did come with swappable bare hands, but they had black nails. The not-so-good Captain, however, didn't have painted nails, so I picked up some spares that didn't have polish. (Not that it's relevant, but I discovered upon receipt of this particular Spike that he does happen to be one of the SS exclusives, so I do have the bare set with black nails, too. YAYZ!)

I think he came together pretty well, though his collar is a little effed up. I had to take in the jeans and the shirt I made (and the jacket as well, which is fine with me, as it looks better now), but those weren't problems. He's not perfect, especially since I had to redo the collar and cuffs of the jacket three or four times, and there was a liberal use of hot glue in the construction of the outfit, but he's good enough for me.

I should probably mention, there are two other new additions to the action figure crew, too-a Graduation Day Buffy, who came with former-Spike (for less than I could possibly have found her by herself, even), and another Human Spike, who will actually be remaining Spike. (I had to try THREE BLOODY TIMES to get another one. I got outbid on two of them, but fortunately did snag the third. He was more expensive than I'd have liked, but still less than half the price of what some people are selling him for these days.)
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So, I am slightly less miffed about PSoH. I found the first volume on ebay for three bucks. Then I found 2-6 for about six dollars each on a different site. So, I now have six of ten books soon to be on their way to me! :D My day is looking up.
I got my bottle of Heretic's Fork today and it is goood.:) I like it. blood and metal, yay! I kind of want to layer this with Whip or Crowley for Aurelius.) I also got my empty vials for decanting.
Also, I am weeeeeak. I ordered a bottle of U from the Mutter Museum because I am exactly the kind of geek who would love to smell like old books and the oil sounds fantastic. Of course, if I turn out to dislike it, there's also the bonus of being able to trade it away for something good. :)

*siiigh* So, at the moment, I am awaiting:
The Antikythera Mechanism
Phoenix Steamworks
Juke Joint

I am also bidding on Dead Man's Hand, an aged bottle of Dorian and a lot made up of a bottle of aged Snake Oil + a partial of Smut.
The final thing I am waiting for (in addition to new wigs for the twins) is a pair of hands for Luke, whose horrible Abio Angel sausage fingers I can no longer stand to look at. >.< They have a purple manicure, which might change once they arrive. (Knowing him, though, he might love the purple and demand that it stay.)


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