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This is the third and final part of his transformation into my fallen angel. This is where I dyed and painted him and did pretty much everything else to finish him up. I used Scarlet liquid RIT dye for his body, which turned out really well.
Final picture post for this project, including a photo of him fully dresses and wigged )
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Here's the next part of Zepar's transformation from run-of-the-mill Resin Soul Mu to my fallen angel.

This part is the planning/carving of the second set of eyes. I can safely say, having done this, I would definitely be up for other mods like this. It wasn't nearly as scary as I'd imagined it would be, once I got over the "OMG drilling into a $200 doll" thing. XD
Warning, the pics of his forehead being drilled into may be slightly disturbing, if for no other reason than the ton of resin dust shown. (Thank Someone for respirators! :)) I wound up using three different bits for this part, plus a beveler bit, craft knife and sandpaper.

Again, cut for photos )

The next (and last) part will be photos of his body being dyed, as well as attachment of claws, faceup and blushing/painting of horns. I'll also have a shot of him all together and dressed. He's still without a wig since I need to find him one that doesn't obsure his second set of eyes. I think he and Rel might be swapping hiar, if the other wig will allow the other eyes to be seen. With the spare DM wig I've got, you can't even see the eyes that are in the proper place on his head. XP
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So, Zepar has arrived at last! I've already taken him apart and scrubbed his faceup off, and he is currently having his horns, hooves and wings dyed. I also spraypainted his tails. Carving, dyeing, sculpting, adding magnets and painting/faceupping are yet to come.
Cut for multiple photos )


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