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I needed something decent to carry the dolls around in for this weekend's Sakura Matsuri meet and the coffin case was sorely in need of repainting and refitting, so I took out some time this week to work on it. Originally, I painted it solid black with no adornments (except for an attempt at putting RIP on the front, which didn't look good and quickly got painted over, but was still visible beneath the paint), which was functional but boring. After giving the whole thing a fresh base coat of gloss black because it was scraped up all over, I went a little crazy with the copper paint. The decoration is meant to look something like actual Victorian coffin decoration/trim, with the winged skull on the front being a really common motif from earlier Victorian headstones. It serves not just to look pretty, but also to cover up the place where the lettering was still visible on the lid.

I also refitted it with latches and added hinges. No more having to lift the lid off and stick it aside at meets-I can just open it and close it back up with no worries! :D It was about time I was smart enough to put hinges somewhere on the bloody thing. They're working out really well, too; I took it for test run and it was great. The newly-fixed latches seem to be holding well, though one of them likes to occasionally pop open, but it's not too big an issue and I'll be fixing it in the next couple days. I really want to get some handles to put on the sides because they'd complete the look, but I'm not sure if I can get them cheaply.

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I've decided to join my first ever swap on Den of Angels. I saw that someone was trying to start up/ gauge interest in a raver swap, so I jumped on it. I had a lot of fun making all of Seiji's stuff, so I'd love a chance to make more for someone else. I'm really hoping I get assigned a female doll, as I don't have as much chance to sew for girls as I'd like. (The only SD girl I have is Sheenagh.)

This is kind of exciting for me, because I have a bunch of ideas rattling around in my head and would like to see how they work out. I've been scouring my favourite kandi pattern site for ones that I like which I think will also appeal to whomever I get partnered with. Some of those include different kandi bikini patterns, which is actually part of why I'm hoping to be assigned a girl doll: I really want to make some. XD

I've also got a number of cuff patterns, some of which match the kandikinis. If I wanted to, I could make a whole set of Pac-man, Hello Kitty, biohazard, or radiation themed kandi pieces. (I'm leaning towards the biohazard or radiation ones, myself.) A few of the designs could also be made into tank tops in the same way I made Seiji's. Turns out that a lot of people who make full-size kandi tops use exactly that method, so at least it wasn't a completely off-the-wall idea. XD The tank top would probably come in if I get assigned a male doll; I doubt many owners want their boys in bikinis!

Hopefully, the swap will fill up quickly and we'll be assigned partners in a week or so. I'm somewhat anxious to get started because I have a good sized list of things to do, some of which will take longer than others.

So far, my list of things to make for the swap are:
-kandi bikini(s) or tank top(s)
-UFO style pants or shorts (I do NOT do well at making skirts, really. I can make them, but they don't always come out so well, and I absolutely cannot make them without elastic waistbands.)
-kandi cuffs, at least two, and some singles, a flower cuff or two, and maybe an X cuff. I haven't really decided yet
-fluffy legwarmers (I have pretty much all of that half meter piece of neon rainbow insanity fur I bought left, so my partner is definitely getting a pair)
-shirt(s), at least one black or white one, possibly one of each, with some kind of design on them (rainbow heart, maybe? Not sure yet)
-kandi necklaces
-a kandi tie or bow, maybe both (Though bows are a pain.in.the.bum., at least the way I was shown to make them.)
-kandi purse/bag with strap
-a respirator

I could make a kandi mask, and still might, but I have some casts of my 1/3 respirator already made and only in need of some sanding and patching up to be relatively decent pieces. I've chosen what I think is the best of the three, and will do the touch ups and painting, and attach straps. My plan is to paint it black and stencil either biohazard symbols or radiation symbols on the filters. (Sure, I could cast a new piece-I do have plenty of resin left-but why waste a perfectly good piece because it's imperfect?)

This should be the final list, but things could change according to the likes/dislikes of the person I'm partnered with.
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Since I have a massive pile of pony beads (seriously, I have an entire eighteen drawer screw/ part organizer full of them, sorted by colour), I decided to actually do something with them for the first time in a while. I *was* working on a pony bead banner, but somehow it's gone missing. It's here, somewhere, but has as yet eluded my efforts to find it. Stupid thing.

I have, therefore, decided to work on something else. Rewatching Tiger and Bunny gave me an idea: pony bead call bracelets! But, since I have freakishly small wrists, I decided that keychains would probably be better than actual bracelets. It wasn't hard to work out the stitch to use or a pattern, but actually making them took some time. The result:
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Say hello to the newest member of the action figure branch of the menagerie:
"Did I mention I'm armed?"

Yep, that would be Captain John Hart, Time Agent. (Or, alternatively, Space Spike.) In this case, I actually can say he used to be Spike-a Human Spike, to be precise. When I discovered that such a thing existed, I knew I had to get hold of one and make a John figure for myself.

Actually, I think I really decided I wanted to do this custom when I discovered that DiD (an action figure company that does really amazing military figures, including a number of historical ones) made a few hussar figures. Seeing a 1:6th scale hussar jacket mostly sparked the idea. Of course, I searched *everywhere* for one, but ended up not being able to find one that was a)loose and b)affordable, especially considering hat it, being a dark colour, would need to be bleached and dyed. In the end, I just made one myself.

Several pieces of his outfit are handmade, actually. I also made his wrist strap, his shirt (the process of which, BTW, had me asking "Hey, does this look dirty enough to you?" for the first time ever), the scabbard for the katana, the gun belts and holsters, and the thing that holds the katana scabbard.(Sorry, the name is escaping me right now. DX)The guns I modified via sanding and sculpting, as I did with the katana itself, and the boots had some leather, straps, and lacing added, as well as getting a coat of brown paint.

As for the do-sorry, action figure himself, the only things I did to him were paint his hair brown and swap his hands out. For some unknown reason, sideshow decided that it would be a good idea to release this particular figure with gloved hands. Granted, he did come with the du Lac cross from that particular episode of Buffy, but that is the only time he ever wore gloves in the entire series. The exclusive version did come with swappable bare hands, but they had black nails. The not-so-good Captain, however, didn't have painted nails, so I picked up some spares that didn't have polish. (Not that it's relevant, but I discovered upon receipt of this particular Spike that he does happen to be one of the SS exclusives, so I do have the bare set with black nails, too. YAYZ!)

I think he came together pretty well, though his collar is a little effed up. I had to take in the jeans and the shirt I made (and the jacket as well, which is fine with me, as it looks better now), but those weren't problems. He's not perfect, especially since I had to redo the collar and cuffs of the jacket three or four times, and there was a liberal use of hot glue in the construction of the outfit, but he's good enough for me.

I should probably mention, there are two other new additions to the action figure crew, too-a Graduation Day Buffy, who came with former-Spike (for less than I could possibly have found her by herself, even), and another Human Spike, who will actually be remaining Spike. (I had to try THREE BLOODY TIMES to get another one. I got outbid on two of them, but fortunately did snag the third. He was more expensive than I'd have liked, but still less than half the price of what some people are selling him for these days.)
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So, this guy will be the last resin brat I get for a good while. I managed to find a couple of Pixius in stock at DDE, so I got the one grey one (without a faceup) they had. I figured that there was not much reason to not do it while I had a little money to spare and the chance to get him without a three month wait. I've named him Niall, and he is going to be a little storm dragon. I won't bore you with the box opening photos (because they're not actually particularly exciting), but here is one shot of what he looked like when he arrived, and a couple of the blushing/painting I did. I wen with black and dark grey colouring since he's grey resin, and I don't think he turned out too badly. I need to pick up a can of testors so I can touch up a couple of spots, but other than that, he's done. I have no idea what, if anything, he will be wearing. I may make a kilt for him, but I don't know if I'm up to making one even smaller than Declan's.

Niall upon arrival:

I spent a few minutes playing with him, and then got down to the business of getting him painted.
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For reasons unknown even to me, I have spent the last couple of day attempting to create a Yo-sized kilt out of pleather. Somehow, Declan is becoming my wee Celtic warrior demon child. ...Yeah, I've got nothing. It's just happening, so I'm going with it. Making anything out of pleather is not a fun prospect. Making something out of pleather that needs to be pleated and ironed is all kinds of not fun. I first tried to be lazy and glue it, which didn't work, so I ended up having to sew it. There was a second attempt at making a kilt with a different piece of fabric, which I ruined by accidentally melting the pleather while ironing the pleats. I did manage to salvage my first attempt, though, with some time taken to scrape off glue and sew on a waistband. It doesn't look too bad, though there's a scraped spot I need to figure out how to touch up, and the pleats are a little too big.

He's wearing his coat and kilt now, as well as a spare pair of action figure boots I split up the back (which of course I only put on after I took these photos, for some reason). What better to wear with a black leather kilt than combat boots, right? The boy looks a bit like an escapee from either a goth club or a ren faire, but I think he looks pretty good. I may end up putting some studs or something on the kilt for decoration, but for now I'm leaving it alone. There is no way in any of the hells I am making another kilt out of pleather any time soon. x.x

The Kilt:

Wee warrior boy, now with hair! :D (and, uh, yet another sharp object.)

Because I didn't take a picture of it before, lookit that leetle tail! <3

"Are we done yet?" >:/

By the way, Danielle, I have to thank you again for that kilt pin. It did not occur to me until I had almost finished sewing on the waistband and was wondering how to fasten the kilt (since the only snaps I have are flimsy plastic) that I had a kilt pin waiting in a bag to be used for something. I am just a little dense sometimes. XD It's working perfectly (being a pin specifically for, well, pinning kilts, and all) and it really makes the crappy little kilt I made look better. <3
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I am completely blaming this on you, Danielle. XD (Okay, so maybe it's a little bit my fault, too.) You DID say that I needed a Yo-sized doll, after all. I've been wanting that Resinsoul Pixiu and was going to order it, but discovered that it would take a month minimum to get from RS, so (horribly impatient person that I am) I started looking around. No dealers had him in stock, but I did come across 5stardoll's fantasy tinies at Mint On Card. One of them was a cute little red guy who pretty much looks like a baby Hellboy. (Horns and a tail, and an option claw hand/"mythic arm" attachement, as well as horn stumps when you take the magnetic horns off.) He called to me and I just couldn't resist, so I present to you the first new guy of the year, Declan:

More pictures:
Standing up, without the wings:

For the LOLZ:
The best part is that that outfit does not look half so ridiculous on him as it did on the Angelus figure it came from.

Somehow, he came out a lot less sad/anxious looking than the promo pictures. Declan's a little more "Go 'way hoomin, I's playin'! *glare*" than the sadface that the product photos show.

Weirdly, his sculpt is off topic on DoA. *Headscratch* Apparently, his face doesn't fit aesthetically? How I'm not sure, but ooookay. (Srsly, if flower fairies that can't wear wigs and have arms that don't resemble any terrestrial life form's limbs can be on topic, how the everloving hell is lack of an upper lip and a very slightly apelike nose cause for being OT?) Not that I care overmuch, it's just weird. I do love how much mention there is about the sculpt in the 5SD tiny thread despite his OT-ness. XD

Unfortunately, the jeans I got for him (which came from a doll I got at a thrift store) won't go on all the way because of his feet+the way they're cut, but I wisely had made a backup pair of leather trousers, so he's not pantsless. the striped shirt and grey jacket that were also part of the doll's outfit are fine on him, though, and I also have a white shirt and a sleeveless pleather trenchcoat which are good on him. (I am so very amused by him trying to be a fearsome tiny demon in his little coat and boots and trousers. >.< Even borrowing the Buffy vamps' tiny axes and human bones doesn't make him intimidating.) Action figure clothing evidently fits them well, so he may get a few more things eventually. He'll need a wig first, however; the one I got free with him is very much not going to work, since it's a puffy silver pageboy kind of thing. (He also got free eyes and two pair of shoes, one of which was a pair of red and white polka dotted sneakers, the other a pair of white zip up boots with no laces, which I spray painted black to go with the coat and trousers and put laces in.) Oh, and those shiny black things in the bg are the wings he's wearing. He borrowed them from the bigger boys, and they actually don't look bad despite having a wingspan that's twice his height.
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Since I can't seem to stop taking photos of this boy, I decided he needed another official photoshoot. Sade, vain thing that he is, thought that there was not nearly enough eye candy for the ladies around and decided to rectify the situation. He fancies himself prime pinup boy material, so obviously he was the best man for the job. I can't really disagree with him, honestly-he's far too pretty handsome to not have at least one shoot like this. I've crossposted this to DoA, so you can also comment there if you like.
I had fun with this one, because, hey, pretty nekkid resin boy. :D

Cut for number of pictures and nekkid blushed dollbits )
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You've seen the squeeing OMGDOLL post, now have an official introduction post with actual pictures and babble about the new guy. His name is Sade (yes, I kept his old name. I like it too much to change it.), and he's an aspiring rockstar who hasn't quite got his new boots and contract yet. He may look a tiny bit familiar (but, you know, only if you've ever seen a certain bleached blond rockstar ever) because I had wayyy too much fun with his faceup and, well, everything else. He's got some work done that I haven't bothered with for the other boys, mostly because he's the only one I've felt really needed it. I've spent a bunch of time on his stuff, and I'll be spending a bit more time finishing certain things after the last of my supplies arrive.

So....say hello, Sade!

Sade: 'Lo there.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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So, I met up with a doll friend yesterday at Eastpoint mall because she said she had something for me (an early holiday/Christmas present) which she couldn't mail, and also just to visit for a while because I haven't seen her in months. I was wondering what it was that she couldn't post and didn't want me taking home on the bus and had a slight suspicion of what it might be, but wasn't certain. So...

Off I went. I gave her a tin of cookies I made (yes, I am still on that BAKE ALL THE THINGS! kick), and she first sat this square gift box down in front of me. I opened it and it was full of doll stuff. While I'm sitting there happy enough with the pile o' doll things, she goes, "And this is what goes with it." and hands over a. sodding. doll. box.
Me: *o* OMG you're kidding. *insert various iterations of gaping fishface here*
Her: ^_^

Yeah...she gave me her Angell-Studio Yan Di. :DDDD She'd been thinking of selling him, but decided she didn't want to/couldn't, and, knowing how much I adore the boy, decided she wanted me to have him. <3 <3 <3 I promised he'd be very well taken care of, and he really, really will. He's already got a new faceup, since she wiped everything but his mani/pedicure. :) (FFF-seriously, what do you say when someone is all, LOL HERE U GO, U CAN HAZ DOLL NAO! besides T.Ting and a lot of flaily OMGILU/OMGTHANKYOU?)

I think I may get over the OMGDOLL! reaction by the end of the day today. I'm not sure yet. XD

Also, here's a picture of the lovely new boy with his new faceup.

(Shockingly, just this once, one of my boys ended up looking less feminine than he began. I think this about the most 'manly' faceup I've ever managed, other than Aurelius's. His original was a really gorgeous, dramatic black and maroon look. I'm not sure how well I did at natural-ish, but it's not completely awful. I pretty much got the look I was going for (not wearing anything but eyeliner, and non-plucked looking eyebrows), so I'm happy. I even blushed his face (and very nearly properly!), and I hardly ever bother to do that. He may look very slightly overblushed (I can't tell, since he looks fine to me), but the extra layer or two is supposed to be there-I wanted just the slightest hint of possibly being unwell to show. He's also got a couple of beauty marks/spots that I added to cover mistakes, but which work perfectly well on this faceup. (This thing took so long. T.T I had to redo it three or four times and ended up wasting nearly half a can of Testors because his face plate kept getting smeared/covered in dirt.)

and for the lulz, how I kept my pastel-covered hands off his face plate for part of the time I was working on him:

(And I swear, I am perfectly capable of expressing myself without the use of emoticons and assorted bits of lolspeak, even if it doesn't appear so right now. Evidently, awesome surprises result in me sounding more daft than usual.)
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*blows dust off LJ* So apparently I haven't posted anything since July. O.o There's no real excuse, I've just been lazy and had nothing to say. (Not that I ever have much to say, really.)
Anyway, I wanted to show a couple of pictures from Halloween. One is from Saturday, from the Federal Hill-o-ween bar crawl and the other is from Sunday, from the benefit event at Westminster Hall. (Yeah, that sounds like some horrible, unbearably stuffy thing, I know. It was actually fun and consisted of actors telling several ghost/horror stories by Poe, Lovecraft and Bram Stoker.) The one from Westminster Hall was actually taken by a photographer from the Baltimore Sun and made it into an online gallery for the event. (She took twenty or thirty photos of me-it was kind of weird. XD)

Photos and ramblings under the cut )
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Since I haven't updated with Crap I Made in a while, here are a few things.
Mostly, I've made things for Seiji:

First off, trousers. They're UFO-ish style pink leopard print (because I <3 the obnoxious neon leopard print-I want more green and some of whateve other colours might exist so I can make more of these) and have pockets all over and elastic in the waist. They were a pain to make (the pockets, o god, the pockets! x.x) but totally worth it.

Next, a shirt. I saw a few people with pony bead tops and decided Seiji needed one. I want to make him a normal t-shirt, but I don't have the right fabric at the moment. (I want a white ringer tee with either Rainbow Brite or a My Little Pony on it, just because he's the kind of guy who'd absolutely love either one.) The beading on this was such a PITA I completely abandoned it for weeks before picking it up and forcing myself to finish. It turned out pretty well, though.

I also made him a belt out of the same neon rainbow mini pony beads. (Thanks again for the buckles and other stuff, Kuroiaisu! <3 I've finally got around to using most of it.) This was made with a different stitch, which is...actually, I'm not really sure what it's called. You take your thread, put the first row of beads on, then put the second row of beads on one end of the same strand and draw the other end through that row (so that you have one end of the thread hanging out of each end of row 2), thread row 3 onto one of the ends, thread the other end through so that, again, one end of the thread is hanging out each end, then repeat X number of times until finished. (I want to say loom, but I'm thinking that's not right. Any help on WTF it's called?)

Overall shot of him in his neon-insanity glory. I keep saying that it looks like Rainbow Brite's closet threw up on him. (You might think this stuff is ridiculous, but you haven't yet seen it with the glittery yellow vest or blue belly shirt he stole from my MSD girl. AND I haven't even started the neon rainbow fluffies or coat. XD)

Other stuff:

I can't remember if I've posted this before, but I made a better respirator. It actually looks like a proper respirator now and is sized a bit better.

The gas mask you've all seen before, but it's still kind of a WIP. I decided that I wanted to use this one for my boys for now and will worry about casting later, so I added straps to it. (If I cast this one, I can just pop all the rivets off and peel off the lining-it's on with glue that isn't too hard to remove.) It's not done yet (still need to find something for lens holders and to cut out the mesh for the filter), but it's looking...not too bad. I'm pleased with how the straps turned out, anyway.

Also, Ian got a new faceup, which turned out kind of legitimately creepy.:

I spray-painted his head and neck white, by the way (ZOMG NOOOOOO! XD), because blushing was never, ever going to get me a good solid white base. It took 3-4 tries and some acetone (I was kind of terrified of using it, but it worked out fine) to get a good enough finish to work with.
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There has recently been an uptick in the number of vampires in my home. It started with one, who was a gift from my mum at Big Apple Comic Con, and just went downhill from there.Now there are four of them living in my room, in addition to the resin ones who already lived there. They are sharing space quite happily with the Joker, something that is, honestly, kinda scary. Four demons+one human sociopath=lots of homicidal shenanigans. Here, here's a group photo of the happy little psychotic family:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
L to R that's: (Sideshow) Subway Spike; (Sideshow) Origins Liam/Angelus(who is currently wearing the Joker's spare outfit, as I couldn't stand to have 'Gelus sitting around in his c.18th century stock clothing); the Joker (with his alternate head, since I kinda broke the DX one and need to fix it); Vampire Angel and finally, Vampire Spike.

Vampire Spike is the one who started this entire bit of madness and is probably my new favourite. (Don't tell the others, I don't wanna wake up with tiny bite marks and stab wounds. And Vampire Angel has a surprisingly pointy axe.)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us He's the Sideshow Exclusive version, which means he got the dubious honor of coming with a hideous Hawaiian shirt. Said shirt lives in his box, never to see the light of day, except perhaps as a torture device for of these guys if I'm feeling silly/sadistic.

Origins Angelus came next, because I couldn't have a Spike without an Angel(us) to annoy. He's just the regular edition, so I don't feel quite as bad about not using a single bit of his stock outfit (except mayyybe sometimes the shoes; they're not too bad) as I might were he the exclusive version. I also took off the ponytail he had because really. DB with a ponytail wasn't that awful in real life, but plastic!Angelus just didn't look quite right with it. I can always reattach it if I need to. As it stands, with the sideburns that went along with the long hairstyle he's got, he just looks like he's got seventies hair now. See?
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Of course, the Seventies-ness works, because he's the companion (no, not like *that*) to my....

Subway Spike! I had to get him once I saw him, because, well, Seventies Punk Spike! :D I am very slightly disappointed that the safety pins on his vest are not actual tiny ones, but otherwise, he's pretty awesome. He even has his very own subway rail to beat unsuspecting people/figures with. The expression on his face is slightly puzzling, but I can live with it. (is he angry? annoyed? did someone tell him Man U lost a match? Inquring minds (okay, just mine) want to know.)
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Aaand finally, since I now had a human-faced Spike with a human-faced Angelus to go with him, I figured that Vampire Spike also needed a partner. (In crime, people.) So I went looking, figuring that surely they must have made a gameface Angel as well, right? And of course it must be a standard release, like Vampire Spike, since his being a vampire was kind of a Thing, right? Which meant it would be as easy to get hold of as the others, and just as cheap, right? Pssh, WRONG. As it happens, there WAS a Vampire Angel. ...He was an SDCC exclusive. ...In 2004. Oh yeah, and there were only a thousand of them. *headdesk* I was determined, though, and a little digging proved...marginally successful. I managed to find a grand total of three for sale, one of which was in my price range, barely. So, I got him, because my Spike needed his sire, and here he is:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us He's actually pretty good, though the expression is slightly odd. I think one of my favourite things is he's actually wearing a (molded on) claddagh ring. Details yay! :D

Overall, none of them are perfect, but I'm pretty happy with them. I didn't buy them because I wanted flawless work and spot-on likenesses, I bought them because I got gifted the Vamp!Spike and my inner fangirl went all squeeful-happy and wanted more. XD (and one final thing about them-I had to give the Angeluses (Angelii? Bloody Latin.) lifts to make them taller than the Spikes. The four of them all being the same height was just weird.

I actually got them a few extra things to wear, since stock outfits are all well and good, but I want my figures to be *mine*, ya know? So the Spikes have an SS jacket on the way (like the one Spike-y wore on the Nazi sub in one ep.), Origins Angelus has an entire outfit coming (black, black and, shockingly, black), there's a trenchcoat for...one of them, don't know which yet, and couple of spare pairs of boots for whoever I decide should have them. also, if you notice, they have cigarettes. Those are from a really awesome 1/6 scale accessory shop which makes all kinds of things, including a pile of cigarettes/cigarette boxes and cartons/cigars. That's a scale Marlboro pack Subway Spike is holding. Now I just need to get the boys some scale beer and blood and they'll be set. (Yes,I really am looking-some things are more difficult to find than others.)

Oh, and the Joker is still here, too, hanging out with the vampires and plotting something undoubtedly massively illegal and/or depraved.
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
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Today is the 10th annual Towel Day, a day of celebration and remembrance for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the brilliant author, Douglas Adams and, of course, the most useful item in the galaxy, the towel.

So Happy Towel day to one and all! Go out and celebrate with a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (or two, if you're very, very brave. Or Zaphod Beeblebrox.) and remember, the Answer is 42, never let a Vogon read his poetry at you, and always make sure you know where your towel is!
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So, I got back from the Combichrist show a few hours ago (Oh god why am I still awake? X.x) and I am bearing more videos and pictures than you probably actually wanted. XD It was a really, really fantastic show all around, and there was even a band I wasn't aware was going to be there (Angelspit). I got at least one video and several pictures of each, though of course I was mostly concerned with Combichrist. I'm going to link instead of directly posting images because there are so many. Hope no-one minds. ^^ (well, since this is mostly for you, Kuroiaisu, I hope you don't mind.)

I started out hanging back because, while Star Killer were good, I wasn't really in a "crowd the stage" mood yet, and not a lot of people were really there when they came on. The next band got everyone to come up to the stage, so I went, and stayed there for the rest of the night. I was literally as close as I could be without being *on* the stage, so I was happy. That's why some of the videos/pictures may not be the best shots-I was almost *too* close to get really good ones at some points.

Star Killer:


video clip: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/220/swo.mp4/

Ivardensphere: (Sorry for the shittiness of the audio on the video clip.)


video clip:http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/3240/9dt.mp4



video clip:


mic stand http://img806.imageshack.us/i/dscf2198p.jpg/

http://img836.imageshack.us/i/dscf2265x.jpg/ (Weeeeee, sometimes blur from movement makes for creepy shots. XD)
http://img600.imageshack.us/i/dscf2266.jpg/ (This one isn't much better. O.o Demonic guitarist? It *is* (Psyclon 9's) Abbey Nex, after all. Oh, by the way, Abbey Nex is playing with Combichrist on this tour. XD)
http://img9.imageshack.us/i/dscf2268y.jpg/ (om nom microphone!)

Part of "the Unicorn song" which played before they came on. (You're never gonna see no UUUUUU-NIIII-CORRRRN!): http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/864/fqg.mp4/

Clips of the band itself (themselves?): (These are all/almost all going to be sideways, sorry. t.t Can't figure out how to rotate 'em like the pictures.)

First clip, as they came on stage: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/844/wl6.mp4/
another clip: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/12/k3a.mp4/
yet another (Electrohead): http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/808/50115198.mp4/
another one: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/695/8dq.mp4/
one more: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/830/iqs.mp4/
aaand a last one: http://imageshack.us/clip/my-videos/21/1us.mp4/

and one more thing: COMBICHRIST DRUMSTICK EFF YEAH! :D :D :D :D (It was handed off to me by a very kind bloke who caught it. He apparently knows a member, so he gave me the drumstick since, I dunno, he can get one whenever he wants?)


and I shall leave you with that as i finally head off to bed. :D
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COmbichrist are coming to Baltimore on Tuesday!:D I'm going to be there, because hey, COMBICHRIST. :D :D I just got the email maybe an hour/hour and a half ago, as of this posting, and immediately went and looted a ticket. It seems like good industrial(ish) bands never, or almost never, show up around here. They usually pass right by us and end up in DC or VA. I'm a little sad that Rammstein aren't going to be at that date (they're playing with them at several other, though), but I'm not gonna complain too much, really. Now I just need to have all my shit ready. (Gotta get my cyberfall put back together, and other things.)
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So, as of late I've been focusing a bit more on steampunk stuff. That includes more clothes and, of course, more weapons. Somehow I've managed to end up with an airship pirate-ish thing going on, which I've just accepted and decided to run with. I'm a little torn between airship pirate and some kind of steampunk royal air force-y g, but airship pirate is a touch more appealing. Maybe a former space/airship/whatever marine (yeah, how exactly does *that* work?) that became an airship pirate? I don't really know. I'm just trying to figure out a title that works for the look. I'm not playing a character like a lot of people do, I just want to figure out a sort-of category for all the crap I've acquired.

anyway, on to the stuff. First, clothes. Somehow, the look has turned out a little bit captain John Hart and a little bit Captain Mal Reynolds, don't ask me why. The main thing I think influenced it is this coat, acquired from a military surplus store. I've been drooling over this thing since oh, October or so. Pretty much the second I laid eyes on it, I wanted it. There were ones that had braid on the front but by the time I got round to actually buying one of these coats, those were all gone and there were only plain ones left. No matter, I am still about as in love with this thing as one can be with a piece of clothing and not have that love go all creepy. XD

This is the second new-ish piece, which I got at a thrift store. (I wish I had a way to get to the ones in Silver Spring more easily; there's a gigantic one that has some really great stuff.) It's, as far as I can tell, an 80s (or earlier) MIG pilot helmet/cap, possibly Soviet. Since this photo, I've taken off the green/greyish straps and painted the ear cups antique gold.

I've also just acquired a pair of WWI-ish spats/legcovers, which should be arriving soon, and a really lovely gun belt for my homemade ray gun.

Speaking of which, I made a ray gun :D It's not especially pretty, honestly, but I like it. I think it may end up getting a coat of hammered copper paint as I'm not entirely happy with the way the silver looks. It's made of candleholders (both brass and wood) and the grip from an old wooden toy gun.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Also, while I was at the second hand store today, I came upon a large My Little Pony. since it was only $0.60, I gave in to the urge I've been having and bought it, brought it home, and made this:

My Little Time Lord, based on the macro. He actually need to be fixed a bit-his pocket is the wrong colour and the hourglass cutie mark needs to be neatened up some, but I'm fairly happy with him. (He might end up completely repainted,though; I don't know. I kind of want to wipe the waistocat paint and put a collar and bowtie on him.) He's probably going to end up hanging out with the Joker and Plushie!Cthulhu in my room.
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Have you ever had one of those days where you wanted to beat the everliving hell out of someone in hopes that a clue-by-four to the head will make them understand something, just a tiny, tiny bit? I'm having one of those days. There's this thread on DoA, posted by a guy who's either the most obtuse person on the planet or is just trolling for the lulz. Either way, he's fucking annoying and I want to tell him to piss off, or go fuck himself, or something equally not sunshine-and-puppies. HE's got this notion about BJDs-that they'r a really really good investment becasue the industry is *totally going to tank in a couple years and his three (yes, folks, count 'em, three) dolls are somehow going to be worth a mint because they have factory faceups and are in mint condition. ....I'll let you get your laughter under control before I continue, shall I?

...Right, now we've all got hold of ourselves, here's the thread:

It seems, more or less, that he's mainly whinging because Iplehouse had the nerve to shut down for a couple months when Americans (and we must all bow to TEH MIGHT OF THE 'MURICAN NATION, don'tchaknow) have money to spend, and also because he got a pair of option feet from Elfdoll that weren't the exact same shade as his doll's body. My opinion? He's either a troll or a fukking moron. He's also arrogant in the extreme, completely unable to grok a single thing we're saying, and an admitted opportunist who's into these dolls because he thinks he'll make ton of money off them, as they're "contemporary Asian art". LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL He comes in knowing bugger-all about the hobby, the people buying these dolls, why we buy them, the properties of resin and everything else, and then essentially declares himself an expert on art and investments and whatever other bollox he's spouting. Uhm. What.

I've been trying to keep my mouth shut and just bask in the glory of the fuckery that is that thread, because he's got even the brilliant and usually silver-tongued JennyNemesis, among others, utterly gobsmacked. It's absolutely fantastic, really, the level of stupidity this dude is showing. He just does. not. understand. The hobby, the people in it, or how it/they work/think. I'm still waiting for Godwin's Law to be invoked-it isn't truly epic fuckery until someone mentions Nazis! XD

For your convenience, I present a few choice posts by him:
In which the wank begins and he starts on his way to missing the point
The OP )

In which the point of the hobby and the replies being given is passed by on his way to wherever *his* point is going.
First response to replies )

Response to a couple of other posts )
Awesome, so now some of us are too young and stupid to demand our 'rights', I guess?

Yet more point missing and misunderstanding/ignorance )

And his most recent post, wherein he's STILL not getting it )

The level on which he fails/is missing the point/is displaying colossal stupidity is mind-boggling.

And my response to his latest post, because I couldn't help myself any longer:
MY post, which is as polite and coherent as I could manage )

So, what do you good folks think?
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Had a pretty fun day yesterday, despite walking for most of the day. (I am so not used to the exercise anymore-really need to fix that. XP) Me & Will went to a bunch of places to get various supplies for making Steam-y weapons-got clued about a sale at Ollies where they were selling four different kinds of "pirate pistol" model kits-plastic models of antique guns. we got two each of the blunderbuss and miquelet to be modified as we see fit (read: when we figure out what exactly we want to do to them). They're really thin plastic, but I think they can be filled with...something pretty easily and with judicious application of faux wood and metal painting and adding bits on, we could get some respectable weapons out of them.
The blunderbus: http://www.hobbysetcohio.com/lnd78009.html
The miquelet: http://www.hobbysetcohio.com/lnd78006.html

There wasn't much on the clothing front-very little in the way of what I was looking for in trousers or shirts and not a waistcoat to be had in the place. I DID, however, finally replace my much-beloved and much mourned red tartan trousers. The ones I've got now aren't quite my size but a bit of taking in will make them more or less suitable. I am so, so happy to have found these, you don't have any idea. I also found some vaguely breech-like capris with buttons up the leg that I will also be modifying to suit my needs, so hopefully that will work out. IN non-clothing, I found a quite nice brass candle holder meant to be mounted to a wall, which I will be taking apart and using as the basis for a scratch built Steam-y raygun. Why? Cos all the cool kids are doing it, of course! XD actually, I couldn't help it-I saw the thing and it just screamed raygun at me. ...Not literally though, that would have been weird. I *think* I still havea wooden stock around here somewhere, which may become the base of the gun, and I'll be trying to figure out what other bits of the thing will be made from. I'm pretty much starting from the business end and working back.

Shockingly I've just got shipping notices for TWO of my three perfume orders! O.O Holy shit Labbies you guys are really on your game ATM! I have never had an order ship that fast, I don't think. I just ordered on the 14th and then the 18th. O.o The only thing I'm waiting for now is my bottle of Spanked:Res from the TP. I reaaally need to make more room in my perfume box for the new bottles-going to have to find a box to stick my imp collection in temporarily.

Also, and completely unrelated to the above, I have now found a really convenient place to get my taiyaki fix-the nearest LA mart!:D I love taiyaki, but usually can't get it anywhere but at the Sakura Matsuri. I discovered Tuesday that the LA mart has them, so I grabbed a couple of bags. They're right by the pork gyoza, which I have looted the last couple times I was there (along with shrimp gyoza, chicken gyoza, shrimp shumai and crab shumai), so I've no idea whatsoever how I missed them before. At any rate, they're pretty good, and satisfy my craving for the yummy toasty waffly-and-beany goodness without me having to buy a special iron for making them myself. Speaking of which, LA mart is my new favourite place, mostly for the Asian food section. I love gyoza and shumai and mochi and all that stuff, because c'mon, it really is delicious. XD I usually like making my gyoza myself, but decided to try some frozen ones just because I am occasionally lazy and don't feel like spending a couple hours making them myself, and now I'm completely hooked on the pork ones. The shumai are pretty good, too, though I'm trying a different brand of shrimp ones this time than the last time. Dunno how different the taste will be.
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So, since I haven't bought a significant amount of BPAL for a while, I decided to be bad today and loot a few bottles from the Lab/Trading Post. from the Lab I got:
Robotic Scarab
Embalming Fluid
and from the TP I got a bottle of Spanked:Res :D
Yeah, I know...like I *really* need moar smellies. XD

In non-perfume stuff, I had a really fantastic time at Mythic Faire. The steampunk Ghostbuster costume was a hit, even though by the end of Saturday bits were falling off, and I even won Best Steampunk Female in the costume contest! :D I got to meet Abney Park and get my picture taken with Captain Robert and with Nathaniel (who said he loved the colours of my dreads! *dies of squee*) and got the entire band's autograph. They played at the masquerade friday night and were suitably awesome. (and pretty much had to be chased off the stage due to going over their set time by about an hour. XD) Opening for them was SJ Tucker, who is lovely and incredibly talented and utterly hilarious. (Psst...check her out, you will NOT be disappointed! http://www.skinnywhitechick.com/) I treated myself to a nice pair of goggles while I was there, which I will have to get a photo of soon. They're solid metal and leather with just slits in the lenses to see out of. I'm tired and sore but it is so worth it for the time I had. :D :D

also in the "Wow my weekend was great" department, I sent a message about the DVD set of Sherlock which I STILL have not received (I ordered it in February D:) and got back a very nice and apologetic message saying that they will be sending me out a new set by next day air. Also, I should soon be getting this shirt: http://www.teefury.com/archive/1106/Gargle_Blaster/, which I ordered on the 4th. (Yes, I've been horrendously self-indulgent this last week or two. XP But it's a HHGTTG shirt, I couldn't resist!) It combines sci-fi geekery with alcohol, what more can you ask for? Oh, and in case you haven't read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (or any of the other five books of the trilogy), the shirt is a reference to the effect that drinking a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster has on the victim drinker("like having your brains smashed out by a slice of lemon, wrapped 'round a large gold brick").


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